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  • afrah_ 18w

    'Raaz k dusra naam h khamoshi'

    Khamoshi bol uthe , hr nazar paigam ho jae
    Ye sannata agar had se badhe kohram ho jae
    -Shakeb Jalali

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    Kbhi khofnaak , kbhi masoom h khamoshi
    Kbhi inkar, kbhi iqrar h khamoshi.
    Shabnam ko h dillagi jisse,
    wo naam h khamoshi,
    Raato ke sukoon ka,
    pyaam h khamoshi.

  • afrah_ 19w

    A walk !?

    I wave my hands
    In air of hypocrisy
    Just to get the touch
    Of sweet spoken lies .

    My scarf blew by air,
    Air of Dishonesty
    Just to feel the
    bitterness of lying .

    I walked through the valley ,
    Valley of heartless people
    Just to know the
    Blessing of beautiful souls.


  • afrah_ 19w

    //Gam tumse e'raaz kre , khushiyo ki tm Ashiqui bano
    Bss yehi dua h , duniya o akhirat mien tm kamyab raho//

    Youm e pedaish mubrak❤️ @adeeba__
    (Zyada urdu ho gyi ( ̄³ ̄ )

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    Janam e Adeeba

    Nazm e yaari k tm unwaan ho gyi
    Khte h log tm meri , phchaan ho gyi

    Ye shehr be rang h teri na mojudgi se
    Aashti teri qos e qazah se, ailan ho gyi

    Safar e zindagi h asaan bht jb se
    Nijaat e qafs e gam k tm, samaan ho gyi

    Andaaz e guftagu or khyaal e adeeba sun kr
    Dekho to Koyal bhi aj bht, hairaan ho gyi

    Gulshan mien h phool naye ,
    hr phool k h rang naye
    Jb se ek kali tm si khili ,
    gulshan ki shaan ho gyi

  • afrah_ 20w

    Draft k khazana ��

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    August alter autumn to
    accommodate ashes of our memories.

  • afrah_ 20w

    Here's my #alteration in urdu ��

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    Baad-e-saba beparwah bhatakti rhi
    Sukoot-e-saaz ko salaam krti rhi
    Shabnam yuhi sehra mien sulagti rhi
    Bejaan beh beh kr bikharti rhi !!

  • afrah_ 20w

    ✌��hello there !

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    Yaado k safeena , seene mien daba rakha h
    teri hr ada ko yaar dil mien chupa rakha h
    Zindagi mien aage badh to rhi hu
    Lekin kahi na kahi tere lie bachpan sambhal rakha h

  • afrah_ 21w

    Aate hi itne dark post k lie sorry ��

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    Khafa ho dil jisse, wo kis trh zinda rhe ,
    Bikhra ho aqs jiska,wo kis trh zinda rhe .

    Zindagi mien khushiyo ki kami to nhi,
    Pr beth jae jiske dil mien gham,wo kis trh zinda rhe

    Sataya ruh ko dil ne hai ahbab,
    Jo khud k qisse se ho na aashna ,wo kis trh zinda rhe

    Kaanto ko kyu na jane badnaam kre saare,
    Jisey gulab dard de,wo kis trh Zinda rhe

    Na h zamana dushman mera , na koi aur Mohsin,
    Khud hi khud se hai ladai, afrah kis trh zinda rhe .


  • afrah_ 32w

    //If poetry was a person
    I would like to name it Aifa //

    Rhyming scheme :- aabb aabb ccdd eedd

    Aifa - who likes solitude & God gifted ❤️
    #afrahkiaifa cute isn't it? ��

    First time seriously attempting mirakee's challenge ��

    @writersnetwork #start

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    Walking in the month of June,
    In a night of Cresent moon,
    Unfolding the scars that are grudged,
    Without the fear of being judged.

    You lift my feebleness with the melodious tune,
    Like the shower of the monsoon.
    Whenever my teary eyes become bludged,
    You spill metaphors that touched .

    On evenings that are high on love,
    You danced with me like a suave,
    Singing love syllables in a serene voice,
    You are with me in miseries and joys.

    You connect with every emotion of mine,
    I incline to be with you like twine.
    You help blank paper to look nice,
    You made my life a paradise .

    //Only a poet knows your price//

  • afrah_ 33w

    /Who says nature don't talk ?/

    Bare footed , I, Roaming in the garden without any purpose ,
    Filled with the emotions ,
    Resisting my tears to flow .
    I calm myself down by jerking all thoughts,
    I sat on the lower Staircase to handle my emotions.
    But I failed to stop my heart to burst out ,
    Drop by drop tears come out of the cage of eyes
    Sliding off from my cheeks, rolling through my chin .

    Eventually a beautiful, soft breeze pass by
    Give a gentle wave to my hair ,
    Whispers in my ear "it's okay" ,
    and Gently hug me .. calm me down,
    like someone who know my deep inside ache .

    /Who says they don't listen?/
    I look up with my face having marks of tears and numb eyes .
    I can't help myself at that point , my heart want to spoke out all the pain.
    So it does ,without the action of lips, I said 'everything' .
    While listening, branches and leaves start waving smoothly ,
    Like someone who listens me.
    By bursting all the emotions I capture from a long time.
    Finally, I felt like
    I am at peace , I felt lighter like a heavy burden just slide off .

    //we both have one thing in common
    Who text me by sending those breezes//


    Ps. This post contains thousands of grammatical mistakes But still I want to post this ��
    @writersnetwork liked ��

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    My companion

    /I am still alone in this garden
    But not lonely , I found someone/

  • afrah_ 34w

    An introvert trying to be an extrovert
    To bring jingle of joys
    Is like rushing to crowd
    In search of calmness .