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  • after_life 14w

    Love is conditional

    Love is conditional. It demands things. It grows in certain circumstances. It changes its nature with every blow or setback. It's never static. That's what I think anyway.

  • after_life 17w

    Where indeed?

    Where doesn't love reside?
    It is in pain, in desperation
    In the chase, in rejection, in memories
    In touch, it has its mark
    It's in the sky, during a full moon
    It's in the first sight, the sight you can't shake off.
    It occupies a giant portion in evil
    If it ever bothers you, keeps pestering you.
    Just try to keep it with you.
    It will elude you forever

  • after_life 18w


    Up in the monastery, there lives a monk.
    A monk who wears a robe clad in white
    A common occurrence to be found there
    But with the robe, he puts a white mask
    Keeping his face a secret, even to his brethren.
    The monk arrived 6 winters back,
    When the snow started melting and a certain flower bloomed.
    The monk doesn't speak, some say he's mute
    Some say it's a part of his ritual, a pious man claimed.

    A monk whose face and words are a secret.
    Curious, but what if the monk isn't a male?
    Can it be, SHE is trespassing into a male sanctuary
    To live a certain way, to see for herself
    What makes these men so holy.

  • after_life 19w

    Everything between sad and happy is also sad.

  • after_life 20w

    The Musician

    The musician came and with him came the destruction. As he blew his flute, the breeze became a typhoon uprooting trees and blowing the roofs off. As he put the bow on his violin, the soft rain became a hailstorm tearing down all the crops and nests. As he pressed a key on his piano, the pleasant looking clouds collided and struck down lighting on a huge tree burning it to crisp.
    Devastated by this doom, the whole village cried and offered gifts and sacrifices to their God. At last the stranger laid down all his instruments and began to sing an unknown song.To their amazement, the clouds gave way to the sun, the heavy downpour stopped and the typhoon vanished into thin air.
    His words brought peace but his actions brought destruction.
    It reminded me of Someone.

  • after_life 21w

    Day and Night

    Evening time when the sun sets but the light hasn't gone yet completely. The time when sky is more visible than the earth itself. When the saturation in colour increases. It registers a worker's full day's work so he can go home now. The roads become less and less populated and the shutters of shops start to go down. All the noise sinks down so you can hear birds and trees, if you live near any. Half of the world goes darker but the houses light up.
    Then the moon rises and it's a whole different story.

  • after_life 21w

    Oppressed people are judged for their moral deficiency infinitely more than the oppressors

  • after_life 22w

    It isn't necessary to entirely believe what you're saying but it is a must to understand what you're saying.

  • after_life 23w

    God has a penchant for being hyperbolic

  • after_life 24w

    Biased Wall

    A wall separates us
    A wall of regret, pain and love
    I'll be the bad guy for saying this but I wish
    This wall was a fair mediater of this regret, pain and love