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  • after_life 32w

    What's New?

    The celebrations will die away,
    The high will eventually die down.
    Cheers, and resolutions
    Will run out.
    Then the realisation comes in,
    It's the same as always.
    You're not different
    Things, and your surroundings,
    Are all the same,
    For good or for worse.

  • after_life 32w


    Happiness and sadness are variables
    You, however, are constant.
    The variables shouldn't be able to change the constant. It should be the other way around.

  • after_life 33w


    Why must i belittle myself in front of you
    Why must strive for your approval
    Why must i close my one eye
    And look through just the other one.
    Why is it a sin?
    To consider me my master.
    You're powerful and i must be subdued.
    But I'd rather be your equal,
    For i am powerful too.

  • after_life 33w

    The purity of an emotion keeps diminishing with every blow it takes.
    Its instinct of self preservation becomes the very reason of its annihilation

  • after_life 33w

    Eleventh Question

    You can cry when you're extremely happy but you'd be called crazy if you laugh when you're depressed.
    Why the disparity?

  • after_life 33w

    To prove nonexistence of some entity, you constantly need to prove its absence but for its existence, you need to prove its presence just one time.

  • after_life 34w


    I admire normal things
    Wake up at one's own time
    Make an omelette to my liking
    Have the breakfast with utter silence

    I admire little things
    Read a page or two of that book on the shelf
    The one that you've been putting off.
    Sit on the porch and let the sun warm your back
    While you wait for the lunch

    I don't mind writing sometimes
    About normal and small things,
    That we see but choose to ignore sometimes.
    About feelings,
    Feelings that everyone have at some point
    Some that leave a memory,
    And some that leave a scar.

  • after_life 34w

    A lie was spoken
    It gave comfort. It gave relief. It gave bliss.
    Seeing this, the truth dared not come out.

  • after_life 34w

    A Bug's life

    You don't reflect the light
    It gets past you, through you.
    That light looks for something,
    That isn't you.
    You're merely in its path,
    An annoyance, an irritation to get rid of.
    You feel the light,
    You think it radiates you.
    It does, but inadvertently

  • after_life 34w

    Destiny called despair

    You guide your delusion through the narrow paths of hope and trust, and expect to find yourself anywhere but at the wreckage of a destiny called despair.
    You are mistaken.