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  • aikwan_the_broken_angel 26w

    No means no

    No means no
    Why can't anyone take it as it is
    Why can't people accept no
    It's such a simple thing
    Whatever the thing may be whether it small or big if it's a no then it's no ,stop pushing people to edge
    Stop stabbing people with emotional words
    Stop forcing yourselves on others
    You never know how much mental stress other people are going through ,
    How much emotional struggle they are facing
    How they are crushing themselves in their minds.
    Things are worse when we hate doing them .
    Don't rub your wishes on others in the name of love and care..
    Give people the space they need

  • aikwan_the_broken_angel 26w

    I am a bitch

    I give all time in this world to you
    When I can
    I will make time by adjusting everything
    When I can't
    Eventually after sometime I may not spare a sec for you
    If u can't accept that side of me
    If u can't tolerate that side of me
    If u are fed up with that side of me
    If u are tired of me
    Then u are free to leave
    Just leave me alone
    Stop hanging around my throat saying that u care about me and
    Demand my time by saying u spending all of yours for me
    In the first place I never asked for all this
    And u have no right to ask for my time
    If you are not willing to accept me as I'm
    Afterall I'm that fucking rude arrogant bitch who demand to accept my madness inorder to spare my time ‍♀️

  • aikwan_the_broken_angel 32w


    Many promises are made without realising they can't be kept forever

  • aikwan_the_broken_angel 39w

    Free advice

    Our careless thoughtless deeds may lead to severe consequences ....we may loose a best thing in the process

  • aikwan_the_broken_angel 40w

    Hatred comes in between jokes stay aware
    - unknown

  • aikwan_the_broken_angel 41w

    Sometimes unique just means alone

  • aikwan_the_broken_angel 42w


    This is one of the movie which made me think where do we going as a humans ........this movie spreads a message that no one literally no one has a right to have children when they didn't have enough strength to provide all the rights that a child deserves's not sin to not have children but it's definitely a sin when we have children and make their lives miserable ......No child deserves it.

  • aikwan_the_broken_angel 45w

    Don't say it is easy to go through something that you never experienced

  • aikwan_the_broken_angel 46w


    My world turns black all of sudden
    My sense fade away
    My hope fallen to abyss like withered flowers
    Grief engulfed me to the extent I can't breathe

    I Searched for light with all my might
    To left depressed and deserted at last

    Pain Pierced my heart
    In the war of life I'm broken into pieces
    I tried to tell but no sound left my lips

    Slowly I accept my fate
    Decided to embrace the darkness
    Collected each piece of shattered heart
    Glued it with my tears

    I stand still in my ashes for the right time to turn into phoenix again

  • aikwan_the_broken_angel 47w

    The pay check for any sin
    Will be quite painful
    A friendly reminder from .....
    - karma