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  • aimansheikh 1d

    #december ��
    #time #wod #pod
    Why did I wrote this? I swear idek.��
    @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay
    Thanks WN <3

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    D E C E M B E R - B L U E S

    A few days ago when I woke up with chills in my bones,
    I realised that you have came and a sadness arrived within no time since I realised you are not going to be here for long hours'.

    Dear December,
    You kept me longing for a long time,
    And I was so desperate to meet you becuase you are the only season when my beloved embraces me and speaks to me without any lies.

    You know, you are always late like him, but you never promise to be early, and that's how I know you will always come to see me and my beloved happy once in a year and bid good bye to our happiness again for a very long time.

    I interrogated you this morning for where you are around the month's so that I can come with my lover to see you as many times,
    And you replied, I am always there where a hug is needed to a lover, where a cold lover is waiting for me for the happiness for a little while.
    I will come back to you once I see all the cold lovers happy around the globe, till then wait for me and be a little more cold.

    Dear December, I will wait for you. <3


  • aimansheikh 3d

    For all the first times in our lives you've made sure it will be the first and best thing ever.
    And here we are still growing after all these years and making new first times.

    Thankyou for never letting me down ever, thankyou for always making me feel safe with you, thankyou for bringing so much of happiness even if your life was so much in chaos sometimes. Thankyou for being my therapist all the time, thankyou for being a perfect Man. ❤️
    Ik, you'll see this so yes it's for you sunshine. <3

    Ik, it's not that good but I just wanted to share, so I did.:)
    Thanks WN<3
    #first #wod #pod
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    F I R S T

    The first time when I saw you as my lover,
    when you were on your knees and asking me if you can take me along.

    The first time when I said yes to the first "I love you",
    that you whispered to my ears, and is still there.

    The first time when we walked together towards a happy place and you started keeping me from the safer side.

    The first time when you took me on a Scooty ride,
    and made sure every other second if I was fine.

    The first time when you said this love is not going to be temporary, we are going to make it work forever.

    The first time when you said marry me and be mine,
    for the rest of this life and hereafter.

    The first time when you said if it's not you it's no one else,
    I am not going to love like this mad ever.

    The first time you said, I will be there no matter how far the situations take us.

    Every first times of ours made me fall for you for the first time all over again.


  • aimansheikh 1w

    I guess I was mad at something! ��
    Ugly write up tho!
    @miraquill @writersnetwork ehh!!!

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    I stopped writing about our love,
    And i witnessed you stopped loving me in real.

    I trusted I am never an option for you to stay,
    But you made me believe, that leaves fall and everything can turn into grey.

    My tears made an ocean just so your heart can melt.
    But you put me aside and left me behind like i was an ugly scar.

    And now I have made myself so strong that even if you come to me dying, I will not write about you again.

    But, the saddest part is that no matter how hard I am trying it's only you I can write for-again and again.

    For me the poetry is you, with you, for you.
    And for you I am just an worn-out poem.


  • aimansheikh 3w

    One liners are my favourite. ✨

    It's a line from a poem I have written long ago but not posting.(Anxiety)
    Thankyou WN<3
    50reposts. ��❤️
    #monostich #wod #pod
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    M O N O S T I C H

    Every word you whisper to my ears supplies rush to my veins,
    Every inch of your skin when plays with mine.


  • aimansheikh 4w

    The first free verse Peom of my Book and my most favourite one. :)
    Although for me love is not something that can be defined but I tried my best to.<3
    I have wrote this before 2018 and completed it this year and it's so imperfect and still my favourite forever.

    Btw, what's love for you?
    50+ reposts ��

    @writersnetwork @miraquill idk, sorry I know you asked to write about the question but I already had the answer so please bare with me. :)

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    LOVE is;
    Even if you tell me you don't love me,I will still love you.
    Even if you ask me to leave everytime we fight,I will still love you.
    Even if you don't miss me,I will still love you.
    Even if you feel tired of me,I will still love you.
    Even if you don't want to talk to me for days, I will still love you.
    Even if you don't want to see my face becuase you don't feel i am pretty anymore,I will still love you.
    Even if you sleep everytime even knowing I am crying,I will still love you.
    Even if you start hating me for no reason, I will still love you.
    Even if you say you don't deserve me, I will still love you.
    Even if you fall for someone else,I will still love you.

    Love is a MYSTERY.
    Love is unconditional.
    Love is something everyone can't afford.
    Love is caring for each other.
    Love is what some people are living for.
    Love is what some people have died for.
    Love is wanting you more than the things i've been craving for from my childhood.
    Love is when you're sad,I can't be happy either.
    Love is when you need me,I will be there even if you've wronged me a thousand times before.

    Love is when we get old ,we still fight for not talking to each other nicely.
    Love is when we reach to our goals, we don't forget about each other.
    Love is when you're tired, I will let you sleep, without asking for explanation.
    Love is saying sorry, everytime when i feel i am annoying you.
    Love is saying I LOVE YOU, whenever you feel saying it even if you've said it before a second.
    Love is sharing every good and bad memories together.
    Love is trying my best to get better everyday,just to make you feel that i deserve you.
    Love is not making each other feel down.
    And Love is still UNDEFINED.

  • aimansheikh 5w

    Idk. Why did I do this!!!����
    #start #wod #pod
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    I have been growing hope in your backyard,
    When you were plucking all the beautiful flowers from my garden.

    I used to think those were the rotten flowers that you were throwing away,
    But then I realised it was the flowers that gave fragrance to my home.

    You knew that was the only way of living for me but,
    Not even the smile of those abandoned flowers made your jealous heart soft.

    I will wait for the eternity when all the flowers will follow your grave,
    And when sunflowers will fall off my eyes, I will ask you why did you, and will left you dead like you did to my garden.


  • aimansheikh 5w

    @miraquill Bro you okay na?
    #pod #wod
    A free verse from a chapter of my book. :)
    Since, there was no challenge today, I thought to post some old gold. ��️
    For people that does not feel self love/worth, have a read. :)

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    Dear Me.

    You're not weak, you're strong beyond your belief.
    And if you survived thunder,you will survive all the storms.
    You've made the whole world believe that you alone are sufficient for all your needs.
    And if you counted the stars alone,you can make the whole Moon your home.
    I know, you are not perfect and you're flawed but that makes you different and that makes you glow.
    You're worth to be loved,you're worth to be someone's whole world.
    You deserve all the happiness,and you deserve everything best in this world.
    People will make you feel down, will not honour your happiness,won't praise you because they know how you've grown and glowed alone, how you've fought all the agony alone.
    They'll make you feel insecure for your flaws,for your imperfections, they'll laugh on your mistakes, they will show the whole world your insecurities.
    Please do not wait for someone to give you their shoulder to cry.
    Because YOU are your own BEST FRIEND and best version of human in this world.
    Do not wait for people to tell you how good you're, instead work on the better you, not to be perfect but to be YOU.
    You survived till now and you'll survive your whole life, you'll become an example for those who see no worth in themselves. Because Dear you, YOU'RE PRECIOUS. DEAR YOU LOVE YOURSELF.

  • aimansheikh 5w

    Idk but all real. :)
    Btw Thanks WN<3

    #words #wod #pod #ceesreposts
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    All my life I reserved my words,
    As if I knew, I will need them for the rest of the perpetuity,
    to praise every existing part of you.


  • aimansheikh 6w

    #end #wod #pod
    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    Have a read only if you want to know how depression feels. :)
    Just a try with a mix of numb feelings!
    I wanted to write this since so long, finally. :)(
    Thankyou WN <3

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    Every Depressed Soul is a Poet.

    It's been years, since my life is filled with hidden scenes,
    and it feels like it will last with me forever like a permanent show on screens.
    It's so hard to make people understand about this numbing pain and emotionless feel.
    It feels like it is that permanent stain on my body that I am trying to wash away since years and it's making me go insane.
    I want to cry so damn hard but my eyes are filled with dry desert.
    Everyone says that there is no such reason for me to be stressed and I am lucky enough.
    How am I supposed to explain it to them when even I don't know why am I always in pain and my mind anxious and the negativity in my mind is always making me more stressed.
    I watched so many colours outside my window all the time,but the only colour that attracts my mind is dark,
    The colour that shows me the demons insides the human bodies.
    My mind,my soul,my body has became so weak that if someone tries to harm me anymore I will set myself free from this life.
    I have kept myself so much isolated that now I don't even know how to talk with people happily and how to be happy, it's not that I don't try but the anxiety in me does not let me.
    People keep asking me repeatedly about it, but for me there is nothing awkward but the depression is just a part of me.
    The soul is so much depressed for so many reasons,
    and it can't be healed.
    Now, when I see someone like me who suddenly stops talking and never feel free.
    I never ask them what's wrong with thee but say let's try to meet on the
    other street,and tell people that we are not different it's only how we feel, where EVERYONE BECOMES A POET and set their soul free.

  • aimansheikh 6w

    #oxymoron #wod #pod

    Why did I? Idk. ��

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    My Deceased-Heart is demanding for your love
    Just if you can approach and inquire if I am fine,
    Can make it vital and it's Life will