���� ���� ...aina ... ... It was her chaos who made her Hella beautiful!��

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  • aina__ 32w

    Escape from reality

    Best nation?
    Imagination , ^_^
    My fantasy , ✨ day dreamer
    I live in such a world that doesn't even exists
    I am lost in such a confusion , that has no existence :)
    It was her chaos who made her Hella beautiful !!

  • aina__ 39w

    The rise of light

    The star of hope
    The shine of passion
    The glowing and twinkling light
    Inside a passionate person
    Becomes a pain in his life
    When he is not permitted to do it
    The conditions and consequences
    He has to go through makes
    One of our best brain with a creative
    Mindset as the damaged
    So just make your passion to guide your life

  • aina__ 39w

    My life Is a mess

    U know my life is a fu**n mess
    It's toooo deep to undertand
    That u can't come back
    So giving a note with a warning
    Don't interfere in my business
    Coz I am already break through

  • aina__ 39w

    The pain when u get to know about fake people

    The truth the expectations the thinking about that one close person
    Made a big Boulder in your life that
    Is very very hard to break out
    And to escape from
    #to expect from people
    One side expectation will always break u

  • aina__ 45w

    Time to shine

    The magic of fantasy
    The miracle of the mystery
    There is you
    The write The shine of words
    Keep writing

  • aina__ 59w

    Heya back again to mirakee
    After a long break
    My exams are over
    Happy to see everyone back

  • aina__ 60w

    My best night ✨ ever

    I could hear the heavy rain droplets
    I could hear the anger of bursting ⛈ thundering
    And could feel the fierce storm
    With a livid lightning
    Enjoying my sleep
    With the music of nature
    Lie down in my blanket
    And this was all about my rainy night

  • aina__ 60w

    Shine of every
    Beautiful heart
    Remains when we are
    In unity,when we are together

  • aina__ 60w

    Beauty of flowers is insane


    Mixed with the
    beauty of flowers
    That let me to love with them

  • aina__ 60w

    Enjoy every moment of
    Your life
    Beacuse their is no trust
    On life
    Be together be in unity