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  • akhileshpani 21w

    I hope you will get this.......

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    ज़िन्दगी खत्म होने के बाद
    लोग उसकी बात करते हैं
    तो फिर में अभि से तुम्हारे
    बारे मे बातें क्यों करू.....

  • akhileshpani 25w

    He: Why are you upset?
    She: No I am not!
    He: I know you are..
    She: Saying you will not help. So I don't want to
    He:But you need to

  • akhileshpani 27w

    But there is one
    Standing on the othe side

    Facing the storms
    Waiting the walls to give a door
    Or at least a window to sneak in..

  • akhileshpani 27w

    Chapter2: the ice breaker. I present this with the hope that you will gather in more feelings for the character.
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    The #song link����

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    The Ice Breaker

    Oh shit! Did I just forced her to come with me ? No I don't think so. She is there just with me because she wanted to come. But still I spoke so abruptly, that was harsh I guess.
    "OK, cool down" I said to myself.
    I looked at her. She was part outside the window enjoying the cool breeze. It was a typical Delhi winter with clear roads at its best. She looked so pretty while she adjusted her hair brushing past her face. She looked at me and I looked the other side. How can someone look at those eyes constantly? They are so beautiful, perfect round with slender eyebrows. She tapped my shoulder and broke my thoughts. She pointed towards the radio and I nodded through eyes, not even a single word was spoken. As soon as it was switched in a beautiful song played in...

    Yeh raasta hai keh raha ab mujhse
    Milne ko hai koyi ab kahin tujhe Dil ko kyu ye betaabi kis se mulaquat honi hai Jiska kabse armaan thha shayad wahi baat honi
    Yuhin chalaa chal raahi....
    The song was perfect and fortune blessed my ears as she started humming. She really had a Cuckoo's throat.
    "Your voice is too melodies to avoid ." I almost spoke from my nose.
    Her bewildered look was the reply. I cleared my throat and repeated my words.
    "I think that's a compliment." She said with a smile. Forget the words, the smile was enough.
    "No, I genuinely felt that." I said after I was back in the present. I badly wanted this conversation to continue as the ice was broken.
    "Hmm I guess that's true for the listener's because I just had one motivation to sing and it is money my friend."
    "Ouch! I guess creativity died at this." Was what I said.
    When I stopped in front of Concient Hines Elevate, Sector59, Gurgaon. I understood why she loved money.
    "Do not stare like that, I live in a rented house that too in sharing." She confirmed as she understood my look. She went out and I was still there looking at her. The alcohol was bringing our the stalker inside me. As I was about to leave, I show her infuriated over the phone. And without second thought I walked out to her. After all I was the hero of my own story.
    So let's go to her story, as she said
    "My roommate will come tomorrow morning and both the keys are with her."
    "So now?"
    "What kind of question is that? I am stuck here."
    "I can help, I think."
    "No, no you can leave, I will manage and I do not have even one percent of thought to go to your flat."
    "That's harsh but I am not asking you to come to."
    "I have some plans. And I do feel at this point you need plans not panic."
    "OK! But don't you think you are getting too frank and that too when we have met for the the first time and added to this the meet is by chance."
    "I do agree. But since I liked your music, you feel safe with me,and we have talked for last one and half hours I think I have all rights to do so."
    "OK. Whatever! What is your plan."
    "This way mam."

  • akhileshpani 27w

    She: Do yo like me?
    He: of course I do you are my friend.
    She: No, like in the sense, do you love me.
    He: You are a Saint and a Saint is loved by all.

  • akhileshpani 28w

    Chapter1: At the bar
    A beautiful series is on the way...
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #indianwriters #writersofindia #writings #writersofmirakee

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    At the bar....

    Sometimes life decides you to puch you down so hard that you hardly have any guts to get up and fight back. Perhaps this confirms that power is loved by all, life too. Needless to say I was punched too. In the last one month I have lost my job, my girlfriend got married and here I am sitting at the bar sipping in bear.
    'Such a looser you are Yuvi.' I said to myself.
    I was perhaps just repeating her words. She said the exact same thing when I asked her to cancel her marriage and come with me.
    She was right in her opinions, how can she come with a jobless man who neither has confidence nor vision about future.
    It was very painful seeing her marry another man, and I decided to overcome the pain by some more pain and hence the alcohol. There were not many in there as it was too late and also the next day being a working day. After all, everyone was not unemployed like me..
    My throat was burning because of the alcohol and the dizziness was not letting me to feel the pain completely. At that momment I heard a voice singing
    Chalte chalte yunhi ruk jaati hoon mein
    Baithe Baithe kahin kho jaati hoon mein
    Kehte kehte hi chup ho jaate hoon mein
    Kya yahi pyaar hai....
    Kya yahi pyaar hai...
    I disliked the lyrics but loved her voice. As she sang further the light was decreased in the surround and she was focused.
    I looked at her, ok, I admit admired her. Perhaps it was the alcohol that made me think like that. No girl can be that beautiful.
    Anyway she finished the song and left the bar.
    After some time I paid my bills and left too.
    I started my car and it roared through the vacant roads. There were no body in the road and the dogs were declaring there superiority. At a distance I saw a girl walking alone. I slowed the car and soon recongnised that it was the singer. She was dressed in white salwar and that was enough for her to slay any male on the planet.
    Perhaps she noticed my car and felt nervous for sure. But I was not bothered at all,who cares. But at that momment I saw a group of people coming towards her and she getting nervous. Her nervousness was directly proportional to their proximity. I was not sure aboutmy actions. If this was a bollywood movie then I was not at all the ideal hero to fit in. Anyway what I did at the momment was stopped my car just beside her . I walked out and asked her come inside. I could sense the men diverting themselves and could sense her relief as she exhaled.
    She sat inside the car and we waited till they passed. I had drove a short distance and it was perhaps the alcohol that I couldn't stop myself from staring her from the corner of my eyes.
    'Please stop. I can manage on my own.' She said and opened the door.
    I would have generally not replied in this situation. But the alcohol and her beauty forced me too.
    'I feel you can feel a lot more comfortable sitting beside me in an air-conditioned car rather than walking down the street in the fear of more such people.'I drank in a ton saliva after saying this. I knew I had crossed the line. But she silently closed the door and tightened her seat belts.