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  • akku_shrutz 14w

    Why is it that
    No matter how hard
    I try I can't help
    But not fall in love with you

    Everyday I say to myself
    That we are nothing
    More than friends
    And I'm happy with that

    But still every night
    Before bed I pray
    I pray if only I was yours
    And if only you were mine

  • akku_shrutz 16w

    Why is it that
    When a girl
    Loves a guy more
    They never last long

    But when a guy
    Loves the girl more
    They fight everything
    With their power

  • akku_shrutz 16w


    When the lights fade out
    In front of your eyes

    When a happy face
    makes you frown

    When the sadness around you
    Pulls you down

    The darkness around you
    Starts to grow

    Sitting there in a corner of a big room
    You stare into nothing but your doom

    Your thoughts keep racing
    And your heart keeps pacing

    But you still can't move
    You sit still in the darkness of that room

  • akku_shrutz 17w

    Why am I scared you ask
    I'm scared to be left again
    Scared that I won't be good enough
    I'm scared that someone
    Would actually like me for who I am

    This weird feeling I get
    When he talks about love
    I can't open myself up
    Showing only the happy parts
    Neglecting the bad ones

    I ask myself
    Why am I scared?
    What am I scared of?
    Am I that broken?
    Or that lost?

    Am I never to heal?
    Never to fall in love?
    Have I already given up
    Or have I lost all my love on someone else

  • akku_shrutz 17w

    It's been too long
    Since someone spoke
    Her name in our house

    It had become a
    Forbidden rule
    To never speak of the one
    Who left the room

    A naive girl
    Who took her life
    In search for love
    And her life

    The walls screamt
    Her name out loud
    But no one spoke
    About her death until now

  • akku_shrutz 17w

    Sometimes I wish
    I had the courage
    To tell you how I feel

    The love the connection
    Everything is so real

    Sometimes I wish
    You knew how
    I feel about you

    How the days
    Gets lonely without you

    Sometimes I wish
    You were here by my side
    Holding hands walking the aisle

  • akku_shrutz 17w

    This emptiness inside of
    Me is growing day by day
    I'm afraid that it would consume
    Me after a few days

  • akku_shrutz 137w

    And every night
    I wish that you'd
    Text me good night
    And I'll smile
    And sleep tight...

  • akku_shrutz 157w


  • akku_shrutz 158w

    This weird feeling in my stomach
    When I see you is overwhelming...

    Cause no matter how much I love you
    I know you love somebody else more...