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  • akoijr 20w

    Greeting to everyone.

    I need some guru to please help me with poetry writing.

  • akoijr 22w

    Only in your fragrance
    And the softness of your skin
    Does my existence ever have a minute

  • akoijr 22w

    Times fly as I
    Patiently awaits her
    waiting for her
    heart to say
    desperate and afraid,
    my eyes went
    then I heard
    footsteps towards the

    As her voice echoed
    softly in my mind
    a river of saliva
    Sorrow was the drum
    beat playing in the
    corners of my heart.
    Even in pain, she became my love verses.

    For thou
    have waited so long
    for her love embrace
    it was a feeling
    So strong as a giant

    Wearing those old days
    under my garment,
    Care became an unanswered
    Prayer and love are another broken song.

    Tired of waiting, my
    emotions grew
    I saw myself drifting,
    day by day, her memories
    Started to fade
    realizing I didn't care
    Faced with the task of courage
    her love breath left my
    Lung and

    Flung and scattered
    among blissful memories
    of ours,
    Love dances his hour
    Upon her stage
    beyond all odds!
    the voice that melts
    all the frozen chains
    In my heart said, " I love you".

    With a chill running through
    My vain,
    her melanin black skin
    Kiss my troubled heart
    As we make a vow to
    Sail all the storms that
    Will raise before us;
    hand in hand we
    take a walk to

    #cees_doors #Imageprompt @luvnotes_challenge_host

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  • akoijr 49w

    Dear cush

    I won't hesitate this time
    To tell you how I feel
    about you/

    From the moment I saw you
    at the polytechnic/
    my heart has skipped a beat/

    Without a clue or sign/
    My heart went on an
    Unknown voyage/

    Therefore, I am going
    to be Crystal Clear/
    as the Blue Sky, by telling you
    The undeniable truth/

    I love your hair/
    I love your smile/
    I love your eyes/
    Especially your low pitch voice/

    I know this sounds crazy/
    Probably it is the most crazier
    Things you have here/
    But my feelings for you are pure/

    You are the blood that flows
    Through my vain/

    You are the heart that beats
    Inside my chest/

    My love for you has grown/
    To the extent that, the last
    Breathe in me aspires for a piece
    Of your affection/

    My life will be complete/
    Having you by my side/
    Because you are the perfect piece I have been missing all along/

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