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  • akshatkuk04 2w

    'Settling down' vs 'Settling for'

    I wish I could tell you how difficult it is to settle,
    For towns, positions, roles and folks,
    And I also wish I could possibly quantify the mettle,
    One needs to hold for people to recognize their life as a series of masterstrokes.

    'Holding your fort' is essential,
    But pushing farther and making something 'your forte' is special,
    So come what may and just in case your confidence sways,
    Remember this phrase,
    "Don't settle for anything but butterflies."

  • akshatkuk04 4w

    Muse #4

    It takes two people to start a debate but just one to actually make a change,
    At least half-a-dozen to shatter your heart and trust but just one right person to make it whole again,
    A couple of harsh sounding birds to ruin your morning but just one sweet sounding nightingale to alleviate all that stress,
    A whole team to play a bad collective game but a single play from a single player to turn the game on it's head.
    A note for the readers:
    When they write a tale about your life, it won't be about the numerous people who flocked around you or the multiple times you broke down.
    It'd be focused towards your life-'you' as an 'entity' would matter and your multiple failures wouldn't count as much as your single swashbuckling success!


  • akshatkuk04 5w

    Muse #3

    Is it just me or does everyone get inspired by a new song every week and plays it on loop for a long time?
    Is it just me or does everyone measure distance in terms of the number of songs it took them to reach their destination?
    Is it me or does everyone leave their beverage glasses/cups all around their house?
    Is it just me or is every human on this planet still trying to figure out the thin line between under and over sharing?
    Is it just my brain or did everyone's brain train itself to like/dislike a certain place, food, animal or feeling?
    Is it just me or is everyone still fighting the flat earth propaganda sharing people and debating about the chicken-egg predicament?

    Is it just me or does every content creator use the "is it just me or-" question to get their readers to read?
    Couldn't just be me, am I right? (This is rhetorical)

  • akshatkuk04 5w

    Muse #2

    If I told you that your life was a Moto GP or an F1 Race you'd probably start getting excited and compare it to all the rush, glory and the thrill that comes with it.
    How long do you think it'd take you to consider the pit-stops? Would you even think about the pit-stops?
    The time that you spend resting and getting ready for the next 'lap' of your life is extremely important. The few seconds before the great launch or a breather to get things back on track-they all count.
    And mind you, some pit stops are gonna be the one's where your engine light's on (or your brain stops working altogether) and before you get to that stage, spend a second longer in that pit everytime to make sure that everything is in place. Trust me, that little break's gonna do wonders for you!
    So let me ask you again, how long did it take you to factor in the pit-stops? Did you even think about them?

  • akshatkuk04 6w

    Muse #1

    When your employer gives you a lesson on email etiquettes he knows that one day you'd use it to email in your resignation,
    When your parents teach you self-sustainance they know that you're gonna move out one day,
    And when a woodcutter sharpens his axe he knows that it might cause an injury but goes ahead and does it anyway.
    So the next time someone outgrows you and leaves- don't be surprised or disheartened.
    You probably gave them something so valuable that it changed their lives and they just had to go away and seek recognition.


  • akshatkuk04 9w

    Going all the way

    There'd be times when things won't make sense anymore,
    Your persistant self won't endure,
    The pain among other stuff,
    I wouldn't tell you to fight it when it's tough.

    Let go for once and shut your eyes,
    There's a world beyond misery and despise,
    Hate,as I always say, is a jarring emotion,
    Bid farewell to the montone,the commotion.

    A single matchstick won't burn a wet wick,
    Keep trying until the very end and you get burnt,
    Are you forcing things or missing a trick?
    Blisters hurt and not a single lesson learnt.


  • akshatkuk04 64w

    Daily Post #64

    With his head bowed low he kept walking,
    To himself and his loneliness he was talking.
    He thought about all that had gone wrong recently,
    His time other than that had passed quite decently.
    When the end comes think about where you started and how you started,
    Getting to the point you are right now,
    The ways you faught and struggled somehow,
    Bled and perspired while the opposition at you darted.
    You never gave up till the end,
    You did good,really good my friend.
    You need to hear this out aloud,
    You will get rid of this black cloud!
    The sun will come up again,
    It's time- don't grieve, just live through the pain!

  • akshatkuk04 64w

    Daily Post #63

    I thought about writing about hope today. I hope I do.

  • akshatkuk04 64w

    Daily Post #62


  • akshatkuk04 65w

    Daily Post #61

    They turned into something different everyday,
    From knowledge connoisseurs,to our best friends,
    They always knew the way.
    When the classes commenced we'd be sleepy,
    They'd cast a spell and make us all chirpy,
    When the students got loud,
    They'd call us fish,
    Or dare us to talk like we had our own death wish.
    Now it's all online and we miss them,
    Otherwise we'd make countless cards and wish them,
    A day to celebrate their joy for teaching,
    My blessings to the whole community far and reaching!

    Wishing every teacher in every corner of this country a happy teacher's day!
    We know that you've gone online and upgraded yourselves a lot- you're our heros too!