Simple life is boring, twisted one is adoring.

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  • akshatt 10w


    My lips still demands your lips
    My hairs still demands your gentle fingers
    My eyes still demands your presence
    My soul still demands your passion
    Now, your memories fills their void.


  • akshatt 11w

    Your love was my soul's favorite food.
    Now I just feed him your memories.

  • akshatt 16w

    Hey Addiction!

    Hey Addiction!
    I know you're the ultimate trickster
    Well prepared
    I acknowledge that you've the most powerful spell
    No offense, but not enough to keep me compelled.
    Hey Addiction!
    You've been creeping inside me for so long
    You've given me enough blues
    This time I'll settle the score once and for all
    There won't be any dues.
    I will surely beat your ass
    I will definitely survive
    I refuse to be your slave
    I will live to thrive
    Hey addiction!
    I know you find joy in my suffering 
    The way you give me that disgusted feeling
    The way you feed me darkness in the form of pleasure
    The way you hinder me from healing
    Now, your days are numbered
    till then have fun
    this time my sun of faith would be so effective
    That all your addictive forms would burn.


  • akshatt 24w


    Here comes the RAIN..
    the soothing droplets touches my soul..
    Washes off all the chaos into the drain..
    Heals my anxiety with ecstasy..
    Fills my emptiness with intimacy..
    Brings my mind and heart at peace..
    as i flip those beautiful pages of the book with a brewing cup of tea...
    the rain mischievously cease, just to tease me.


  • akshatt 25w


    Dreams, Dreams, Dreams..
    Dreaming about dreams is easy,
    chasing them, not easy.

    Dreams, Dreams, Dreams..
    Bothers you, when something else keeps you busy,
    Keeps you awake all night,
    Next day, keeps you dizzy.

    Dreams, Dreams, Dreams..
    Will keep bothering, until you give them your time,
    Will keep bothering, until you sacrifice everything for them and grind,
    Still if you don't, they'll find someone else to intertwine,
    leaving you with regret and lots of time.


  • akshatt 25w

    Oh love

    Oh love,
    Oh love,
    love me, keep me close,
    You'll be smilin everyday, i'll be the cause.

    Oh love,
    I'll be showering you with love on regular basis,
    You have my full attention, cos you're mysterious than the unsolved cases.

    Oh love,
    Let me ride you through the journey from girlfriend to missus,
    My body, my soul belongs to you, rest were just the rough phases.

    Oh love,
    Just hold my hand, let me take you to your dreamland,
    Allow me to take all your insecurities, all your pain and put them under permanent ban.

    Oh love,
    Lets love like crazies, lets have those weird tattoos,
    Lets love fearlessly, breaking all the taboos.

    Oh love,
    I promise to love you passionately, i'll never be ruse,
    One fine morning, when i wake up, i'll be waiting for you to surprise me with the good news.

    Oh love,
    Oh love,
    I did everything as i promised,
    Loved you, adored you, cherished you, idolized you, treasured you, you were the only one that mattered,
    And in a blink of an eye, everything shattered.

    Oh love,
    Oh, that pseudo love of yours, you had so much fun
    You always had two faces, i failed to see the other one.
    Oh, those cold eyes of yours, when you stabbed me in the back,
    Oh, that wicked smile, when our eyes met.

    Oh love,
    Oh my love,
    You are laughing, flirting, kissing another man, calling him your main,
    I'm watching you from distance, while my tears blend in rain.
    You are planning to leave the town,
    But oh my love, wherever you go, i'll be around.

    Oh love,
    Oh my darling, for you, i was nothing but the pawn,
    Oh don't you worry my love, i'm definitely dead, yet not gone.

    Oh my love,
    My sweet darlin,
    Soon, your steady, stealthy life will go on a pause,
    You will become the prey of your sins, and i'll be the cause.