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Author, poet, Ph.D., Reiki Master Teacher, wedding officiant, app creator, creative manifestor, wife, mom, inked badass warrior of love and light.

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  • alangholt 170w


    Patient I'm
    Assigned to meet.

    I hold
    What you need
    Is why I'm here.


  • alangholt 170w


    I'm here
    Can you see
    My eyes seeking

    You touch
    My thirsty
    Skin inviting

  • alangholt 182w

    To the Man in Starbucks

    A poem co-written by me and Rayna Langholt in response to what happened today.

    In our current political climate,
    To sensitive practices one should conform,
    To include the transgender population,
    Gender-neutral bathrooms should be the norm.

    We acknowledge that not all agree
    With this socially liberal stance,
    But we feel that it's none of our business
    what's physically in someone's pants.

    We thank and appreciate Starbucks
    For supporting this critical cause
    So that people, no matter which gender,
    Can find relief without needless pause.

    Today, I patiently waited
    For a man to complete his turn,
    Assuming that basic decorum
    Was something that this guy had learned.

    He greeted me, oh, so politely,
    As he exited the place.
    He nodded, and said, "Hello,"
    A genuine smile upon his face.

    I'd never had expected
    The sight awaiting me.
    The toilet seat was liberally coated
    With large droplets of pee.

    I gasped, just so revolted,
    As I realized my plight.
    I'm suddenly his janitor,
    And that just isn't right.

    So now, to all the gentlemen
    Taking part in this new age,
    Take heed of this advisement
    To avoid inciting rage.
    (Indeed, I fought temptation
    to shame you on my Facebook page)...

    Since you did not learn the manners
    Your mother would entreat,
    We will say it to you simply:
    Learn to aim, or wipe the seat!

  • alangholt 230w


    See dying patients
    See my petty problems, gone
    Life is about love

    (c) 2018 alangholt

  • alangholt 232w

    The Horror of Orange

    Every day is another contest
    For a personal best
    Beat yesterday's number of reactions
    Get more people talking, arguing
    Expressing outrage.
    We can't look away,
    But can't stand the wreckage.

    Each day, he asks himself,
    "Who can I piss off today?
    What should I brag?
    What insults to sling?
    What slurs to hurl?
    Shall I revoke a law? Or tell a bigger lie?"
    Ah, being in the spotlight
    Is so presidential.


  • alangholt 251w

    I'm a hurricane

    A disturbance
    The intensity builds
    Winds swirl, debris flies wildly
    Trees bend, leaves are swept asunder
    Dirt is sent into crevasses and faces
    Agitated people shield their eyes from the growing fury.

    Sirens shriek
    Children cry and hide
    Hot winds plummet from my hot mouth
    Fueled by the rage of my fury.

    Beware. But heed the message.
    Take cover if you need to, but heed.
    You must clean up the damage afterward
    If you wish to stay.

    For after the storm,
    The love that still remains
    Is worth the cleanup effort
    As the storm recedes, forgotten.


  • alangholt 258w

    Too intense

    Too intense was your attraction
    Too powerful, your desire.
    Hearing my voice was a distraction
    My attention set your thoughts on fire.

    You called me your addiction
    As though it was a fault
    Our love was just a fiction
    You brought us to a halt.

    The times I asked you why
    Were met with silence cold
    You simply didn't reply
    How cruel, and yet so bold.

    At times, I still reach out
    To ask if you're all right
    In case you have a doubt
    And miss me late at night.

    Or maybe my short text
    Would tug your stiff resolve
    And bring you to what's next,
    A relapse reinvolved.


  • alangholt 259w

    The other kind of people

    Those of us who think the best of people,
    who want to make the world better
    by reflecting our light,
    and who are horrified
    by those who spew meanness
    in the face of tragedy
    are the ones the world needs more of.


  • alangholt 259w

    Happy Surprises

    Make your life an experiment.
    See what happens if
    You ask the Universe to bring you happy surprises.

    Wait with anticipation
    For your happy surprise for the day
    to arrive.

    When it does, exclaim, "Wow! I love it!"
    And add a hearty, "Thank you!"
    Appreciate the gift.

    Try again tomorrow
    So you know that every time you ask,
    Notice, and express thanks,
    Another will come.

    Before long, you'll notice
    Your daily life
    is filled with gratitude,
    and more gratitude.


  • alangholt 259w


    I lie still
    But my mind is the director.

    I play scenes
    Bizarre, surreal, confusing

    I return
    An audience member again

    Which life is the one that I live?