Wits without measure is man's greatest treasure.

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  • aldhaa 36w

    Poetry is like a mountain peak.

    As you climb..
    There comes a freedom of emotion,
    Waking up of past stories
    And the beep of silent memories

    You discover an art prettier than any scenery,
    An art of finding yourself,
    An art of filling your soul
    And an art of appreciation.

    From friends,
    To strangers..
    Every alliance
    into words.

    From flowers,
    To moon..
    Every concept
    Into emotions.

    The poor, the rich,
    The black, the white,
    All folks become synonymous..
    To one word 'people'.

    A land without race or discrimination..
    Without discipline or mortality.

    A progeny withers..
    A harmony of thoughts
    & a melody of words.
    People call it a poem but I call it a 'Poet's heart'.

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  • aldhaa 45w

    The rope that held us together.
    Has become a string now.
    A knitting yarn....
    Then a strand thick thread.

    Gone through spring and drought,
    We got tangled in thought.
    I tried to hold on to it tight,
    Bleeding as you retard.

    Then it finally went....,
    Broken and pity.
    The string that held us together,
    Has become two.

    I wasn't ready,
    Accomplished on a knot.
    But was it too weak ??
    Or did u start the fire ??

    The knot which held us together,
    Has become ashes.
    I held on to your hand.

    We held on together..
    But you let me down the cliff !!

  • aldhaa 48w

    Laying on the bed of dreams and staring at the world map where I marked all your destinations made me wonder where I might meet you.

    My book shelf supposedly to be filled with books, is filled with your albums.
    And a maze with your words perfectly fits with you drawing that I made on my wall.

    I spend my time here with 100+ of your songs that I never get tired of hearing.

    I am recollected of that song which you gifted me for my birthday. A splendid suprise you made for me, although you did it on yours.

    That source of tiny million stars that shine on every concert hall - stands on the corner as my favourite piece of joy.

    I want you to /fly to my room/.



    Celebrating the first yr of our chatroom and 1 yr with army mirakeens. Thanks a lot to everyone here and obviously our role models to make this friendship more sweet.
    Thanks to the host @thesunshineloves. And thanking @ak_anjali_daydreamzz and @arya_abhipsa for arranging it. @writersnetwork @mirakee
    #ARMY_ROOM #ARMY_CURATED #MIRAKEE #curated_for_army

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  • aldhaa 49w

    I want that day back, that day when all of us sat in groups, talked between classes and laughed silently so that the teacher wouldn't catch us. Things have changed a lot but not you in my memories. Not that tall girl, nor the short one. Not the clown, nor the silent one. Not the beauty obsessed nor the fun obsessed. Our memories are fresh like the flowers in spring. I have been having the desire to meet you all, so that we could laugh till we cry. I haven't forgotten, that autumn comes too. Opportunities came, but I pushed it away. It was embarrassing because we were friends, but I couldn't hide anymore. I cried longing for that day, when the sixters climb the tallest mountains, swim oceans, scream during the fastest rides and attend the most boring classes of and in history. Our cherished moments are just memories that no one can take away. Unaware of when we find the road to each other, we ran. With hopes and laughter in future and with farewell in no time and sorrow snowing every second. We jump, break our legs but still laugh only because we were together. Not even once we had told each other our deepest thoughts on each other nor our gratitude, but somehow it itself spoke loud. Dreaming of fun is uncertain but we never ignored it. Have I told you how I had felt, I would have felt better now. We walk in our paths to see each other only to know later that they were parallel. Our common destination was an illusion I am really sorry. And I really grateful.

    Dear squad, I am leaving you. I want to tell all of you at the same time but all of you are busy. Today, I couldn't eat breakfast because I was nervous to tell you. I didnt want to see a blank expression. It was truly a fear. I don't know when I might tell you this but I love you a lot guys.


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  • aldhaa 55w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #farewell #new year #2021
    Happy new year!!
    Penned on January 1, 2021.

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  • aldhaa 59w

    A decade and 6 years back,
    In the diminishing corner of the second populast country,
    My mom became a mother,
    For the very first time in her life.

    Giving a life to the prettiest angel,
    Leading a way to that girl with endless dreams.
    With the harshest pain of her life,
    As though in a wildlife.

    Little did she know,
    She was going to bloom a flower,
    With a lot of willpower,
    And make her life a happy hour.

    16 years back,
    2948 km far,
    His first day on a new job,
    He recieved a call.

    He became a father.
    Accountable to a see-saw,
    That she rides later.
    (Coz she broke it) .

    Little did he know,
    Those foot that fitted inside his hands,
    Grew so big in just a decade.

    His companion to the mountains,
    His pilot to the world,
    His chef to the worst dishes,
    She is.

    They grew her up into a tree that bears fruits for everyone in this world.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #jinday #jindaygirl #happybirthdayme #happybdayseokjin #hbdoraboni #04dec #hbd #creativearena #writingcontest

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  • aldhaa 63w

    Picture credits to the rightful owner.
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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  • aldhaa 64w

    What is my dream ?

    We all see dreams everyday.. but how many of us truly have dreams?
    My dreams stop right after this question..

    She came with a dull dusty eyes - mother of five. Ten hours in work, ten hours in households - 7 days a week, 30 days a month. Every once she sheds herself- cuts and fractures. She has been living like this from the earliest times. To her I ask - Is it okay to be silly? Perhaps someone like her might have the best answer. She surely had dreams. I wonder where they are now. She did she lose it or is it that she can't use them?

    This brings me back to my original question - what is my dream? But I more curious - WILL I BE ABLE TO FULFILL MY DREAMS?? AND WHAT IF I CAN'T?
    Will I give up on life? And this wheel rolls on.

  • aldhaa 65w

    When pens can't ink it -
    Stitches and stains can.

  • aldhaa 67w

    Memories of childhood,
    Brittle - flexible.
    And you are the only diamond there.