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  • aliceneeli 22w

    Through the Rose-colored Glasses

    I sluggishly devoured the taste of summer.
    The tangy popsicle tickled my thirsty taste buds.
    Red, green, brown...
    The tongues make popsicle rainbows.
    A dozen bangles scattered galaxies on my dress.
    We wiped the sweat away.
    Clearing the ground for new drops.
    Yet to come.
    The nose lost touch with the reeking shirts.
    The smeared Kajal paints,
    Ecstatic stories of the day.
    Some take the canopy of the green umbrellas.
    Some bask in summer's glory.
    Will they stay the same?
    These babblings of summer.
    What if?
    I remove the rose colored glasses,
    I was wearing the whole time.

  • aliceneeli 28w

    By unknown writer

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    Be the 'extraordinary you'. It is okay to not be okay. Hope in the cha cha cha and crash land on that hometown called your mind that harbours the secret garden of true beauty.

  • aliceneeli 48w

    Arrival Movie❤

    sometimes you get entangled in a story without knowing how it will end. You steer through the ups and downs until you finally find out that it was really an ocean of sorrow.
    But that journey was wonderful until it steered towards the ocean. You met an amazing person who was with you till the end. You couldn't have met the person in any other way. So, if you get a chance to know where the journey is headed beforehand will you choose to go on that journey to enjoy those beautiful moments with that person or avoid the whole thing?

  • aliceneeli 51w


    Oh Pain!
    The creative disguise.
    The unleasher of power.
    The unconscious puppeteer.
    The silent sculptor.
    You made the witch brew out,
    the chants hidden deep inside.
    She summoned the spells she didn't know.
    She summoned the souls she thought she lost.
    Oh Pain!
    The one who gave her names.
    Yes! She is the Scarlet witch
    The witch who adorned her blood red crown,
    with pain.

  • aliceneeli 66w

    By unknown writer

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    If Mizgin is the wife with eyes in her heart, then Mahir is the teacher with eyes in his heart.

  • aliceneeli 86w

    "Annoying" snaps and Recordings

    Have you ever got irritated by your friends or kins who always record videos and click pictures of a moment rather than enjoying the moment? Have you ever thought that you have weird friends because they even take pictures on normal days at college or capture an awkward moment of yourself?

    As years pass, even the epiphany of a past moment gives us a special and unexplainable feeling. Then think of watching that exact moment on your mobile phone. The happiness you shared will rush in like a reality. Those recordings and snaps are worthy. They freeze moments forever to relive them whenever we want.

  • aliceneeli 88w


    The greatest treasure in a busy life.
    The greatest fear in a beautiful life.

  • aliceneeli 89w

    The Appam

    The skin that looked like idli,
    Is now an appam with holes that liberated out the carbon dioxide stuffed in it.
    Hence, it is a sign that I do breathe, and expire carbon dioxide.
    I am still alive.
    That is all that matters.
    The pores are indeed my sign of life.
    My cheeks embraces it.

  • aliceneeli 92w

    Just Stop!

    I remember the time I got into the train at station 16.
    When it moved, it seemed slow.
    The wind was caressing my hair.
    I marvelled at the spectacles outside.
    I managed to capture the window seat.
    The train was less crowded.
    Then it reached station 18.
    I got off, I was being in that place for the first time.
    The people there seemed different.
    They were all grown ups.
    I saw that more people were entering the train.
    I lost the window seat.
    I managed to stand in the train.
    It was suffocating.
    My eyes began to tear up.
    "Hold your tears, behave like a grown up "
    The people said.
    I noticed that the train was increasing its pace.
    I wanted to catch some air.
    But it didn't stop.
    I passed stations 19, 20 and 21.
    I never wanted to pass those that quick.
    I had to meet with people and enjoy some moments at those stations.
    But, the train didn't stop.
    I was screaming "just stop".
    Still screaming "just stop. "

  • aliceneeli 92w

    I Caused You Pain, but I still have the Memories

    I remember the day when you first got into my eyes.
    Flowing smoothly like a feather.
    Your touch makes my eyes shine.
    Sometimes you leave me when I cry.
    Why do you even do that?
    Sometimes you make me cry.
    I don't blame you for that.
    Because its me who turned you the wrong way.
    When my buddies ask me, "what happened to you?"," Are you sick?"
    I know deep inside that its your absence that make me look sick.
    The painter of my beauty.
    Don't you remember the times we spend together..
    You and me, to create a stunning wing.
    We spend the mornings together.
    Even when I don't hold on to you, you create a perfect picture of me.
    Those busy mornings saved by your one touch.
    Oh! My eyeliner ,I broke your bottle.
    Please forgive me, my wing king.