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  • alltimefamished 15h

    I'm sinking along with my heart,
    Full of love and life.
    Tough from within
    yet shattered.
    Into pieces,
    cannot be gathered.

    And my heart screams,
    With tiny rain drops
    Pouring down the walls.
    Like tears flowing inside
    And I smile outside.

    As he walks away,
    With his head high
    And mine down the ground.
    Like hiding within
    For doing nothing
    And he is proud
    To be who is he is
    After doing everything.


  • alltimefamished 2d

    Life is beautiful,
    when a girl,
    And a boy.
    Are friends for life and
    nothing in between.

    Life is beautiful,
    When the a girl
    And a boy,
    Remain the same
    All their life
    Staying away from
    The society pressure.

    Life is beautiful
    When she have a friend
    Who doesn't want to
    be her partner.
    Yet, want to be together,
    All their life.
    They love each other,
    They care for each other
    They share everything.

    But there is something
    Much more than love.
    Much more than life.
    And it's about their friendship.


  • alltimefamished 5d

    I enjoy the night as it falls.
    Punctuality. Timings.
    The best bed. The best quilt.
    You take the window side
    I'm pushed the other side.
    You take the maximum space
    But you never agree.

    The quilt is our favorite.
    Pink. And blue.
    Matching our flavours.
    First we sleep with it
    And later in the night, on it.
    The room is dark.
    Like a lion's den.
    The curtains are drawn.
    No one can even hear us.

    You sleep almost immediately.
    I take sometime to sleep.
    Meantime you snore.
    And I wish I'd sleep like you.
    I shake you off. You stop.
    And the next minute,
    it starts again.
    I somehow fall asleep.
    And I dream of you.

    In the middle of the night,
    I wake up for loo trips
    And I watch you sleep.
    And envy your peace.
    All of a sudden, your hand
    Falls on me as if
    You are looking out for me
    And I immediately surrender.
    I slid slowly, peacefully
    Into a comfortable sleep.
    And undoubtedly,
    The best.


  • alltimefamished 1w

    Everyone praised him.
    Sang melodies with harmony.
    All about him.
    I heard them keenly, trying to find
    A flaw.
    Found none.
    He was great, handsome.
    A deep dimple on his cheek.
    Neatly trimmed beard
    And short hair.

    Eyes sparkled each time he smiled
    And hand shook the right way.
    Not less not more.

    First time when I met him,
    He was all good.
    Very courteous, extremely humble.

    Friendly family. Great gestures.
    All good but my heart didn't agree.
    It still craved for love I shared once
    With the man on his bed.
    It still reminded me of those
    Moments of love.
    I wanted time. To move on.
    They bought a person to move along.

    The day arrived.
    We got married.
    It was a good time.
    I had nothing to complaint.
    Yet felt incomplete.

    Everyone asked me
    If I have a good news
    To share.
    I had none. But I wanted to be asked.
    If was really happy.
    But no one asked.
    Because we presume
    Married life is always
    A good life.
    Except our share of unhappiness.


  • alltimefamished 1w

    The whole day
    Ends in a jiffy.
    Work never ends.
    From cleaning to cooking
    I'm on my toes.

    Time flies by, I really don't know where.
    I think about you.
    I wish to talk. But not able to.
    I wish to laugh, lol along.
    I wish to share, I'm not able to.
    Work keeps me busy.
    And I'm happy.
    But somewhere, I miss you.

    But as the night falls, and
    It's time to welcome him,
    I feel unsafe. Unsure. Insecure.
    And my mind think about you.
    All about you.
    Our talks. Our time. Our jokes.
    And slowly my mind is drifted
    Towards happy moments.
    And yet pretending to be waiting
    For him. Like every women does.
    But unhappily.

    And in between, the waiting period
    I really wish,
    I can wrap these hands
    Around you.
    And hide till eternity.


  • alltimefamished 2w

    Intimacy is just a form of being together.
    It can be tongue tangling kisses,
    Or skin to skin contact. Or a hard encounter.

    But it can also be the slightest touch of fingers,
    Tangled together
    Lingering gazes.
    And sharing the deepest thought
    And you are carefully listening to my
    Thumping heart. And enjoying the pace.


  • alltimefamished 2w

    I will burn myself
    For you.
    Until you can see.
    Or until I can bear.

    But remember,
    Like a star.
    I will shine high.
    And you will be standing


  • alltimefamished 2w

    Home is the place, where there is love.
    Home is the place, where there is mess
    Home is the place where there are kids
    Jumping on the bed. Like those little monkeys.
    Home is the place where the brothers
    Fight for remote. Sisters fight for outfits. And mothers fight for some rest.
    Home is the place, where toys are for adults.
    Home is the place, where there is chaos.
    Home is the place, where utensils keep dropping themselves in the sink.
    Home is where, we are. Happiness wrapped like chocolate dripping from donuts.

    But it's just two of us. Today.
    And our little sweet corner.
    Decorated with lights. And cushions and us.

    Coffee mugs in hand. Feeling our warmth.
    Your hand on my shoulder,
    Holding me very close to you
    Like I might slip away.

    I lay my head on your shoulder.
    And close my eyes. Dreaming about
    Our old days.

    The silly corner. The silly us.
    But still, every night we spend our time.
    Drinking coffee, or wine.

    Just us. And our little home.


  • alltimefamished 2w

    Waiting for my hero,
    Was history.
    I don't want
    The one who completes me.
    I want a weirdo.
    A complete Jerk.
    Who loves adventures,
    Who loves me.
    Kiss me when unexpected.
    Dance with me when Alexa
    Plays a dance number.
    And laughs on my silly jokes.

    But real men believe in real romance?
    I reckon none.


  • alltimefamished 2w

    I'm surely that kind, where I want love. But not physical. But that teenager kind. Those random text. Those talking for hours. Cheesy flirty lines. Missing me at work.

    Calling me in lunch hour, talking random stuffs, sharing hush-hush love you's. Bringing home a paper bag full of flowers. pretending to forget my birthday, and showing up at 12 with pizza and cake.

    Walking along as if you own me. Hand in hand. And stealing looks from corner of your eye. Walking late in the night and breaking the night lockdown rules.

    Holding the door for me. Pulling a chair. Ordering an extra ice cream with choco chips. Grabbing my bowl with your spoon. Fake commenting about my choice but feeling proud about your own.

    Watching our comedy show together, and falling asleep on the sofa. Brushing away chores on each other because tiredness is a boon.

    I want love and not the monetary love. I want you and not your assets. I want to be a part of your world, but not your world.

    I want to be your everything, and you be mine. Like together forever?