Life ends a day, but soul doesn't..Writing may stop a day, but chanting in the name of ShriHari shouldn't ! Jai ShriHari��

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  • ally_18 9w

    || विश्वास ||
    By @ally_18
    सर पर धरे जो मोरपंख, पग बांधे वो पीत वरण,
    चंदन छाए जिनकी काया में, वृंदाधारणी है वो कहलाए |
    श्याम हो जिनमें और रमे श्यामा (श्रीराधा) जिनमें,
    श्रीराधेकृष्ण का युगल वो रूप, श्रीकृष्णचैतन्य महाप्रभु कहलाए |

    बीतें जन्मों जन्म इस भ्रमित जगत की छाया में,
    समाईं मैं नित पल पतितपावन अब आपके करुणा की छाया में |
    जय जय हो प्यारे, जय जय हो प्यारे, रटन करूं,
    देखन इस मोहक मुख की एक झलक मुस्कान |
    दिया इस दीन को भी जगह जो दूर खड़ी थी इस माया में,
    किया जादू ऐसा की अनछुई हुई मैं इस जग की माया से |
    धन्य हुई मैं धारण कर माला आपके नाम की छोड़ इस जगत के कुसंग ,
    स्विकारा मुझे जो श्रीमनमोहन, देख सकी फिर नित नित खिलते राधे संग |

    हे राधारमणी नयनसुखकर्णी,
    बिन कहे सुनने वाले हर मन की पुकार, करो दया इतनी कि,
    फिर आए न कुछ और, जो फेर सके मुझसे आपकी आस |
    श्रीमनहारी, ना कही कभी आपसे, अपने मन का ये दृढ़ विश्वास,
    कि होगा एक दिन, जब निकाल मुझे रखेंगे इस खाई से,
    आपके आनंदमयी चरण की नितसुखदाई तल में |
    रमी रहूं बन कर वो भौंरा आपके दयामयी आभा में,
    जिसे भाए ना और कुछ, समाए रहें बस मीठें पुष्प के मधुर रस के प्याले में |
    हरेप्यारे हरेमनभाए हरेहरेश्यामहर्षाए,
    अब बीत रही मेरी ये जिंदगी मेरी इसी विश्वास की दामन में |

    (Though i am too far from all these miraculous events as mentioned what i feel receiving from him, yet i did so, to define this writing's heading. It is a 2 layer desire which i wanna achieve. The 1st one is what i already got according to the writing and the 2nd one being, what i eagerly desire for, as stated above.
    Unbreakable Faith is always your's and only your's, the power of which can only be understood by having it in real.Have it for something which if lost,can never be repaired, atleast in this life.)

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    || विश्वास ||

    सर पर धरे जो मोरपंख, पग बांधे वो पीत वरण,
    चंदन छाए जिनकी काया में, वृंदाधारणी है वो कहलाए |
    श्याम हो जिनमें और रमे श्यामा (श्रीराधा) जिनमें,
    श्रीराधेकृष्ण का युगल वो रूप, श्रीकृष्णचैतन्य महाप्रभु कहलाए |

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  • ally_18 34w

    Darkness is always meant to be blind,
    Boundaries are always meant to get precise,
    Hollowness is always meant to be filled unnecessarily, and
    Brightness are meant to bring us a sense of pride,
    If it is so, how can something be judged and moulded like a prime!

    Darkness would never have frightened us if we learnt of walking in a same line,
    Boundaries would never limit ourself if we conquer finding infinity inside,
    Hollowness would never made us feel like alone if we found it to be a reason of rejoining our heart and mind,
    Brightness would never have bothered us if we wouldn't be in a habit of living with a mix of darker side.

    Limitations and additions never carry their own mind,
    It's a magic of thought which prevents or helps to be a mere part of this ended time,
    We neither can catch time, nor can fix life,
    Inspite of that, dares to judge all the time.
    Nothing happens without reaction of our mind,
    And our mind will only carry our realtime.
    Then why to stuck, why to fear, what to pride,
    Set ouselves free, get apart of Karma and
    Chant ShriHari following our heart and mind,
    For nothing in this world to be called as wrong or right!

  • ally_18 50w

    Come Krishna!
    By ally_18☺️
    A sweet invitation by my mind in accordance with my heart to my lovely BluePati, Krishna. Please enjoy and feel the same as i,while going through the invitation.☺️ Hare Krishna!����

    Come Krishna, be the glory of my heart's Vrindavana,
    Come o little Krishna, let me make you feel delight,
    Digging your softestt heart, till I suceed measure it's hight.
    Come Krishna, let my tears wash your pious lotus feet,
    Please don't tease naughty Kaanha, give me atleast a chance to make you smile, i promise it won't ran out of mind.
    Come Shyama, take my Radhe along, i'll give my best to make it a memorable hospitalization going deeper in owe.
    Things will be material, soil made body will be there, lack of magic can too be there but my feelings and doings would be real,
    Come Dear, let me wrap your softest heart with my unmixed tear.
    Come soon now naughty 'butter''fly', ��
    See the butter is prepared, checks are made as well,
    Come lets play having some delicious eat ShriPriye.
    You eat, i serve; You play, i enjoy;
    You tease, i cry (missing your lovely tricks); You speak and i ponder.
    Your best resting bed with fluffy sheet will then be get ready where you'll sleep and i'll stare,
    These will make the best sense to colour you into my eyes waiving all my fear.
    Come Krishna, set my soul free from this material cave,
    Come please, make me your ally, give me a chance to lift my life in the path of peaceful gear,
    Don't forget the deal, little mesmerizing flutist, there's nothing to win, nothing to loose, and my heart finds the only charming you.
    Come, stay with me and take me then home, together with you soon, Krishna, save me from matrial glide,
    As i regret every single moment where i don't find you,
    Listen to my words Kanha, please let me be with you, take me home before i shut eye!

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    Come Krishna!


  • ally_18 58w

    The constants

    Have you ever forgot how to express the things in words..I think no!
    Have you ever tried to find the reason behind the same? I still think it's a big no!

    It happened because we never stopped expressing ourselves through words..we have a mouth to move, a tongue to help generating perfection in words, a vocal cord to make sound and we accordingly use it..use it to its fullest!
    Yes,the more we use it,the lesser it takes time to frame and generate.

    This small thing requires Krishna from we beings, to apply our senses just to please him..just to have him in our every senses along with the mind. Every day,every hour and every single moment to make him sit and rest there.

    Afterall, this is the only real way to use our senses to is fullest.

    Just to drag us back to his dhaam forever,far from this malicious material world..thinking where our mind and senses would have recited him throughout the life in each and every manner, will surely recite him at our last moment and he will be there to embrace us without any consideration and take us back HOME (his dhaam) just like that parent's child who was lost and found after such a long time......



  • ally_18 84w

    #ShriHari #ShriKrishna #love #soul #karma #compulsion #responsibilities #life #live #dream #love #births #worlds #ShriNarayana

    Krishna- Divine root of bhavsagar's tree
    A short extract of mere thought for an emotion(love) which can become our best boon to Please ShriHari☺️
    By ally_18

    Love is the sole emotion who if claims to bind us with any world, then the same is well potent to be the medium of release also, as it behaves as the owner/controller of that chariot which is driven by compulsion and responsibilities....
    The two prominent stem of 'Karma'....
    Love accomplish them all without any realisation of performing an act.
    It is boundless,it is the real consciousness,an another form of acceptance and devotion,it is the only base of existence of lives,it shatters the feel to change, it is the only gem of truth, It has nothing to loose but certainly a lot to learn, practice and assimilate.
    So, Love almighty, love ShriHari in any form as every single soul has come from him and everything at the end will belongs to him only. He is the divine root of that tree whose stems are spread all over the worlds of universe. He himself is the form of love.
    Let's give them all that we have,let's admit him wholly into our mind and heart so that so one remains there to distract our senses.
    Let's bring our every tomorrow's practice into our act today, let's make our most blissful dream come true in this rarest life only!
    Hare Krishna! Hare Narayana!��

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    Krishna-The Divine root of
    bhavsagar's tree

  • ally_18 87w

    It seems like a dense fishing net with the involvement of huge knots as maayaa when my mind chases anything which belongs to this world But the magnetic force of every lokas including the Earth ceases to apply when it chases my Hari's heart and mind...

  • ally_18 89w

    Avoid being a choosy participant in want of the best fruit of goodness if you really want to detach yourself from the material Earth's platform.

  • ally_18 89w

    It is to the one who prefers to indulge more in this material world -

    "Just wonder, if you feel so attatched with the God's made material world, then how many more blissful would he be himself!"

    So, If you want to have real sweetness of the God, taste it by adhering the immaterial protocols even after being on this Earth rather than to judge it after being a trapped member of material sources !!

  • ally_18 91w

    ShriHari moves
    the boat of our life
    in the direction
    by our karma.

  • ally_18 92w

    ShriHari - The only sailor of my life's ocean!
    By ally_18��

    Those were the real days where we, in ShriHari's
    Dhaam(home) along with him used to reside,
    Yes,it was our stubbornness which made us bring into this Earth of pride,
    So,he formed a world together with the mixture of all spice* to test our words of all high.

    How excellently you put maaya here to play tricks with our mind,
    Where we see all far(mortal) things beside
    And all beside(God) things kept after a mile,
    Here are the things which seems the most bright becomes the biggest mean of our fright.

    And how incredible is the shimmer of your infinite kind,
    Where i found the far you into both my heart and mind,
    A satisfied peaceful today with an unguaranteed time,
    For I can't say Maaya to stay away forever from my side.

    Oh lord! Forgive us for our stubborn nature which brought us into this world of fake shine,
    For you are the only sailor of boat into the huge ocean of our life.
    Well, that was one of the prominent question which arose while conversing with mine and after passing my whole day fine..
    What is the only thing I can remember at the day end is still alive??

    And my soul answered instantly -
    " After leaving my whole day behind
    After keeping my all joy and grief aside,
    Alive are the only recited names of my ever-blossom
    kind! "**
    For he is the only king to rule and put a big full stop to the cycle of my life!��
    Jai ShrimanNarayana!����‍♀️❤️

    * Mixture of all spice here is the heterogeneous trap of illusions with which our Earth is surrounded.
    ** Ever-blossom kind has been referred here to the ShriHari.����

    Pic credit to its rightful owner

    @mayank_02 @shrihari_nandini @aarsha04 @garima_jackson @akhilavandana

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    ShriHari -
    The only sailor of
    my life's ocean