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  • alok22 17h

    We homosapiens
    Plough minds of
    Our kinds and others
    Just to find out
    if the process of change
    is in our control,
    are we causing it,
    Can we adapt it,
    To make the most out of
    Deficient days,
    Committing ungrateful actions,
    Bringing the evolution nearer,
    And extinction farther

  • alok22 3w

    Multilateral processes
    And furthering the idea
    Of contradictions of the mainstream
    Theories bring changes
    Either peacefully or violently
    If you don't choose
    others will For you,
    And so if didn't matter to you
    In the beginning
    The itching shift shouldn't
    Bother you either.

  • alok22 4w

    Meet me at the verge
    Of this bubble full of life
    Fading into grey, from black and white
    Projecting shattered dreams that lied
    Like rainbow glows in the Sunny sky
    Am ready to collapse
    When winds rise, higher than hills
    Descend, deeper than oceans
    Eventful just for now, not again
    For years or centuries and epochs to come
    I've prepared myself over the years
    Just for this moment
    Hold me tight
    And we shall get this through
    You and me, there won't be next time
    There won't be another hill
    We've been you and me
    Through the societal tailored love
    Let's be us
    Let us avenge this destiny
    Of separation and reunion
    For, things to come
    Lost memories to discover
    Let's not try to paint the rainbow
    In different colours of yours and mine
    But with a symphony of touch
    Unravel the pain and sufferings
    With every wavelength and frequency
    Matching yours and mine
    For a brief presentation of our experiences
    A darker shade, a lighter stroke
    Of your idle claim and my unspoken verses.

  • alok22 4w

    Nature has had her own
    Laws and they
    Worked pretty
    Normal and with
    Smooth generalisations
    Untill humans touched
    The tip of a green leaf
    And called it yellow,
    Held a drop of water
    Turned it into vapour,
    Gradually everything brown,
    Holding the black in thier hearts,
    Then to create exceptions
    Breaking the algorithm
    And now they make a cry
    Every now and then
    And wipe each other's tears
    With blades crafted of lust
    And shields of hunger
    To negotiate,
    Treaties to conquer,
    The consequences.

  • alok22 4w


    Most of the times
    For most of the years
    Of your mortal being
    Effectively becoming
    Conscious of the ladder
    of life, as you
    Crawl from growing
    Life towards rotting death
    Decaying matter of your
    biological existence
    You're not what you think you are
    Neither what people around you
    Those you met randomly
    Like a dice with probable outcomes
    And those with whom you spend
    Significant years of your life
    Think you are,
    You're often misjudged
    By yourself and by them,
    You're just a memoir of
    Events that happened with you
    Sometimes a clown,
    At times an angel to needy
    A villian to many
    And endless of those roles
    You pick one when the situation
    Demands leave other
    And pick the older some other
    Day when you miss being praised
    But you never pick the one
    When people chased you
    Like a wild street dog without a reason
    For something that might've provoked them
    You're ignorant of the reason
    But you still run
    You never get tired.

  • alok22 5w

    Humans live in
    An illusion of always
    Having a control over
    Things, they do however
    Sometimes but that's
    only momentary
    And accidental,
    Just like their time on earth.

  • alok22 5w

    There are times when
    Everything' around you
    Is falling apart and you
    Unable to stand it, drift along with it
    And then other times
    Everything around is actually
    Building itself better and better
    But this time it's inside you
    Everything is just too
    Reformative around but
    Deep inside everything's breaking
    Noone tells you how that feels.

  • alok22 6w


    You're too ugly to
    Disappear you're often told
    You always are the
    Shadow of a room full
    Of people with light
    You cover them all
    But staying along Is a tricky
    Business too, you've got to
    Look for darks and pale ones
    All the short and long ones
    Crawl together as one
    Drawing a tangent below the
    Horizon as the light shoots in
    You're often misjudged
    And sometimes praised for support
    A lonely night and sweeping horror
    A filthy dark, a captivating hollowness
    Numbs your existence, yet
    They trust your companion
    It would have been Much easier
    To hide had you been a little more darker
    But that would blind thier soul
    Snatched away of thier own individual being
    And you carrying a warm heart
    Of unequal densities of love and care
    You wouldn't want that,
    You tag along like a lifeless boat
    Floating unassisted
    Following the trail of
    Twinkling stars, hiding behind
    The dust of cosmos.

  • alok22 25w


    I believe the idea of seeing/living life
    Through many lenses is just absurd
    For instance, suppose you have not one but many lenses, all with a need for adjustment to different foci, a different turn and tweak of eyes, you can't do that, it probably leaves the scattering less dispersed, a phenomenon of distorted VIBGYOR, failed composition of spectrum of visions, with multiple
    Lenses adjusting your cornea, a blast of
    Opaqueness that every other scenery is going to provide you, to see through the new ones, again, rolling your eyes up and down round and round, it's tiring and inessential, now how about having two healthy pair of good visionary eyes, that'd do just fine to get you through this pleasant journey of life.

  • alok22 25w


    It's all about
    That delicate balance
    We keep working for
    To get better and better
    Closer to our expectations
    A crack inside and a perfect
    World outside is a mess
    Chaos outside and peace inside
    Is disaster too
    We can't stand either.