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  • alveeranaaz 1d

    We all need that someone
    Who gets you like no one else
    Right when you need it the most
    We all need a soul to rely on
    A shoulder to cry on
    A friend through the highs and the lows
    I'm not gonna make it alone
    Alone:Part 2
    By Alan Walker

  • alveeranaaz 1d

    Sharing our happy moments is so exciting
    but sharing our fragile side is something out of the league.
    We just want someone to capture the cage we confined ourself with.
    That cage which we hide from the world,which is invisible to the universe.

  • alveeranaaz 1d

    The one person whom
    we can tell how our day was?
    One who will listen to our endless talks
    genuinely without getting bored
    When we are in dire need of peace
    It lies in our heart to heart communication.
    Everyone crave this and everyone deserve this,to be true to one being.

  • alveeranaaz 1d

    No matter how brave we have been,how strong we appear but deep down we all have that one vulnerable side which we want to share so desperately,not with the whole world,but to that one person who actually understand .

  • alveeranaaz 1d

    Everyone wants a safe environment to communicate.Where we don't need to think twice to share our sentiments,where we are not scared of getting humiliate for our emotional breakdown,where we can talk about what is hurting us.

  • alveeranaaz 6w

    One day I wake up so scared
    After dreaming a nightmare
    And I only want to escape
    My sleeping place
    I wandered all around in the house
    Completely scared
    Thats when I feel the warmth
    In my mother's arm
    I fight with her
    For so many things
    But when she gets upsets with me
    That's when I feel the most
    Guilty person in the world
    As soon as I reach home
    I just want my mom
    She is someone
    Who bears our tantrums
    She is someone
    Who really loves us to infinity
    Even if she is angry
    She never make us sleep hungry
    She sacrifice her most favourite things
    To see us happy
    People say Mother is the most
    loving creature
    And I believe so whenever I see my mother

  • alveeranaaz 15w

    It takes time for a Catterpillar to turn into butterfly
    It may seem hideous for you
    All you need to work and keep growing
    In no time you will
    flying high beautifully
    like a butterfly

  • alveeranaaz 16w

    But is it okay
    If he cries
    Bcoz tears are for girls
    And not for the guys

    What if world called him coward
    Even if it is just normal
    To shed tears
    Why tears are a sign of lost of mettle

    Why when a boy is born
    He is told to be tough
    And world make him believe
    tears are only for girls

    Why when a boy is hurt
    World told him to be strong
    Why can't we teach boys
    Sometimes it is okay
    To be vulnerable and fragile

    Why tears are not considered a mere emotion
    But a sign of timidness
    Why it is not told to us
    It is really okk to cry out your pain

  • alveeranaaz 16w

    Moon tells us the story how even darkness we can become someone light❤️

  • alveeranaaz 19w

    You will be the rainbow that emerge gracefully after the rain storm