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  • amulyapurohit_18 3w

    Optimism is not lack of negativity.. but dealing with it positively!
    Optimism is when you start using the negativity to prove urself! But not to others!


  • amulyapurohit_18 10w

    We live in a country.. which is called independent.. and democratic!
    Probably we could just take a look at the perception of a woman.. it would rather be hypocritic!
    Be it at any category of class, age or religion!
    Ofc we see a lot of ads and campaigns, thus the revolution!
    Women's rights.. and equality!
    But how many out there even secure an identity?
    No! Im not a feminist activist or anything..
    Just another woman.. battling and breathing!
    Whether there's a hijab..or not!
    Is she allowed to showcase her real self?
    "Don't post, don't wear, don't go.. is it safe or not?"
    Wish I was a man! I would never have to think of a woman before I choose how to live!
    Or a atleast a man.. who would rather say..
    "Ill make sure of the safety... You can go out there n live!"
    Not because we can't make sure of it.....
    But because that's were the threat and restrictions come from!
    Nevertheless... Im still a proud woman!
    Trying to make a difference beyond the kitchen!
    Celebrating being women!


  • amulyapurohit_18 25w

    It's complicated.. they say!
    Maybe it's not.. maybe we are!
    It's miraculous how human brains are sooo versatile..
    Not one wavelength matches the other!
    Men are from Mars, women from Venus... I heard!
    I guess every soul emerged from a different star!
    Perceptions could be such beautiful tools of connection, but the swords of war as well.. I learnt!
    A white to me could be perceived a black...
    Well, a word said n heard can be such massive weapons.. n yes, they do bounce back!
    But is it hard to perceive it a grey...
    Instead of raging war btw the black n white!
    Yes.. it is complicated....
    But it isn't tough to prioritise a person over a perception!

    It's never too complicated!
    All that matters is how sincerely you want to simplify it!

    Spread love.. it's easier!
    The world has enough ego in sheer!


  • amulyapurohit_18 28w

    We are all, but lights..
    Shining in the universe of nights!
    Our minds the fuel..
    Words the sparks, both soft and cruel!

    The aura that ripples the glow,
    The karma that reverses the blow!
    Lets preach some joy and might,
    For all that we have is a day bright..
    We are all, but a mere light!

    On this occasion so holy..
    Let's wish each other, a happy diwali!


  • amulyapurohit_18 44w

    Dear Grandpa

    Dear Grandpa,
    Seven years ago, today, was when you
    transformed into a star..
    A gem, that you always were!

    Hardly did I know it was a divine soul,
    Holding our hands, crossing the roads, rough and long...
    A soul so divine, even the gods would envy us, to call you along!

    A professor who gave tonnes a lesson,
    Indeed, for masses.. led as a walking inspiration!
    A legend in literature,
    Walking on the paths of whom..
    Languages whatsoever, we are still amateur!

    An aura so alluring n a personality preeching simplicity!
    A mind that nurtured and rippled spirituality.
    To those who knew, was nothing less than a living diety!

    Blessed was the family, who witnessed your anger and care..
    We know, wherever you are.. for us, you are still there!

    We are all bound to gratitude,
    For all you had to contribute...
    For only a heart as loving as yours,
    Could ever give so selflessly!

    Seeking love and respect rather than money or attention,
    Is what reflected from your principles and you!
    Richly blessed is how I feel..
    For having a grandpa like you!❤️

    Lots of love,
    Your granddaughter.


  • amulyapurohit_18 51w

    Girl in Quarantine

    "Ah sure!" I exclaimed.
    And I saw it again!

    Oh sorry! Let me begin from where it all started.
    The night fell... The stars smiled,
    Finished my 'friends' n the text revealed:
    "Forward this to 15 friends..
    Or u will be gone, forever exiled!!"
    "Ughh" I sighed.. lost in my dreams, wild!

    Probably it's all because of the motivational vidoes we watch for stability..
    The world is high on "positivity"!
    Thank you, Sandeep Maheshwari.

    It was just day 1.
    "No bid deal". I thought to myself
    Me, my books, the series and no one!
    "WOW" my soul sighed.

    What best could I do?
    Watch Harry Potter all day..
    With little smiles and weep!
    Get up in the morning,
    Drink the morning kadha n go back to sleep!!

    Little did I know..
    By day three to rock,
    I would end up conversing with my clock!
    "How do you keep going ahead??"
    And nod at the reply,
    "Luck, luck, luck.."

    Maybe I wasn't that lucky..
    "I want to travel" I said..
    "Where? To the living room?"
    Asked my clock!
    "I don't have anything to wear!" I said, sulky!

    I guess I talk too much!
    Cause I imagined myself returning being a monk..
    Thanks to the little friend,
    Even he did mock!!

    While I sat all day,
    Wondering why I ended here..
    Alone and away....
    It struck! It was because I didn't forward that message that day!!!

    The night fell,
    The stars gave the same smile!
    I heard the clock, "well,
    May I know the time??"

    "Ah sure!" I exclaimed.
    And I saw it again!

    { This time I'm forwarding it to 50 of my friends!! Hoping to see u all soon:) }

  • amulyapurohit_18 69w


    Are the dry leaves setting to the core?
    Unconditionally, the trees let go..
    Truly said: we have to let go to gain more!
    Unleashing the new season and festivity..
    Melodiously breezing away all the negativity!
    No doubt, it's the eternal symbol of purity!


  • amulyapurohit_18 70w


    Parmatma ka sparsh ho..
    Pulkit hriday ka harsh ho!
    Tum ho samarpan ka shikhar..
    Tum ho samarpan ka shikhar,
    Tum hi mera utkarsh ho!!

    Tum prem ho..
    Tum preet ho...
    Manmeet ho kanha!
    Mera shriharsh ho......

  • amulyapurohit_18 70w


    Real feminists don't ask for reservations!
    Nor special treatments!
    We don't believe in treated extraordinary!
    Neither ordinary!
    It's all about EQUALITY.


  • amulyapurohit_18 70w


    Life was much better when apple and blackberry were just fruits...
    I wish I took birth eons ago,
    To live the essence of our roots!