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  • amyers 11w

    The dining room

    The calm fog coats the living room air.
    A soft white light gently presses itself into the dining table.
    We await patiently for a much needed arrival.
    Earlier you told me things I liked. About a tease last night.
    High, relaxed and in love. A deeper connection is encouraged tonight. The way the sun shines off the dining room table,
    It flirts with passion and coziness. Our coats hung on the wall.
    They remind me of dedication and socialization. The open space relaxes me. It gives us room to grow. Our recently worn shoes sit patiently by our door for our next adventure.
    But until then, I'll be here. In the dining room.

  • amyers 12w


    Its not my understanding that is the problem.
    You said you were toxic. I don't quite believe that.
    You said you were the problem. Maybe, but it's nothing we can't fix.
    You said you would make me mad on purpose, so you had a reason to be upset.
    You said you were always the responsible one.
    You said you were tired. I believe that.
    But then you said you love me.
    And a million quotes go through my mind.
    "Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want doesn't mean they dont love you with all they have."
    And I don't wanna give up on you. On us.
    You said once again you were the problem.
    I can't fix this. But you can.
    If you love me you will.
    You could be happy without me.
    I could be happy with out you.
    But we want to be happy together.
    I knew you were hurting. But you never opened up to me
    Like you did last night.
    I couldn't begin to understand the pain.
    But I understand the pain you've caused me.

  • amyers 12w

    Who I used to be.

    My soul used to laugh out loud without shame.
    My mind would carry me through hard times.
    Rebellious, free spirited, alone in a field of flowers.
    I was someone who could take it or leave it.
    I was quick to tell you who I didn't need.
    Quick to turn down help the first time.
    Quick to accept it the second.
    Flirty, bubbly, giggly, country.
    I am alizabeth.
    I am my own.

  • amyers 12w


    Its time for me to demand it.
    No longer will I sit quietly and gear confrontation.
    Let this be a melody in my soul.
    Provoke me and provoked I'll be.
    I was a rebellious, free spirited child.
    Yet I became tamed when I fell in love.
    I lost a part of me that demanded respect because
    I wanted to be loved.
    No more.
    I am my own.

  • amyers 12w

    You and me.

    Why is it on the bad days I feel like we aren't right?
    Why do I feel like I don't have a life?
    Why do I feel like I'm more in love with you than you are with me?
    Then again, sometimes I feel like I'm not sure about you.
    Like maybe I've made a mistake.
    Like you'd be happy with someone else.
    But something makes me stay.
    Every time i give up I come right back to you.

  • amyers 12w


    Theres no easy way to say this, but I am a broken person.
    At the drop of a pen, I fall apart again and again.
    In an instant i contemplate the worthiness of my self towards life.
    Its almost like my life is following a written prophecy,
    That entails pain, sorrow, heartbreak, and misery in a never ending loop.
    I am dearly sorry for those who love me and feel differently.
    I'm tired of fighting. I'm tired of searching for a reason to exist.
    A reason to be happy.
    I cannot exhaust myself maintaining relationships, it's never been for me. The death of my mother will change me.
    The loss of myself will leave me broken and weak on a cold floor. "It would be better for everyone involved if i never existed at all." I tell myself on a sad afternoon.
    Its hurts so much because I truly believe it.
    Such talent wasted on such a disappointment.
    The talent of art, writing, creativity.
    A soul discriminately corrupted by the pain in this world.
    I fall apart again and again. At the drop of a pen.
    Not that I'm dramatic. But because everything truly hurts me that badly.

  • amyers 14w

    When was it?

    When did you stop loving me?
    Was it when I fell apart in front of you?
    Was it when I told a white lie for the first time?
    Was it the first time we had bad sex?
    Was it when I made something awkward?
    Or when I overreacted?
    When did you fall out of love with me?
    How long have I been lying to myself?
    How long have you been lying to me?
    When did you stop loving me?
    When was the point that you'd had enough?
    When did you give up on us?
    When did you leave our bed~ where dragons fly?
    When did you check out?
    When did the stallions stop running and fall to the ground?
    When did we run out of steam?
    When did you stop loving me?

  • amyers 14w

    Whats the problem?

    Was it because I opened up?
    Was it because I told you I was damaged?
    You said it wasn't true. I told you it was.
    You said you'd love me anyways.
    Was it because I "lie" too well?
    You said I was an actor.
    Because im so good at pretending.
    Was it because I cried to you that first time?
    Was it because I believed you when you said I was
    The only one?
    Was it because I trusted you entirely?

  • amyers 14w


    I know what it is.
    I know what it feels like.
    I know what it sounds like.
    I know what it looks like.
    I know what it hurts like.
    It doesn't hurt like this...
    I'm never sure what to believe.
    To believe you love me?
    To believe I've made you happy enough?
    I could never assure myself of those feats.
    Never enough to make me believe you.
    Never enough to know how much you really love me.
    Like I once knew.
    It felt different a year ago.
    Now it's just things we need to help each other
    Heal from. Things we have done to each other.
    Maybe our new life will bring our spark back.
    Maybe this is love.
    Loving, being in pain, healing, and holding on.
    Something has to be driving me to hold on.

  • amyers 14w


    Why do I do what I do?
    Why do I feel like every time i get angry
    I have to defend and attack like a game of battle field?
    Why do I feel like there is someone else?
    Why do I feel the need to push you to them?
    Why don't I feel like myself?
    Why do I feel like I ruin everything before it even starts?
    Why don't I make myself better?
    Why do I feel like I should piss you off, so you can talk to her?
    Why do I feel crazy?
    Why do I feel like you're cheating?
    Why don't I believe you?
    Why do I still love you?
    Why do I do this to myself?
    Why do I do anything?