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  • anannya02 15w

    This is not a poem nor a story.Just a message I want to send across to all the Indians.

    Many people raise questions on India's Independence Day asking "Is India really independent?There is so much poverty".This comes across as a shock to me since all these people are either extremely heartless or just want to provoke people.
    This is OUR INDIA, our martyrs have given up their life for THIS INDIA and these people question our very own Independence! It is shameful to see a bunch of people sitting in this country and posting such stuff.It has seriously shocked me and hence I have chosen mirakee as a platform to let my thoughts reach people.
    To all the INDIANS on this platform, to remind them how our martyrs have fought bravely for OUR NATION'S INDEPENDENCE.
    Today we sit peacefully at our houses because someone fought a hard battle and gave up their lives for the nation 75 years back and I salute all of them and all Indians should because that is all we can do to show them respect and gratitude����
    JAI HIND!����
    #India #Independenceday #salute #proud #respect #75

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  • anannya02 36w

    Two opposite souls at war with each other, yet both soft.
    Two opposite souls facing heaps of problems due to each other, yet so calm.
    Two opposite souls having different expectations from life, yet making sacrifices for the benefit of the other.
    Two opposite souls, unhappy with life, yet together for their offspring's happiness.
    Two opposite souls having wise offsprings, indicating similarity of those opposite hearts, yet no-one realizes.
    Two opposite hearts, not too opposite...
    Yet not too similar.

  • anannya02 40w

    Don't you see it? Her mind said to her eyes
    Stunned, she stared longingly into her own eyes, trying to decipher the innate infinite darkness.
    A sudden glint of light, a shooting star, her only ray of hope, gliding across her eyes,
    She seizes it, and hence protects it for eternity.

  • anannya02 41w


    Have you ever wondered how a bonsai is grown?
    Initially, the seed grows into a beautiful plant,
    But then its branches are cut into half, and this process is repeated several times,
    Until finally the stem becomes thick and stops growing altogether.
    This is the plight of a myriad of people nowadays.
    The company they are in stunts their growth to such an extent that they can't start prospering again.
    The hunger to fit in has risen so much that people have completely lost their identity and self-respect.


  • anannya02 48w

    The lattice of sunlight falls on the mezzanine of the fort,
    Captivating the eyes for a moment.
    Portrayals on the ivory-colored walls, made with gemstone powder and lined with gold,
    Exhibiting sheer opulence.
    The mirror fitted on the ceiling,
    Looking like stars in the daytime.
    The intricate carving done by thousands of workers, thousands of years ago, reflects the love and devotion with which the fort has been fabricated.
    In the gigantic fort reside many tales and secrets, unknown to us, which will remain a mystery forever,

  • anannya02 50w

    The sun shined brilliantly in the blue sky,
    with the clouds forming patterns like those of eddy currents.
    Seemingly calm and serene, the infinite sky extended above makes us wonder how tiny we are in the cosmos, yet how we give primacy to our hardships.
    Hardships are like bees hovering on our heads.
    The constant buzzing makes us so frustrated, that we choose to kill the bee itself,
    But we end up getting stung instead.
    Hardships are the essence of our lives, which if not encountered by a soul, makes the soul's existence meaningless.
    More the hardships, more is the ethical carving of one's soul.
    Once a soul learns to live happily with those hardships, understanding that they are all a part of one's lives, they attain equilibrium in their lives.

  • anannya02 52w

    Mind of a liar

    I wonder what it feels like to be a liar
    Is everything inside that mind a lie?
    Whenever they turn to themselves for comfort and peace, does it help them?
    Or does it actually in turn tell them a lie that everything is flawless?
    I feel a liar's existence is impoverished.
    It deprives them of an identity of their own as an individual.
    It makes them devoid of a healthy and satisfied mind, as the guilt annihilates them.
    Lies make them succumb to fake contentment.
    I feel sorry for liars because their life slowly and slowly becomes empty,
    Just like their promises of becoming honest.

  • anannya02 52w

    Sand clock

    Slowly the shimmering sand falls on the base of the sand clock,
    Just like how we savour each moment when we are with someone who brings us joy.
    So enchanted are we while the sand falls that we forget that it will gradually leave the other half empty, wanting us to turn it over once again.
    It is ironic how we look for happiness in others while it is there inside us, waiting for it be discovered!
    All we need to have is a little bit of patience, a little bit of courage, and devotion towards ourselves.

  • anannya02 53w

    Please give your opinions about this.I would love to know.

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    Her eyes sparkled in the sunlight as she sat near the window pane,
    Longing in her eyes to make use of the underlying talent.
    But something is continously stopping her.
    Something doesn't want her to earn respect and fame.
    Something wants her to just sit at home,
    do kitchen chores and raise the children.
    But she knows what she wants.
    And when a girl knows what she wants,noone can stop her.
    No obstacle can make her succumb.
    She will rise up strong.
    The inimitable part is that even when she achieves her goals, she will be mellow with her ill-wishers.
    And that is where the beauty lies.

  • anannya02 53w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word micro-tale on Peace

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    Family is peace.