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  • ananya_writes_ 2w


    When words don't touch you,
    Voices don't reach you, your heart still aflame;
    Under cloak of your hurt,
    All left is a stone, oh what a shame

    When faith left you ages ago,
    Your skin bruised, from your fights;
    Bleeding through all your stories,
    Only if you could heal, if you could smile

    When life robbed you of smiles
    And a starless night started, to never end;
    Brushing sad strokes on your hopes,
    Left all alone, tired and bitter without a friend

    When someone broke your trust,
    Your naive soul never mended, to be broken again;
    Guarding the broken heart with fire,
    And now its melted into iron, no love no pain..

    You can't touch souls now,
    Safe in your melted throne, devoid of life;
    Hurting every hand holding yours in faith,
    All left is the abyss of unlove, how do we survive?

    Your soul seeped hurt into mine
    So let me go now, I'm worn out, not your salvation or peace;
    Pray, I'll for your redemption,
    Hope, I'll be more than your object of twisted love and prestige…

    Only if miracles touched you again,
    Pulling down the curtains of night, for new dawn;
    Only if life could turn you back into the heart alive,
    Hope love could melt your shell of automaton...

  • ananya_writes_ 3w

    Self love, self journey, hope, introspect, prose

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    My shadows won't leave my side,
    Fighting all those demons of my life;
    Endless wars, once I’m the winner,
    Next night, on my faith dangles their knife

    Sitting on cold ground,
    Smiling at moon, all shrouded;
    Memories of lost love, burnt to ashes,
    Under the starlight, for just another rebirth

    If you knew, fights I won,
    To get back up, how much I honed;
    If I could be in awe of my scars,
    Instead of all mistakes I owned

    Pray moonlight started a fire
    Burning away broken dreams,
    Dancing in the heart of fire,
    I’ll play the game again, now on my terms

    Born is another me,
    Dangerous as the red halo of sun;
    Loving as the waves in night of storm;
    Same as me, free of what hurt me

    Running through all storms,
    Breaking off rusted hopes, my cursed plight
    Humming my fears to peace,
    Getting back up, never ceasing my flight

    Dare, you would not,
    Ensnared by my light, you’re the moth;
    Made of what scarred me, I’ll scar you
    One wrong move, and it’d be your death

  • ananya_writes_ 8w

    Dont stop

    Dance your way through fears
    Make friends with the monsters
    Those under your bed, and in your mind
    Fall in love with the journey, be your own conqueror

    It'll be painful I know,
    Shaking hands with shadows of past
    Keeping a straight face while you lose yourself,
    Breathe into the phoenix of your soul, leave your ghosts aghast

    Walk slow, taking hold of everything
    Those you can't touch, but they won't let you breathe
    Pluck these overgrown weeds from your world,
    So what if they dont stop, dont you stop until you're free

  • ananya_writes_ 8w

    If tomorrow starts without me

    If tomorrow starts without me
    If another body of thoughts, went lifeless
    It wont stop all stories of world, though
    Where would my stories flee, to whose address?

    The tussle between breath of life and
    pain of living, is the highest of God;
    Until I had bent my knee in his temple,
    I was the sole faith of mine; an illusion, a fraud

    I surrendered my ego long ago to the stars
    Broke off threads of hopes, living day by day;
    Flowing with the waves of ever story,
    I am imbibed with every emotion alive, anyway

    So if the temple breaks down tonight
    You’d miss the time traveller in me
    For I felt life like the vulnerable open heart,
    Creating pockets of time; shakles of clock no where to see

    My memories will play on loop forever,
    Only you left to witness, while I’ll dive deeper
    In the abyss of the dead dark sea, another universe
    Feeling emotions, those not to be felt by the alive howsoever

  • ananya_writes_ 13w


    Story of barely months,
    Burning to die out just another night;
    Intimacy of eons,
    Like the star that never truly dies

    You can move on,
    Just like you do every time;
    Just like I run away too, farther,
    Until we fall back, there’s just no reason or rhyme

    Adorned with gifts of love,
    You look beautiful, with someone else;
    Alas you have to face me again,
    Even if we are just made to be each others’ hell..

    Here’s a bouquet of dreams,
    Of all that makes you human, the soul underneath;
    She makes your heart a home, I know
    But dear, we are the story never meant to reach an end..

    Yearning time and again,
    Maybe we will be just a faraway dream;
    Even if abandoned at times,
    In the sky lies our world, full of colours only we could see…

    Goodbye, until we meet again,
    To live our momentary love stories, to be hurt again;
    Moments those shine when we cry for us;
    Burning and blinding the whole world away..

    I hope your love for her, stays,
    Making new dreams, a new home of yours;
    But you can’t purge me away, honey
    We are built to ruin each other, we are the star-crossed lovers..

    I’ll pray you are happy with her;
    But there is a cost to be paid,
    For the primal emotions we become in our world,
    For the deal our souls made with the stars, when we sealed our fate..

    You can’t escape your destiny,
    We’ll meet again, and the clocks will become obsolete,
    For the few moments, we’ll burn together in blue,
    Shining like fireworks, in the thread of time, for all eternity..

    So we’ll fall in love and run away,
    To separate roads, to our faraway empires;
    That’s all we are, always in orbit,
    Colliding again, loving and hurting each other, just until the end of time..

  • ananya_writes_ 14w


    A withered diary, hidden necklace
    Kept safe, a shining bracelet;
    Just another dead end,
    Just another beautiful dying secret…

    Songs on loop, books of stars,
    Visions i couldn’t really escape;
    Pages full of hopes and hurt, now lost,
    Maybe I’ll just save your mix tape

    Pearls of words, melodies of lost love,
    Adorns all that I see; I’m hurt and yearning for more;
    Scars of moon, all the stars we named,
    What’s left of us now? Just a haunting lore?

    Roads crossed, for a moment,
    To run away from each other; apart we drifted;
    Would our paths come together again, or was that all?
    Would I just be the fever you can’t forget?

    All the maps of stars you gave me,
    All our stories and dreams, slowly turning blur;
    I’ll let you haunt my dreams, not escaping your spell,
    Only if you let me be the disaster you won't ever recover…

  • ananya_writes_ 16w


    Stepping into the frozen lake,
    Moon sleeping in shadow of us;
    Within the dark forest, far away,
    Sweet memories enticing me, now all lifeless

    Hollow voices all around,
    colder than the dark waters;
    Even the stars gave up tonight,
    Clouds hiding every ounce of hope, oh the horrors…

    Taking in the cold air,
    Looking at the shadows coming to life,
    Ghost of me and you, living their lives,
    I submerge, seeing our story for one last time

    Every lost hope, broken promise
    Comes back rushing in, making me heavy;
    Falling down into the depth of the hell,
    Grinning, I let go of the last breath, such a pity…

    Looking at us, now hollow,
    I fight with the water, darker than the night;
    Blurry faces before me, smiling at my death
    Faces of you and me, devoid of any love, any light…

    Fighting for breathe, on my way up,
    Leaving us behind, to be lost;
    Few moments of dreams of our story,
    Who knew this high would be the cost?

  • ananya_writes_ 17w

    Love, heartbreak, moveon

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    Broken Flowers

    Another bet gone wrong,
    Another night of broken heart;
    To reach the sweet dreams I saw,
    Breaking again, how many times do I start?

    Reaching the start line again,
    All promises, bleeding away,
    After another storm, on the road
    Only broken flowers and dead hopes lie

    Letting go of all mistakes
    Of us, wrapped in a letter of sorry;
    Hoping peace is where our story lost,
    Adorned with tears, I let the past free

    I'll hold onto the heart so weak
    To mourn over all dreams I shatter,
    Alone, I'll tend to my wounds,
    Just to risk again, this time holding a dagger

  • ananya_writes_ 20w


    You heard it too?
    The layers in your favourite song,
    Dreaming of the person you yearn,
    I see you wait out in the cold, since how long?

    Oh how stubborn you're,
    Hoping against all stakes of hopes;
    Oh how I pity you,
    Hurt and still standing, fighting your ghosts

    Who broke your dreams again?
    I see you mending your heart,
    To gift it once again to the soul you love,
    To be broken again, with the same shard...

    Crying, you reach me, to move on,
    Holding your head high, in your pride;
    The next moment, a memory of your story,
    And you run back, teardrops on your pillowcase, dried...

    The hand that held yours is gone;
    Promises those brought back life, sounded so true;
    Hopes you had, now hanging in air,
    For once fall in love, with the poem named you

  • ananya_writes_ 22w


    Ah another new song
    To write to once more;
    Ah another broken heart,
    I’m upset again, something you adore

    Here’s to another risk,
    I take in name of our story;
    To forget how you hide,
    Crawling out when you like; it's that easy?

    Through those mixed signals,
    Are you trying to lose me too?
    Promising me again and again,
    Are you trying to love me? Be true

    Had held onto your hand,
    To smile more, to craft few more dreams;
    But this game of hide and seek,
    I am so lost, where do you run to, whose realms?

    Shadows circling my sky
    New fears every day, ever again
    Are those echoes of my past?
    Or are they sirens of your game?

    Frozen at your indifference
    Melting with songs you sing;
    Where do I go now?
    How do I escape this boxing ring?

    I can see you honey,
    For a change, I’ll be your villain,
    I’m tired you see, waiting,
    So I’ll be playing with you, your own game..