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  • ananyaxx 199w


    Living freely
    But still feel trapped
    Inside the little cage
    Of my feeling's wrap.......

  • ananyaxx 200w


    Don't wanna say goodbye
    But I feel so shy
    To hold you back

    Don't wanna let you go
    But I wonder if you really know
    How hard it is to let go

    Don't wanna see you disappear
    But I can't help it
    Because nothing's clear
    Who knows if you're the one or not
    Or maybe you too are just a temporary scar?!

    Don't wanna say goodbye
    But looks like now I'll have to
    Because at last you're just a little spark
    Which doesn't deserve my light
    So I guess I'll just sit and think to shine bright

    Honey you lost the real light
    But don't worry because now that you have this spark of mine...... You can smell my success without any fight

  • ananyaxx 201w


    Was it really my fault
    That I fell for you?
    That I couldn't resist not agreeing that I miss you
    That all day I'd think about you
    And would never hurt you
    Was it really my fault
    When u left me saying I should improve
    When u started believing that I'm fun no more
    When u started hating me Just because you were bored....
    Was it really my fault that at first we were all well but then we shattered like hell.....

  • ananyaxx 201w


    Drowned in your ocean eyes
    I couldn't notice
    That your eyes held lies
    And with every day passing by....
    Those lies killed me and my love
    And made me feel like a numb
    Who trusted everyone
    With expectations and fun
    But of course I had to look presentable with a broad smile
    So I decided to look happy
    Even though I was broken inside.....

  • ananyaxx 202w

    Bleeding hearts
    Cold and rough
    Trying to heel the damage
    Without being heard....

  • ananyaxx 204w


    Isn't it weird how one person can easily change your mood??
    Well if the change is from bad to good... Keep it
    But if it's from good to bad... Delete it because you get what u want and ask for and not any worthless thing they'd like to make u upset for..

  • ananyaxx 204w


    No one will ever love you as much as your parents so respect them because they are the permanent colors of your life Who'll cover the scars left by temporary people without any sigh.....

  • ananyaxx 204w


    I thought we were good friends
    But I didn't know
    That you were full of ego

    Our friendship shattered the day I herd you say
    That I'm the one who provoke your anger
    And made the situations worst and I'm the one who's behind every thing your ruining doing day by day.....

    Was your self esteem more important than our friendship?
    Or maybe you just never wanted to be my friend with all your heart
    Because if u wanted to..
    U would never tear this friendship apart....

  • ananyaxx 204w


    How amazing it felt
    When u portrayed like u cared
    And acted like u will be there
    Whenever I'd need u
    Anytime anywhere
    But soon I realized
    That all ur words
    Were just fake like your love
    And they left me dubious
    If you even cared....

    It seemed so easy for you
    To love today and forget tomorrow
    Seems like u know what fake lovers do
    Oh and by the way....
    Your one of them too

  • ananyaxx 205w


    Being a girl is not less than a struggle
    Because being a girl means....
    Being compared to your brother
    Being told to be lowkey
    Being told to be back by 7
    Being told to have friends like heaven
    Being told to dress appropriately because we can't control others' gaze so let's just sit here n tell our girls to dress like a maze....
    Being told to sit properly
    And don't be loud.
    Because your a girl and not a boy
    So u don't have the freedom to do whatever you want without any deny....