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  • anathreek_jey 3d

    He may seem a matured one, 
    but he is a child by heart.
    He may seem to be tough,
    yet delicate by his thoughts. 
    He would shout like a serious man, 
    but his love for me is genuine. 
    He would be like a drunk while feeling sleepy, 
    yet never forgets to make me sleep.
    He would give me heart aches,
    yet kisses on the wounded scar.
    He may sometimes fails to understand me, 
    but never doubts my tears and love for him.
    He might not be the handsome man to the world's eyes,
    but he is my best and special soul.

  • anathreek_jey 5w

    #pod #love #pain @writersnetwork @shine_jey

    Dreaming about the bed of peace.. ❤

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    Sometimes Misery makes you to sleep deep
    or keeps you awake for the whole night.

  • anathreek_jey 9w

    Happy birthday ya bagery.. karadee dhadiya, gunda dhadiya @shine_jey ����❤❤����

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    Coined him as my teddy,
    Affectionate and loving.
    Pampers me when I'm happy,
    Hugs me when I need one the most,
    Smiles with me when I'm childish,
    Scolds me when I commit a mistake,
    Stays with me when I'm fighting with my mood swings.
    Seed of friendship has now grown into a dense
    And deep forest for these years,
    Where we love to get lost into it.
    We term it as 'Bagery',
    Cause he more than a love.

  • anathreek_jey 19w

    "At end of the day, all are same.."

  • anathreek_jey 19w

    I miss where your lips meet mine..
    I miss where your hands grab my waist around..
    I miss where my neck feels your breath..
    I miss the eyes that overlock at each other..
    I miss when you hug me like I'm your world ..
    I miss where I lie on your chest..
    I miss where my heart feels your beats..

  • anathreek_jey 21w

    She bleeds,
    Which is not her mistake
    Yet she is said impure.

    She get scars,
    For no reason,
    But only to give a new life.

    She surrenders,
    Not for she is weak,
    Ergo, she loves her family.

    She is delicate,
    In her heart,
    Forgives anyone.

    She is a Woman
    May be that's why,
    She is different.

  • anathreek_jey 22w

    #pod #love #pain @writersnetwork
    Will you remember me after my last breath?

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    Remember me,
    when you miss your smile.
    Remember me,
    When your life gets hard.
    Remember me,
    While your heart pumps.
    Remember me,
    When you feel lonely.
    Remember me,
    For the good times we had together.
    Remember me,
    For every torture that I did to you.
    Remember me,
    When you hear 'different'.
    Remember me,
    For my name that should only flash my face.
    Remember me,
    As the symbol of your love.

  • anathreek_jey 25w

    It's okay,
    When you feel tired while chasing your dream.
    Because a peaceful mind leads to your destiny.

    It's okay,
    When you are afraid,
    Cause that teaches you
    how to overcome an obstacle.

    It's okay,
    If you have doubts,
    Cause that fires your self-confidence.

    It's okay,
    If you cry,
    As tears floods up every negative thoughts.

    It's okay
    If you are left alone,
    As that gives the determination to fight strong.

    It's okay
    If you feel unloved,
    Cause that will make you love yourself more.

    Everything happens for a reason.
    You should understand the cause for each nuances.
    Everyone loves you, but you don't get to be drenched everyday by love.
    Never give up until you feel complete.
    You are always special.

    #pod #love #pain
    @writersnetwork @shine_jey

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    It's okay,
    When you feel tired while chasing your dream.
    Because a peaceful mind leads to your destiny.

  • anathreek_jey 26w

    "..Imagination is a world of fantasy
    where many dreams live as reality. ."

  • anathreek_jey 27w

    If meeting you is a risk,
    I dare to take that risk.
    If reaching you is rare,
    I would treasure you.
    If holding you is beyond wildest dreams,
    I would sleep for decades to reach you.
    If being with you is a blessing,
    I would reside into your blood and veins.
    If my happiness is you,
    I would taste that everyday.