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  • anavah 52w

    Pins and Needles

    The pin dropped.
    Is it still silent?
    Someone heard.
    Someone witnessed.
    It wasn't me.

    The eye of the needle
    Tests your endurance.
    The mat isn't thick enough.
    The posture is difficult.
    A thousand thoughts
    Rushing in the mind.
    Is it still silent?

    Where is silence?
    In the roar of
    Ocean waves?
    In the singing towers
    Of Darelium in a far off galaxy?

    We all seek to silence
    That inner voice,
    Whispering, nagging,
    Is it silent yet?

  • anavah 54w


    Grace bought me a home
    Tied with a ribbon
    Drenched blood, sweat and tears.
    Mortar of love cementing
    Bricks of sacrifice.

  • anavah 55w

    3 AM

    The demons came out of hiding
    At the appointed hour of night.
    They approached my place of slumber
    To find me corporeally entwined
    In the arms of my demons
    Who plague my soul and mind
    Every waking hour
    In darkness or light.

  • anavah 55w


    If this life were enough
    Then Love wouldn't have to bleed
    On a wooden cross
    To finish the work of Grace

  • anavah 55w

    #storyofaleaf @mirakee @writersnetwork @readwriteunite

    I am just a leaf blowing in the wind,
    I find no perch in nooks and crannies,
    I have lost my foothold on reality,
    I am a thing of legends and myths.
    Once upon a long time ago,
    I, too, was a bud upon a virile stem,
    Surrounded with colours, sounds of melody,
    I had front seat in the conviviality.

    When I noticed my first loss of colour
    I scoffed it as false alarm.
    My immortality enthused me
    With the confidence of a fool.
    I relished the yellow,
    With dull orange undertones.
    It set me apart from
    The monotone of green.

    When the east wind blew
    I went too far in my exuberance.
    The moment came and went
    And I was no longer tethered.
    The freedom was exhilarating
    Till I lost sight of a path-
    I spiraled out of control
    Out of the shades I had known.

    I am a leaf blowing in the wind
    My past doesn't define me,
    My future doesn't beguile me,
    Yet I fly through my fate-
    My wings of fancy lead me on
    To an adventure unseen and unheard.
    Every moment is my victory.

    (C) writeranavah

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    Leaf Blowing in The Wind


  • anavah 55w

    Fire and Ice

    You burn and I shiver
    Your passions thaw my fear.
    Your flames lick my hidden
    Traces of despair.
    Your whispered promise
    Of ecstasy consumes.
    Desire trickles down
    My hesitant glacier.

  • anavah 55w


    Past valleys
    Where histories


  • anavah 55w

    The water laps at my feet.
    I don't mind drowning
    Or slipping intothe wetness
    Of the cold nights sand.
    The Tides are a way off
    Busy chasing moon.
    I wait in my loneliness
    For my sweet release.

  • anavah 55w

    To Time

    Dear friend, you favour me not with truth
    But prove a truer friend than languid lies
    Your resilience favours your company with covetousness
    Your faithfulness to a wise brow is prized.
    Many a lesson have you taught in haste
    And some wisdom you sowed patiently.
    Many a debts I owe you still
    And I do believe you shall reap in time.

  • anavah 55w


    I had been using various pseudonyms for my online work throughout the decades that I have been writing. They range from Ana B to Anna Grace and several in between. Ana is taken from the last three letters of my given name. Few months ago I came across the Hebrew word for humility which is the phonetic equivalent of Ana and the first three letters of my surname. Giving me my perfect pseudonym, my own identity. So those from mirakee who wonder about my new pen-name, this is just a clarification.As far as using the word Moses for a surname, those who know me personally may experience this. Verbally I am slow to speech like the legendary Prophet. But that doesn't stop my words. Those who are new... yes I have a longer, more Indian name I use only when in school.