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  • andrew__ 166w

    Field of Silence

    I sat back down in the grass.
    Pushed my pencil back behind my ear.
    Flipped the page in my journal.
    Error here.
    Error there.
    The sound of the quick dashes from my pen filled in the silence.

    A hummingbird pecking at a tree.
    The wind in the grass cutting through the leaves.
    The warm sunlight laid across my back.
    A beautiful day.
    My thoughts rush to the pen in my hand.
    More blue markings fill the page.

    I stop suddenly.
    The traffic in my head has come to a stop.
    I look up at the horizon.
    Grey clouds and rain fill the sky.
    I push my pencil back behind my ear.
    I pick up my journal from the dark green grass.

    The journey back is long.
    But I'll make it back in time.


  • andrew__ 177w

    Beauties shadow

    I've wrapped myself in darkness' shadow
    Her shroud masks and conceals my sorrow
    Its outer shell shows a beautiful sight
    But still I suffer in her pitiful plight.

  • andrew__ 179w


    Shifting sands from distant shores
    Rolling hills and plains divide
    Towering earth and deepest cave
    River valley to the great blue
    I see myself here and there
    But I'm nowhere here without you.

  • andrew__ 179w

    The Craft

    Blood sweat and tears
    These ingredients create an art of pureness
    From the Smith with their hammer
    The painter with their brush
    To the writer with their pen
    We bear nude what others are afraid to show
    Pain sadness happiness and fear

    All these create the physical form of us on the inside. Keep creating.

  • andrew__ 188w

    I feel like shit so much.
    I've got no one to talk to now.
    The weight grows heavier every day.
    Maybe one day
    I'll feel like a feather once more.

  • andrew__ 188w

    Those long nights.

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    The time is 10:10
    I try to sleep but it's another one of those nights.
    I begin to think of what is and what was
    Then I bring up the could haves

    Could she have loved me still?
    Would I have kept that job?
    Would I have been rich by now?
    Could I have been dead?

    I look at the time
    It's 10:11.

  • andrew__ 188w

    Granted to me through dreams
    A glint of warming light
    What's left when I wake up?
    A cold of spreading blight.

  • andrew__ 188w


  • andrew__ 188w

    I've seen my broken dreams become reality
    Because my best dreams left with you.

  • andrew__ 188w

    I gave my absolute all to one
    Now I'm left
    With none at all.