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  • andthen 46w

    You once told me
    That beauty is terrifying
    And you're right
    But people hunt for fear often
    Aloung bookshelves and carnival signs
    Is it so surprising
    That we fly towards the all consuming sort as well?

    You once told me
    Love is a two way street
    With no shortcuts
    And you're wrong
    But we believe you enough that it does not matter
    That there is love left on kitchen knives and park benches
    Half built bridges all of them
    Is it so horrible
    To love where you can
    If people are hungry?

    You once brought me
    A plastic wrapped brownie
    And I said I loved you for it.
    I can not look you in the eye long enough to fear you
    But I will say hello on my way to the library and smile
    For as long as I am welcome

    You'd be surprized
    How often we would be welcome
    If we asked

  • andthen 46w

    It is a hard day
    When you have to convince yourself to get a blanket
    Sure eventually the cold will push you off toward the closet
    But I sat down next to it once with that bundle
    And the cold curled up on my feet

    It didn't seem bad
    I was just so tired

  • andthen 47w

    When the world fights a war
    Birds may be the first to go
    Feathers buried under ash
    Way before the first of snow
    Leaving us to weather winder
    Without thinking they'd come home


  • andthen 47w

    Setting Songs

    Some people are shaped like light houses
    The passage to safe harbor or a warning
    Left from a by gone age
    Left for the seabound

    There is nothing to find here
    Your ship spear itself upon spires of rock
    Do not hide here
    The storm will chance you better
    Than this harbor

    We sail by them, in our motorboats and sunhats,
    And wonder at their majesty
    As they try and tell anyone who would look a little closer
    That the sea has no mercy for us
    We're alone in it's hold without eachother


  • andthen 47w

    Beauty is upon you like some horrible thing
    It has left the place you didn't know it was hiding
    To take something out of you
    And left but a green spot in your vision
    That you can't seem to blink away

    There are thirteen thousand people looking
    And you want to tell them.
    There is no one next to you
    But you want to tell someone.
    Its like some untranslatable word
    That you've forgotten from your mother tongue
    That your grandmother used to tell you about mushroom hunting
    All you have for it is the one you use at meetings

    It is not enough

    But beauty takes it from you anyways


  • andthen 48w

    Once, when I was young,
    The world was very old
    Teachers talked of anchient times
    Of wars and wounds they told

    All things long rot away.
    Far, far from today.

    War is for barbaric folk,
    War is long long gone.
    But now I know the blood's still fresh,
    Underneath our lawn.

    And it feels


  • andthen 49w

    winter immortality

    But it's not June
    Before evening I'm old
    And it's quiet outside the serniors' yard
    Dust and brittleness flaking off of nothing
    I don't want to keep it from them that it's wrong
    That day is just another
    cradle we fall back into

    Bassed off the opposite of "because its summer"


  • andthen 50w

    Two of them

    People talk about children in numbers,
    5 months then 5 years then 5th grade and the five figure paycheck - so proud
    An efficient rundown
    But sometimes its interesting to see what they say before learning to be efficient

    He fed red chilly pepers to the kid who keeps stealing bits of his lunch, her handwriting's illegible every friday, they call eachother over when theres something tasty and then fight over how to divide it and it makes no sence yet
    I catch bits of it in passing
    And its a happy thing

    Tell me some of your little kid stories :D

  • andthen 50w

    Clinic Leftovers - 2021

    I broke the mesh stressball
    It scaterred like running pearls
    Aloung the doorway to my bathroom

    I kept the litttle orbs from it on the counter for a while
    Off to the side
    They were so pretty you see
    Like little bits of the pool
    The bluest things you could ever see
    So blue that they could only be made of something horrible
    And I kept forgetting about them
    Everytime I walked though the doorway

    But they spilled over again today
    Out over the tiles and onto the carpet
    I got rid of them
    With the rest of the old blood
    Because I was right
    And Lethe smells of chlorine


  • andthen 120w


    I want to live sometimes.
    To live wildly with nothing to tie me down.
    To run and dance and sing off key.
    I want to breathe the most.
    But then I remmember that what holds me down are beloved shackles not meaningless stones
    So I walk along the river instead
    Looking with longing now and again.
    If I jump I either drown or dissapear.
    Would you rather be you or free?