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  • angelarriellakhan 45w

    We strolling here lovingly by the sea shore
    Ignoring all the people around us as we dream of our future forward

    But how long will you walk with me?

    Will you walk with me when sunny blue skies turn grey?
    Will you walk with me when the autumn leaves fall and my beauty starts to fade?
    Will you stick with me everyday?
    Even when the winter chills make my moods sway?

    If I'm incomplete will you fill me?
    Till how far will you go with me?
    Will you protect me from danger and lead me back to light?
    Will you save me and be my brave knight?

    How long will you walk with me?
    Past the distant seas?
    Will you always love me and stand by my side?
    Wil you always care for me till the end of time?
    Will you always stay by me and never


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  • angelarriellakhan 45w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word short write-up on Path

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    The path is a journey with two choices

  • angelarriellakhan 45w

    Pretty lil butterfly
    Following me around,
    Pretty lil butterfly
    Moving without a sound,
    pretty lil butterfly
    As sweet as sweet can be
    Soaring peacefully...

  • angelarriellakhan 46w

    Roses are red
    violets are blue
    Boy you sweet
    But you not mine to keep
    Not mine to have,
    Not mine to hold,
    Not mine to love,
    Not mine to cherish,

    Darling our love story has ended...

  • angelarriellakhan 47w

    I was here

    I got a feeling that you ignoring me
    or maybe you've erased the fact that I'm here
    After all the months of adoring me

    You act like I've disappeared

    Well, Ain't gonna follow you
    Nor beg you
    Or even pretend I care

    I'm simply gonna leave you and let you realise
    On your own that

  • angelarriellakhan 47w

    True message

    This is not a poem from a poet
    This is a true message from a painful heart.

    Which makes it even harder to know
    When or where to start.
    From the kid who was rapped to
    The old woman who got robbed.

    The kid who runs away from
    Those evil claws.
    To the old woman cries
    That were never heard.

    Which makes a person wonder,
    Why these people never get caught??

    This is not a poem from a poet
    This is a true message from a painful heart.

    In this cruel world we live in...

    We dream, we dream
    Our childhood dreams
    But the older we get
    Our dreams become nightmares,
    Where the monsters come in

    In this cruel world we live in...

    We are being judged for turning into the monsters
    We Dream of.

  • angelarriellakhan 47w

    Borrowed images
    are what most of us have become,
    Self images
    Are very few to .

  • angelarriellakhan 47w

    Moonlight slowly awakens
    Darkness comes along
    Moonlight slowly fades
    A new day has begun

  • angelarriellakhan 47w

    "The clock on the bookcase ticks,
    The watch on the table ticks,
    These busy insects are eating away my world" Quoted by Charles Rezikaff .

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    Times unexplainable stepping stones

    Time has no patience ,
    Time waits for no one .

    Time makes you, it creates you
    It empowers you
    It breaks you faster than it heals you
    Time has a past you can't
    Time has a present you can
    And a future that neither
    You or me know

    A person can control how or with whom you spend your time
    You can spend your time either being in love or filled will hate
    You can plan partly where time takes you ,
    But the only thing none of us can plan is where and how life takes you.....

  • angelarriellakhan 47w

    Past image fades
    The one of me and you
    Replacing it with
    me and someone new

    All of my love and feelings
    You easily thru away
    His picking them up and
    Putting a smile on my face.