See u soon everyone ❤️���� Take care��

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  • anjaliverma__ 59w

    Diamond ��

    Rather.......than......simple..........gems?'s....crust It' shine
    But... why... only... A... Diamond.. is... as.. the
    Best.. preferred.. Miners..... have.. to.. dig
    with... all.....hardwork... and.... strength
    e..dark..Taking.. tough..dec
    .... Dreams....... A...
    R E B I R T H
    @taniya_9124 (My inspiration for the concrete post. We all love �� u and miss u too����❤️Credits to make me a member of such a beautiful family ��)

    Divine like a diamond ��
    I want to shine and spark
    Yes I will have to struggle with the darks
    Roads of my dreams are far away to go
    I need to gear up for my soul to glow
    Tough decision in life I have to make
    To live my dreams fully and celebrate.

    ••A SMALL LETTER TO @mirakee and my dear Mirakee Mates
    (With all love and respect)
    Not even completed here an year probably but still I have got so much connected and mixed with all my mirakee mates. They all always motivated me and appreciated for whatever I posted , corrected me wherever I was wrong. New challenges and prompts amazed me . I loved to read the posts and took back a lot of learnings from each of them.
    Also this year because of mirakee I have got my most memorable birthday celebration ever. Post dedicated to me made me cry tears of joy and dance with happiness. I would like to thank everyone who wished me and showered the blessing of love and care through there lovely posts.
    I want to be here for forever but it's not possible now. The reason of this leaving is my goals and dreams calling upon me to do more hard-work and tickling me to achieve them.
    Not leaving forever will be back after attaining something in life and make all of you proud.
    I will miss you all��❤️

    Thank you so much ❤️ Amazing people around here

    Take care everyone!!
    See you.

    .................... Keep inking............ (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤Mirakeeans
    ❤️❤️@mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay❤️❤️
    #concrete #mirakee #writersnetwork #diamond #blessings #letme #gems #wod #pod

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    Become a Rare one Become a Diamond.

    Verses of beauty and life
    Carved here with all love
    Away from the deserted papers
    I have found the greenery of inks here
    Mirakee is love and
    My mirakee mates have my heart.

  • anjaliverma__ 60w


    In a dusty diary of half folded pages
    A Red Rose lied between the cringes
    Found after years of search
    Under the study table where he worked
    In the corner of a silent room
    Can one say that once a rose like that bloomed?

    It was alive once and rather fresh
    But couldn't survive the human threat
    Cost of his life just to become a showpiece
    No one else would grant his or her life like the rose on lease

    Crushed petals no more spread fragrance
    But definitely can get powdered and still glow a beauty spark on one's face
    It alone stays calmly without an utter
    The stems are out of water drops and whole system suffers

    A soft flower has now become a crushed
    It's existence has been lost and his life got locked inside the pages which are stuffed.

    #rose #lost #pod #mirakee #writersnetwork
    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    Writing after a long time��❤️
    Plz let me know my errors if any.

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    Betwixt the pages a rose died.

  • anjaliverma__ 60w

    #wod #beauty
    Just a simple one as I was here after a longggggg time❤️❤️����

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    Starting by the flowing inks
    Words are poured perfectly without a blink
    Smoothly descending the steps of heartful emotions
    Weaving bravely spreading love tokens
    Broken pieces withered somewhere
    No one cares except the poet there
    Letter by letter it's the castle which is built
    Verses dressed up with metaphors it consists
    Flowers bloomed of pain and joy along
    Carried forward in the vases of pages and are rolled
    This is a Beauty of poem definitely which can be seen with a poet eyes❤️

  • anjaliverma__ 66w

    Just simple lines���� (as I didn't wrote since a long time����)
    #mirakee #travel #writersnetwork
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Travelling the world of imagination
    With love I go there every break or vacation
    Simply reflecting the world upside down
    Making me the queen with a golden crown

    Submerged in the skies of creation
    I portray paintings of pain and isolation
    Away from the real I travel to fall free
    Catering the art of brain I blow carefree.

  • anjaliverma__ 66w

    A simple poem dedicated to my writing skills. I never
    knew that I had such a interest in writing poems as I do now. I have learnt such wonderful things here.
    All this wasn't possible with the heartful support of my friends who corrected me and also wonderfully appreciated me too.
    Just a simple Thank you to everyone here who blessed me there words.

    #mirakee #simple #thankyou #50thpost

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    A New Learning

    Simple words I came to know
    Making little efforts I grow
    Finding my ownself where I stand
    Didn't I had any art I love I understand
    Coming here made me realise
    Yes I was capable and didn't let my hand demise
    Sometimes we come finding ourselves of the infinite maze
    But somewhere I feel yes I have found my golden days.

  • anjaliverma__ 67w

    Did u find that the sailor reached the sea? if you read it sincerely u would have found the answer.
    ������U are the sailor reading my poem and if you reached till the last line the sailor reached the sea and has received the lovely gift❤️
    Just gave a try by writing each line with letter A to S ����

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay
    #wod #sea #sailorc #pod #mirakee #writersbay

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    Abiding by the rules of life
    Branching roads divert me twice
    Catching those hundreds of thoughts
    Dissented I stand with what the life had brought
    Elated world was in my dreams
    Floating away with the waves my soul screams
    Giant waves engulfed my sorrows
    Hesitating I stood , happiness should I borrow
    Inside deep from the sea a sound came
    Justifying your emotions of love I frame
    Knocking you came to my shore
    Lonely I saw you seeing my infinite beauty and adore
    Making a return I will gift you a Boat of life
    Notions of serenity are filled in it
    Obviously by the gems of love it is prepared with
    Pirates of Avarice would never dare to hack
    Quilted with satisfaction and the strong deck
    Radiating sun will lit up the fuel each time
    Sailing the boat you may live happily and shine.

    "Saline sea sails swiftly sorrows somewhere, slowly satisfied sailor sails to shore"

  • anjaliverma__ 68w

    �� Raindrops ��
    I see them falling from the black clouds
    As the black devil has its end and it shouts
    Beauty of nature seems to blessed
    The blooming flowers of love elegantly get dressed
    The gravity of love attracts them to earth
    Giving again the living organisms a rebirth

    Sometimes it's better to leave memories unseen
    To make your life simple with love and green
    Untouched parts of life can't be adored
    Hate of hearts let it not outside world pour

    A delicate organ synchronises which our body has
    Strong enough to undergo any trauma stays
    Pumps blood and courage each time it beats
    Let the cycle of love again and again repeat

    Sow seeds with faith of your hardwork
    Let you face some pain and your wounds rock
    The magic of success will let the lovely plant grow
    Carry a heartful smile to everyone you bow

    Hatered has been piercing the human souls since it got the evolution of jealousy and materialistic gains
    Above all let's see the gratefulness of love and distribute to the world. The simple you stand much more strong against the hate of people.
    Darkness cannot drive out darkness only light can do that . Hate can't drive out hate only love can do that. ~Martin Luther King

    Simply go by the flow
    Wiping out hate from all hearts
    Sow seeds of love
    And definitely it will be nourished by the raindrops
    Carry on the boat in oceans of life.

    Happy reading everyone ❤️��

    #mirakee #wod #pod #writersnetwork #raindrops #sow #heart #wipe #love #hate #Anj_poetries

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    Raindrops of love nourish the seeds which I sow to wipe out hate from heart.


  • anjaliverma__ 68w

    //Wonderfully created nature full of wonders
    Still human has its greed to fulfill his need with materialistic blunders//
    Hope the syllable count is fine����
    #questionkupoem #wod #earth
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Suffering lungs
    Greenery ailing
    Still humans would survive?

  • anjaliverma__ 68w

    ��I Inhale Life��

    I inhale and rise
    Agony and pain slowly exhaled
    I inhale and shine
    Postive sparks reflecting
    I inhale and feel
    The serene and pure nature
    I inhale and get drowned
    In the infinite cloud cluttered sky
    I inhale and start chanting melodious sound
    With chirping birds around
    I inhale and dance
    With sunrays falling around
    I inhale and fall in love each time
    With the blissed nature around me
    I inhale and get submerged
    In the oceans of memories of life
    I inhale and start again from where from I left
    Yes falling and learning is a difficult task though
    I inhale and get blessed
    Each breath is a blessing we all know
    I inhale and live life
    Love myself each time and reside peacefully.

    Nothing to say much����
    @mirakee @writersnetwork Most respected ��❤️
    #random #wod #quest #mirakee #temp #life #pod#writersnetwork #Anj_poetries❤️

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    I Inhale Life
    Inside you is the most beautiful soul, inhale the love and exhale sorrow to live and let live

  • anjaliverma__ 68w

    //Deserted Human Hearts//

    Humans we are
    The creation of God
    Deserted are our hearts
    Filled with rigid emotions and sturdy feelings

    Humans we are
    The creation of God
    Ego is nourished inside our mind
    Rather than being a soul which is kind

    Humans we are
    The creation of God
    Negativeness flows through our blood
    Making each time our ethics being dead

    Humans we are
    The creation of God
    Carrying regret loads we are ready to move
    Suffering and pain dumped inside the groove

    Humans we are
    The creation of God
    Discrimination in different ways
    Poverty craving the society since passed many days

    Humans we are
    The creation of God
    Money minting is a great art we have learnt
    Corruption has created a large fire where humanity is burnt

    Humans are we
    The creation of God
    Never never let the humanity die
    For sure it's a harsh truth inside our deserted hearts for which we can't deny.

    //Humanity is a necessity of humans//
    The poem I wrote might sound negative but I tried to portray the truth about what we are upto and at the end we all are humans we need to rise again from the deserted hearts to again a greenery filled hearts with love ,kindness and honesty. We can again let the flowers bloom rather than the cactus to grow.
    If any part here is wrongly potrayed plz don't mind to correct I would be grateful to know it.

    #humans #humanity #wod #pod #deserted #mirakee #writersnetwork #Anj_poetries(collection of all my poems ❤️��)

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    Deserted Human Hearts

    Humans we are
    The creation of God
    Let the humanity bloom
    And create a peaceful room.