the name you know, the journey you don't.....

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  • ann000 17w

    Not the failed hopes but
    rather I'll adorn the bruises of the battle

  • ann000 18w

    It will always be about who stayed and not who promised


  • ann000 19w

    A part of me says that I live in abandonment
    A part of me thinks that I have become a rebel
    A part of me believe that I live in resentment
    A part of me worries that I'm just escaping from the trials
    A part of me is afraid that past will find it's way back to haunt me
    A part of me questions on thy existence
    A part of me still lives in dilemma that what really went wrong and, didn't I put enough efforts to make it right
    The head that doesn't used to
    rise now no more bow down
    The faith in the eyes have
    turned into the fire of the

    The lips that once used to
    chant the hymns have become
    habitual to the mournings of
    the wild

    The angels have stopped
    passing by and the devil is
    what keeps me going.

    It's not the light that soothes

    my bruise it's the darkness
    that calms my soul
    I'm done enough of hiding my
    sears in day now I adorn them
    under the shadow of the moon.
    And once I was a believer too..

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    And once I was a believer too.

  • ann000 34w

    When you tell everyone
    that it's gonna be fine,
    but deep down you already knew
    it's never going to be the same

  • ann000 35w

    when they think they are going
    to burn you down the ashes
    They forgot that you
    have a whole fire within

  • ann000 37w

    The more you are messed
    up the louder you laugh

  • ann000 37w

    Amonst the ferocious storm
    they often sing hymn of love

  • ann000 38w

    Don't be my sunshine I'm already
    used to the darkness of both in and out

  • ann000 39w

    I am not falling apart because I am weak but because I was strong for a long time

  • ann000 39w

    के बिखर तो मैं गई हूँ इस तरह
    के तेरी बाहों में सिमट कर रोलु जिस तरह