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  • anonymous_wryter 4w

    Someday, somewhere,
    I will find, The best version of me.
    The happy and cheerful me.
    Someday , somewhere i would become the best daughter of my parents.
    Giving them all heavenly luxuries
    Someday, somewhere i will
    Find my missing piece,
    For whom i have waited so long ,
    My prince from those fairytales,
    Imperfect but still perfect for me.

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    Someday somewhere

    I wish someday somewhere all our good wishes from our heart would come true

  • anonymous_wryter 4w

    And today I am lost again,
    Don't know where i am going,
    Which path i am taking,
    What is right and what is wrong .

    And today I am lost again,
    Why i am feeling so vulnerable,
    So sad , even around crowd.
    Is it just mood swing or i have lost my energy.

    And today I am lost again,
    Between my mind and reality,
    What's happening is in your control,
    But i am not getting this thing inside my head.

    And today I feel lost again,
    Just no energy to get back to the focused me.
    Distracted by so much,
    And overthinking surrounding me.

    And today I feel lost again,
    In the dark, where light is not visible
    Even far far away.
    Surrounded by so many,
    Yet lost inside.

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    And today I feel lost again between the crowd.

  • anonymous_wryter 5w

    These lines are so deep

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    कल बाबा की ऊँगली को थामी चली थी
    कल बाबा की लाठी भी बन जाऊँगी
    अम्मा तेरे घरौंदे की चिड़िया हूँ मैं
    दाना लेकर ही वापस घर आऊँगी

  • anonymous_wryter 13w

    You're the sunlight, spread yourself
    You're unaware that you're like a river,
    Start flowing somewhere....
    Start flying somewhere,
    Wherever your heart is happy
    Your destination is right there
    Sorrow is like rotten life,
    Life is ready to smile and become fresh,
    Life is like a sugar crystal,
    And hopes are sweet...
    Taste it, keep it,Cover it with your hands..
    Why would someone stop you,
    When the sky is with you..
    Bring your colours,The canopy of the sky
    Today we have to decorate that...
    You're the sunlight, spread yourself....

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    You're the sunlight, spread yourself
    You're unaware that you're like a river,
    Start flowing somewhere....
    Start flying somewhere,
    Wherever your heart is happy
    Your destination is right there

  • anonymous_wryter 13w

    Suggest a song

  • anonymous_wryter 13w

    Sometimes don't you wonder
    Am i at wrong path
    Or it's just things are not working right now..
    People say money don't buy happiness
    But isin't it the fact that money gives you power and availablity of things,
    One of the strongest reason to be happy
    Sometimes we lack few things
    Just because we have an excuse ,
    I can't afford it...
    Go get out of your comfort zone,
    Earn your own money
    Otherwise you will always be left behind
    In this cold war of survival...

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    Isin't money one of the most important reason to be happy?

  • anonymous_wryter 14w

    this moment says
    get out of yourself
    come, let’s live.
    come, let’s live..
    sorrow was a traveller, let it go,
    let the sunshine be there in the courtyard.
    come, let’s live.
    under the feet there is a cold earth,
    it says come we’ll run,
    in the boxes of memories there is a waking fragrance,
    which says that we’ll leave everyone behind..
    let the sand of yesterday flow from the fingers.
    let yourself be there in today, in this moment..
    taste a beautiful piece
    keep a sweet piece of life
    Come let's live,
    Come let's live....

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    it’s the rain of your dreams only,
    let waters make the paths..
    let yourself follow the lights,
    this moment says
    come out of yourself,
    come, let’s live.
    come. let’s live.

  • anonymous_wryter 15w

    My Nanu, my strength..
    The person who taught me to touch the sky,
    And fly so high...
    Whenever I ask him about his memories,
    He takes me back to their golden years..
    From where he started his struggle,
    to how far he came!
    How much respect he earned,
    He always tells me , with the old age comes the wisdom , experience and patience..
    This is life...
    My Nanu, my hero...
    The person who always taught me,
    To become your own strength...

    My grandma, whom I call ninnee,
    The most beautiful women I have ever seen..
    Although she became old,
    But still her beauty gets reflected,
    through her brain..
    And what to tell about her mouth watering pickles and yummy delicious meals!
    She is the only person,
    Who can't find even one fault inside me..
    I still wait for vacations and holidays,
    So that i could listen from her ,
    The tales of brave Prince and beautiful princess...

    My Nanu and My Inspiration!
    Who always make me believe,
    That forever love do exist...
    Those cute fights ! Even after getting old,
    Is something that I will forever cherish..
    The togetherness, the care, the love and commitment..
    I just wonder after seeing them,
    Is there anything more perfect ,than this..
    How blessed I am to be their blood,
    To be their bind generation.....

    That's my Nanu and my Ninnee,
    The roots of the family tree..
    So kind yet so powerful,
    Because only strong roots could produce beautiful leaves.....

    This poem is dedicated to my strengths
    My Nanu and my Ninnee..
    These two people who always kept me grounded and kind...
    #age #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    My Nanu , My Inspiration!
    I just wonder after seeing them,
    Is there anything in this world..
    more perfect ,than them..
    The roots of the family tree..
    So kind yet so powerful....

  • anonymous_wryter 16w

    Have you ever passed through a lane?
    Where no one has passed through ages?
    My time has stopped there.
    How should I express what all happened with me?
    Silences are like a musical instrument,
    Bring some tune...
    Silences are like words,
    Come and hum them someday....
    They’re restless to speak. Let them speak.

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    Here, even the water of the river flows quietly.
    Thousands of silences are hidden behind the full moon.
    The raindrops don’t have a language.
    Out of the burning hearts, the smoke of silence rises....

  • anonymous_wryter 17w

    I wish I could stand on a star
    I wish I could be where you are
    They say, don't you ever give up
    It's so hard,
    to be something when you're not
    But I have walked alone, with the stars in the moonlit night
    I have walked alone, no one by my side..