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  • ansh_ita 36w

    Irrelatable ����

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    हक़ीक़त से रूबरू आज फुर्सत से बैठे हैं।
    अब तो बस चंद लम्हों के भरोसे सब सहते हैं।

  • ansh_ita 42w

    Happy , happier, happiest birthday to the one who from being a random stranger became a very good friend of mine.⭐ @sajank

    I will always remember that "Traveller" series written by you that I randomly read in my discover section for that became a reason I met a pure heart. Really reading that made me wonder about the kind of person you are.

    Many a times, we have had a argue on many topics and really I like that there is someone who can argue with me without stopping.��
    Many senseless talks, sensible conversation, teasing, taunting , pranking - everything that we shared were way more blissful.

    I really enjoy your memes on me. May the joy that you spread along comes back to you.
    I promise you that I will always be there to tease you , to trouble you and to argue with you.��

    But your thoughts, your opinions and you- I respect them all and will always ! :')

    Have a super amazing and fantastic birthday like you! �� 1 week tk birthday manana��
    Sorry for being this much late����

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  • ansh_ita 47w

    @hindiwriters @hindinama

    @inked_selenophile ye likhte wakt aapki yaad aayi��

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    आफ़ताब से कुर्बत का जो अधूरा ख़्वाब देख बैठे हम।
    अब लगता हैं अँधेरी रात में चाँद से इश्क़ कर बैठे हम।

  • ansh_ita 47w


    Oh my dear dearest diary, listen
    Today I'll recite a love that glisten.
    Never had I believed in love stories.
    But maybe mine holds a billion memories.

    Yeah! I was a simple, easy girl.
    With a dream of my complicated life to unfurl.
    Then a complicated being came and taught.
    The true meaning of life with emotions caught.

    Our meet was random and very unexpected.
    It took us time to get our souls connected.
    Gradually he made himself special for me.
    How can someone else be the reason of my glee.

    He came like he was always there with me.
    But at the right time to make things fair for me.
    He admires me with all my flaws.
    And I got bliss for which he was cause.

    He wasn't my life nor he is.
    But he's that void in my life that's filled with glee.
    For me he wasn't a star or lifeline.
    But he is that shine that makes my life fine.

    Doesn't give me vibes coz he is a vibe himself.
    He always tries to understand me more than myself.
    How come someone be so perfect and nice.
    This is the question that hovers in my sight.

    At times, when my eyes shed tears.
    He made me realise that there's someone who cares.
    I was strong, this I knew.
    But he made me stronger making my fears blew.

    I heard love is one's biggest weakness.
    My love made me stronger, isn't it the uniqueness?
    He says , "You aren't my happiness but the reason of every happiness."
    Everytime I smile and say, "it's just because of your heartiness."

    He isn't near me now but he is with me.
    Never did we say that we love.
    That was love or something to be loved.
    I don't know what it was and that's the beauty of love.

    Every memory of him gives me peace.
    Snatches my sadness and gloominess cease.
    And in between all this, love always won.
    For it is an emotion which can be regretted by none.

    I wasn't ever his nor he was mine.
    This is what makes our love undying.
    This is how my destiny blessed me with love.
    A love that is immortal even when not with my beloved.

    June 29,2021
    8:07 pm

    PS : This is totally fictional.


    @writersnetwork @miraquill #love #wod
    I know I am late and this isn't perfectly apt with the prompt but I scribbled because I wanted to.


    @miraquill Thank you so so much!!! This is my first ever pod! Really unexpected! ❤️��

    @writersnetwork thank you so much for the repost! ❤️��

    Thank you so much everyone for the read! Means a lot! :')❤️


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    And the love never dies!

    This isn't a love story.
    It is my story that I love.

  • ansh_ita 49w


    8:10 pm
    June 15, 2021

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  • ansh_ita 50w


    She dreams and dreams so high for which she needs courage , hardwork , motivation ,zest , enthusiasm to achieve what she craves for.

    But yeah it's not untold that there are many people who doesn't wants her to uplift and make her dreams come true.

    Yeah there are many stages and instances in life which forces you to lose every bit of confidence instilled in you. And sometimes , you do so. You give up before circumstances and lose the real you.

    But again , as you have some people who can do every best thing to get you down, the same way you have "your people" who passes the real ray of light that raises that lost hope and spirit again.


    @writersnetwork @mirakee
    #rainbow #pod #wod

    PS : Just a simple random writeup.

    EDIT : @writersnetwork thank you for the kind read and like! ❤️✨


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    Rainbow of her sky

    Well, she woke up so early.
    With some hairs very curly.
    Always she wished to fly.
    For she love her sky.

    But there seems no way.
    For she might always pray.
    But her dreams never die.
    They make her just cry.

    She isn't weak.
    Nor does she wants peak.
    Just a simple sky.
    Where she can fly high.

    Her sky was very pretty.
    But some people in her city.
    Wanted to get her down.
    Don't know why they frown.

    Her sky was engulfed with rain.
    Thunderstorms give her pain.
    Hopes and spirits were lost.
    She wants peace at any cost.

    There were times, she just sobbed and sobbed.
    The nights witnessed how much she was robbed.
    Everything seems to be faded and dulled.
    For it might be another sinister that hurled.

    Her sky became dull, dusky and dark.
    It all focused on her failure as mark.
    But suddenly magical vibes arouse.
    That raised her hope and will that drowsed.

    It was a rainbow to her sky.
    That regains her the vibes that dry.
    Now, she attained that lost fire.
    And serves problems as her attire.

    No, she hasn't flew yet.
    Success hasn't till now met.
    But courage is what she holds now.
    In her journey to fly her sky somehow.

    //Her journey is till now going on ,
    Let's see if she wins her sky and fly//


  • ansh_ita 51w

    #Dearestyou! ��

    You can use the above hashtag to read other parts!

    This "you" is different in every part. You won't understand. For I write for the contentment it gives me :')


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    Dearest you! (Part 7)

    And again the unknown feelings, random thoughts and undefined vibes strucked to me needs a flow through my ink.

    Yeah! You are the one whose thought is even enough to smile through this heart which is filled with endless emotions, hopes, fear, pain, notions, empathy, anger and thoughts.

    Sometimes I wonder how amidst all of this, you are able to just make me feel myself, to make me smile despite everything this heart bears, to make me feel relieved despite of the thunders in my mind whose sounds can only be heard by my soul?

    How can someone unknowingly become a sparkle in one's life whose shimmer can only be seen by the heart and soul?

    I say " How can I imbibe the peace betwixt the mess within me?" And your presence gives me my answer because you are my peace. Aren't you?


  • ansh_ita 51w


    //June 5, 2021
    8:16 pm//

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  • ansh_ita 51w

    तुम्हें जाना और खुद से अंजान हो गए।
    अब तुमसे जुदा,खुद के करीब हो गए।

  • ansh_ita 52w


    Blends emotions to my heart.
    Appends rhythm to my art.
    Seems metaphor to my soul.
    Yes, she is poetry as a whole.

    With alliteration of love and care.
    With syllables of dusky glare.
    Holds emotions so raw and pure.
    Yes, she is a poetry for sure.

    Seems words with deep meanings.
    Seeks allusion for my feelings.
    Can be the anaphora of pure essence.
    Yes, she is a poetry in my sense.

    Usual hyperbole I can see whereby.
    Benevolent idioms came across with sigh.
    Imagery of her words makes me alive.
    Yes, she is a poetry to my life.



    // May 31, 2021//
    For her❤️

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