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  • anshikainks 4h

    L I T T L E ����������������

    A glimpse of her waist ,
    through her draped black saree ,
    Tinkling of her anklets
    As she runs across the wet grass and
    Plucks a fresh petal from gulmohar
    To festoon her bun,

    Happiness to me was
    Her chappy lips and
    That mascara scattered all across
    Her eyes ,
    Her lying next to me , when I
    Woke up and resting her head
    On the bed like a foetus to her mother,

    Her insecurities about her weight
    And height , and my constant
    Teasing her ,
    Kissing her gently on the forehead
    Whenever we met ,
    I don't know what gave me joy,
    Perhaps every little thing
    That was HER /
    While she was mine

    -Anshika Mahajan ��

    #joy #wod
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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  • anshikainks 1d

    V A C A T I O N-

    I took myself out for a date , under the candy skies
    But poisoned days , for long I've been a languorous snail , with frizzy hair and not-pampered nails,

    1 .
    The salt of waves , stacked on my lips,
    As a barrier to my sadistic talk,
    Blew up in a blink of eyes,
    My sand castle built so tall,
    For it all got me to think,
    Too much to build ,
    Too little to sink;

    The pine trees and bamboo stalks,
    Standing amidst the gravels coarse ,
    Sheltering from the thoughts in winds,
    Rhyming but the little things ;

    A table laid for brandy and malt,
    Freshly-out-of-plant rose,
    And chairs but two for lovers' halt,
    I placed my soul on other to propose /

    I took me out for a little date,
    To know myself a bit more ,
    Little did I know ,
    I had so much love in store!

    -A N S H I K A . M A H A J A N
    #vacation #wod #pod
    @writersnetwork @miraquill

    Edit - Thanks WN for the like ��
    And Editors choice
    ����I m glad ;)

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  • anshikainks 3d


    Slaughtered tongues suppressing chimeras
    On the doors of broken teeth, daunt the shivers
    On the threshold of goosebumps ,
    Where the veins blemish kisses of rejections
    On the fringes of bosom , discoloured to pale;

    To choose or not to choose , I ask ,
    Subtitling my love to some words written on epitaph ,
    A grave of emotions , hushed like swallowed rhymes,
    Choking on syllables of a tattered novel,

    Something as broken as the paraphrase of an unused book ,
    I unleash my palms to rest on the irony of love ,
    Dust that forges gold , paralyzed to smut of a mutating cancerous heart,

    I untie the threads and study the embroidery of the pieces ,
    How the fabricated wodges of blood , pump everything but love !


    #heart #wod
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

    I am back y'all
    Long time no see��

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  • anshikainks 7w

    Love is just embellished hatred

    Love - Leubh ( German root )
    To desire , care ?

    Canoes of gasped desperation
    Tied themselves to drown ,
    Spurned lemans knotted their lips
    And bled the scars of wan,

    Sixty days into abysmal pretence ,
    But stagnant spines , never back,
    Hollow promises lingered on bones,
    The flesh when burnt hands ,

    Stranger roads surmounted orbs
    Wretched kisses pierced disgust ,
    Names that bleed carcasses
    And Eyes shiver from lust !


  • anshikainks 9w

    #like #wod
    @miraquill @writersnetwork #pod
    Thankyou for the repost @writersnetwork����

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    D E A T H ?

    Throbbing as a title hung on
    Wretched veins of my deciphered texts,
    The not-so-pulsating love lines,
    And a bare groove on my hand,
    Azure adieus choking brittle flesh of the screen
    Like a fresh invitation to demise,

    The quills and drafts of my unsuccessful
    Poems , raining in my body , overwhelming
    my rib cage to stop carrying me ,
    Where do I find shelter , if not in the fissures
    Of my spine ?
    My inners are lavitating on clouds,
    And they are about to shatter into shards of skin,

    The groove next to my chest was your place,
    It's pathetic you tripped over my heart and died in my arms ,
    Is that the reason I am not able to grip ink and blood ,
    As they spill into the voids of nothingness,
    Is that the reason I leave spaces in my poems,
    So that someday someone's love would fill the blanks?


  • anshikainks 10w

    He is the rhyme to my poem

    His tongue licks the vellichor
    Out of the poems I fail to write,
    When the poetries slip off my eloquence,
    His quill starts bleeding libraries of haikus;

    Upon the boulevards, where my lips
    Start losing the count of syllables ,
    His grin becomes a concrete poem
    And hands like mine are known to pen elegies;

    And where my unnoticed semicolons
    Start looking for endings to their verses,
    He pours his lines on the brims of fullstops,
    And says ,"You write well , my poetess !"


    @miraquill @writersnetwork

    #unnoticed #wod
    Thanks for the repost ��@writersnetwork

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  • anshikainks 15w

    C o l o u r l e s s but O c t o b e r

    I love tucked spectrums
    Grey scales and faded monochromes
    Caffeinated whites on camouflaged blacks
    And cloaked letters in the lap of October,

    Ceased hues and opaque vision,
    Apostrophes stitched on October's spine,
    Odourless perfumes , collarbones of narcissists,
    Allegories of broken bottles of wine,

    Glossed sins on window platters ,
    Hand made love on off shore papers ,
    Poetry from Sylvia Plath's marbles,
    October rhymed on me/

    I love October ��
    #pod #wod #start
    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    I am back :)
    Will read you guys super soonnnnnnn!

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  • anshikainks 19w

    H E ♥️

    He tastes like apricity, lifeless rain
    And unreciprocated love , with
    Daisies and bruises planted on his
    Chest like swept Pain , he smells of
    Tacenda and unsaid I -love-you's;

    Like bittersweet novels and torn
    Love letters knitted on freckles ,
    He shines as moonlit rivers on
    Dead dates ,speaking ancient romance
    And a pluviophile's diary ;

    He paints poems and mizzle songs,
    About stars and me ,but never confesses,
    Maybe he wants me to break his heart,
    So we both can be poets !
    -A N S H I K A inks
    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    #wod #senses#pod

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  • anshikainks 21w

    T Y P E W R I T E R

    Rusted radioes and washed out vintages
    Mirroring the nostalgic witnesses of first kisses,
    Out-dated playlists still on loop with my tongue
    Syncing with the lyrics,

    Sour lies pinned with needles on the stains of bed sheets, and empty wine glasses pouring almosts on the brims of last meets,

    Hung photo frames with broken glasses deciphering the in between(s) of my rhymes ,
    A pen and a paper to write on, perhaps a typewriter, to sketch the words and play pantomimes!

    #recipe #wod #pod
    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    Thank u for the repost WN����

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  • anshikainks 21w

    Promises better Unkept ��

    You promised that won't be the last goodbye,
    While you were painting sunsets on the canvas of shivered skies,
    While my fingers drew broken gypsies on the melted seashores,
    Foraging for the sand castles that got washed away to the lovers next doors;

    Under the maples whose shadows cradle inside my auburn hair ,
    And the 11.11 wishes etched on the lines of my palm like distinct constellations,
    I still cherish that we share the same Moon, the same stars and the same Universe !��


    @miraquill @writersnetwork

    I'll read you all soon. Really sorry ����

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