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  • anu_kum 18h

    Good Ol' Days

    An open patio
    Of mango trees
    Ripe with stories
    Of three beautiful
    Young ladies
    Enjoying the
    Juciest of fruits
    As peacocks danced
    In the vast gardens
    Cycling away their
    Days of youth in a
    Pool full of pets and
    Friends with not a
    Worry amongst them

  • anu_kum 1d


    A phone call
    Out of the blue
    Offering the world
    With no conditions
    Just for being herself
    Was the most precious
    Gift she ever recieved

  • anu_kum 2d

    Summer Relic

    Sunbathing in the balcony
    With a youngster's diet of
    Peanuts and buttermilk over
    Granny's lavish spread on
    Dull afternoons with a
    Dozen cousins sprawled
    Across two foldings
    Re-watching their favourite
    Movie on a small TV set
    Entertained by the
    Occasional visit of
    Their pet squirrel

  • anu_kum 3d

    Temporary Permanance

    Paint splashed across
    An empty canvas
    Open to interpretation
    Of myriad onlookers
    Who come and go
    Quicker than the
    Weather change
    But hesitate not
    To cast their
    Opinions in
    Indelible ink

  • anu_kum 4d

    Half Hearts

    Two hearts equally broken
    One plastered with a smile
    Exuding a confidence
    Hard to defeat
    The other exposing my
    Weakness through its
    Numerous scathing
    Scars reflecting
    Pain unbearable
    Together forming a
    Whole infallible

  • anu_kum 5d

    A Ship that Never Sailed

    A heart of love
    Enduring silently
    The pinch of
    A friendship
    Standing tall
    Only to pull
    Her deeper
    Into the
    Dungeon of
    Her personal hell

  • anu_kum 1w

    Fake Profile

    Hoity toity
    With the world
    Beneath their feet
    And a class show
    Which could never
    Be achieved
    Reduced to
    Their knees
    By the slightest
    Of attitude

  • anu_kum 1w

    Gold Flake

    The time of their lives
    With sleepless nights
    And morning flights
    Send shudders
    Down her spine
    For the grind
    She missed
    In the farce
    Enclosing them

  • anu_kum 1w

    Home Persona

    An attitudinal foundation
    Laid down with care
    Stumbling on confidence
    Built in a unique style
    With equal parts
    Laughter and tears
    Stood a strong building
    Everyone came home to

  • anu_kum 1w

    Let's Go Old School

    The age of simplicity
    Right before technology
    Where the physical
    Was what mattered
    And mankind spoke
    Without a device's aid
    Let's travel back
    To a time defined
    By true love and
    Jealousy was
    Not the foundation
    Of all relations