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  • anuaanvii_aaa 85w

    Its all empty inside;
    The hollow & colossal sight.
    The very Smile surges outside,
    full of life.

    The Holy Grail!
    To share opportune vibe;
    Mirror that Missy light.

    The Shine!!!

  • anuaanvii_aaa 117w


  • anuaanvii_aaa 118w

    Free Time or The Me Time.

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    It is rightly said.
    Unity has power...

    Being alone has power too..
    Very few can handle though.

    It's Beautiful to start with morning pings ,dusky coffee with pal till many a night hangout around gulping the hours..

    Contrary its irresistible opening the eyes for love yourself .. The mouthwatering bunchy talks , sipping the tea along setting sun and good night kiss to moon for mesmerizing lullaby at a very last hours.
    Although not everyone have mastered this art.

    Alone!! It’s not a feeling ,it's a place, taking constant swifts between heart n brain. The monologue of emerging best version of you, no matter what.
    And the moment one have mastered this art ,everything around turned out beautiful and the very magic starts.

  • anuaanvii_aaa 119w

    Black is her favorite..

    With Rainbow heartbeats, she possess a pot of gold in her heart...
    The rarest but real.

  • anuaanvii_aaa 119w

    All I Need is....
    A little rain,
    A cup of coffee,
    The sugary smile.
    The moonlit night;
    Thy crescent eyes.
    A lot me, The perfect time.

    I love it.
    I breathe it
    I died, seeing it alive.

  • anuaanvii_aaa 137w

    ....and even her grimy smile;
    Personify half moon at darkest night.

    #She_the colossal mystery_
    Ever shines!!

  • anuaanvii_aaa 156w

    One can make_up the words but never the feels♥️

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    I love; the you in me.
    One never in the need of words to express,
    Where heart beats with a certain name.

  • anuaanvii_aaa 157w

    Borrowed line.. deep interpretation..

    Yes time flies...;)

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    He was my cup of tea,
    Now I love coffee...

  • anuaanvii_aaa 157w

    One more evenings passed by,
    Moisten scars kissed the colossal night,
    Yes it too had survived.
    It’s not about you, I or whatever they see…
    It's about the one, who imprint glimpses of Glee.
    Last night I met with her at solitude,
    And morning sunshine was her epitome.
    How abruptly one can switch into role-play
    Really a being or the modeling clay?
    A caged soul layered with free spirit;
    Clear conscience and future bright.
    You in me. Or you made yourself mine...

  • anuaanvii_aaa 158w

    The gloomy murk outside, so was inside,
    In search of light,
    Stumbled across with inner heart;
    My my! Ember it was..
    So warm, ever up to ignite,
    _Love at first sight.