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  • anuja_jayakumar 22w

    Epiphany from Rain drops

    Gazing through the window,witnessing the countryside
    A harsh and violent wind striking through the sky
    Lifted the settled soil and left it disturbed
    The window glass heavy with dust
    Opponent side being completely opaque
    Cruelty of wind hit the hefty clouds
    The rain showering in a happy humor
    Pearly rain drops, as clear as mom's love
    Wiped the glass making it transparent
    Analogizing the dust to my negativity
    That never allows to develop
    And the clear rain drops to my will power
    The rain drops clearing the dust,
    So as my determination wiping my negative vibes
    Letting me see the other side

  • anuja_jayakumar 22w

    (A form of Kwansaba)

    Colored clothes,bright light form a festive
    Close one's joining for joy and kind
    But now people let slip the legacy
    Being mislead by western culture, failing ours
    Nations having its own way of customs
    We blindly forget and follow uncalled-for
    Reclaim and respect the legacy as before!

  • anuja_jayakumar 22w

    #mirror #wod
    The world can find many flaws but follow what your mind and heart
    Success will be on your way. You can find yourself better than before!

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    The Lost Me

    When I see myself in mirror , I see me as a kid
    Where I used to be bold and energetic
    But now being young , becoming a coward
    World around has prisoned me with many myths
    Fear of disappointment, fear of being alone

    I see the society being more selective
    Cheering their close ones
    Denial and rejections as a part of life
    As a kid ,leading a blind and brave life
    Without knowing the future devastations

    People concentrating more on our flaws
    But not the struggles
    When I see myself in mirror, I see the scars
    That are left behind by others
    The inner me crying for help, for all dishonor and guilt

    I see the lost me, waking me up and asking me
    To come out of all unpleasant state
    Makes me clear that all worries are temporary
    When I see myself in mirror , for the next time
    Will have my face glowing ,scars being removed!


  • anuja_jayakumar 23w

    Black Hood Man

    Unlit , dusky night a dark moon night
    The roads completely deserted , a dim light in distance
    I found myself amidst the darkness
    Far away heard a difficult footsteps
    A black hood tauntered figure nearing me,
    Running at a high speed , moving next to a swing
    The wooden swing swinging by itself , stopped it forcefully
    Sat in it,for my rest knowing I'm faraway from him
    The swing being slow for a while, started to swing heavily
    The black hood man standing right behind
    Fear striking me to the fullest , not knowing anything to do
    An odd music ringing near my ears
    A bizarre atmosphere , a dampness in my face
    Actuality struck that being a nightmare !!

  • anuja_jayakumar 23w

    A Young Girl's Nostalgy

    He, holding her hands firmly
    Making her more comfortable and warm
    Her tears rolled down her rosy cheeks
    She, yondering the moments seeing her little pram
    As she walked through it
    She came across her three wheeled cycle
    That helped her to love rides
    She seeing her favorite pinkish bicycle
    With which she learned to balance all
    Remembering her chaos with Mom
    Her eyes glistened
    Also reminded her father's support
    She came through her pretty giant room
    More cozy and warm
    The walls bore her infant scribbles considered as drawings
    Her walls and cupboard pasted with rockstars posters
    Took her back to school days of likes and dislikes
    Then her pictures that hanged
    All these made her weep
    Reality struck her , found her partner's hand in her's
    Standing with mixed emotions of nostalgia
    She found her family bidding farewell after her wedding!

  • anuja_jayakumar 23w

    Missing someone

    Me gazing out my window like a prisoner indeed
    The Sun beaming above my head
    Showing warmth towards Earth
    Mountains! Trying to bring out its Clouds
    The wind blowing the trees out ,to cast its love
    Everything has its own preference in showing its love
    But mine!
    The only love which hangs on is my Soul
    The only poor thing that weeps for me
    Just like traffic my mind congested
    There it is vehicles and here memories
    Full of memories!
    Perhaps!don't know where it takes me
    Cluster of thoughts that glistened by eyes
    Still with hope awaiting to see
    Birds chirping reminds me of
    Those funny tough talks and unnecessary quarrels
    Where with wide eyes I watch
    The clouds coming forward to shed its tears
    So as I standing behind the bars shedding mine too!
    The pretty bright sun which glazed few minutes ago
    Is completely behind clouds
    Will I ever see the Sun again?
    Would it bring my happiness back?
    I gave grin to my loneliness and
    Said "I adore your friendship"
    Time is the only master knowing where I will stand
    The only thing I could do is just hear the ticking sound and Enjoy my loneliness
    I'm missing someone in life
    The one who was in my success
    The one who adored me
    One who cared for me!

  • anuja_jayakumar 23w

    #joy #wod

    My heartfelt thanks to @dusky_dawn and @childauthor_345 for repost❤❤

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    Joy Everyday

    Day breaks with a hot caramel coffee
    The aroma makes me blush
    Seems to say "Have a great day ahead"
    Full of positivity and the day begins
    Every little happening
    Makes me delighted
    The food that I consume, where many suffer hunger
    The work that I do , as many are idle
    In doing my passion , where some are confined to situations
    When seeing a humanitarian act
    And I'm to do it, Aww! That's more joyous
    Look closer ! You have happiness everywhere
    Be joyous within
    And thus joy hits you everyday!

  • anuja_jayakumar 23w

    A Hot Summer Day

    A fine morning , me unusually off my bed
    Hurrying and packing things
    Summer suits ,hats and sandwiches
    Form a part in my bag
    A voice came out loud
    "Don't forget the frisbee"
    That was none, my brother
    Being set for my trip
    We were all in summer suits
    Reaching the beach ,excited and thrilled
    To begin with ,the waves that threw us around
    Gave a whirlly twirlly spin
    Sun bath where the Sun was sharp and
    Hit us with its blaze
    Next was the hunt for shells and crab
    Where count matters a lot
    Sand castle of course our first dream house
    The castle that has our own tastes
    By sun above my head ,munched my veggie sandwich
    Then our frisbee battle started
    The potential to show our throw and catch powers
    By dusk returning home with full enthusiasm
    The most satisfiable summer day!

  • anuja_jayakumar 23w

    #mom's love

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    Is this all enough ?

    Dark outside ,the night with thunderstorm
    Me, under my blankets trembling with dread
    There was one hand to make me calm
    Amidst all agony the hand that embraced me
    The hand that taught me to balance
    A hug by the hands would make all impossible ,possible
    The hand that caught my hand when I fell
    Inspite of hunger the hands that never failed to feed
    Me, coming for week offs
    Poor little hands that still serve
    Without a day's off
    The hands that supported me
    And gave me thumbs up to succeed
    Is this all enough to show my love , Ma?

  • anuja_jayakumar 23w

    The Great Artist

    A shiny morning,orange and red flavored Sun
    Blazing in the beds of blue Sky
    Angelic mounts of white clouds trying to hide the Shiny sun
    Pitch dark trees waving to show its gorgeous green
    Birds chirping for its new morning
    Having different high hues
    Blushy blossoms contrast to the yellow green texture
    Looks fresh after shower in transparent dues
    Peaks that show blue streaks
    Seems to show its majestic attire above all heads
    The browny soil makes me ponder
    The Mother Earth being a brunette woman
    Astonishing colors that blend the nature
    The Art that can never be retained in a gallery
    And the Great Artist is beyond vision
    Who can only be seen through his paints