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  • anuragini___dal 52w

    Whenever you feel low just remember the one who created you will never leave you , no matter how many people have left you before. He is with you forever and he will never leave you unloved, he will never leave you in pain.
    He loves you and that is enough.
    Loving almighty is greatest of all romances.
    We love because he loved us first.
    #jesus #godlove #pod @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    My rock

    Jesus loves me! This I know,
    For the Bible tells me so;
    Little ones to Him belong;
    They are weak, but He is strong.

  • anuragini___dal 54w

    Little more

    Laugh little more.
    Dance little more.
    Life is beautiful,
    Enjoy it little more.
    Groove on your beat little more.
    Twirl little more.
    It is your life ,
    Love it little more.
    Roam little more.
    Enjoy the rain little more.
    It’s your life,
    Live it little more.
    Do what you love little more.
    You are the sunshine,
    Be happy little more.

  • anuragini___dal 61w

    Life is not always the same as I expected it to be.
    People are not the same as I thought they would be.
    Life changed ,so world around me changed.
    It all happened so fast, that I didn't get the time to understand
    Was it me or my life that changed?
    May be the world changed for me to change.

  • anuragini___dal 66w


    Self-love is not selfish it is important.
    Taking care of yourself is important.
    Putting yourself first is important.
    You are important .
    Don't let yourself down .

  • anuragini___dal 73w

    You never said goodbye.
    You never said you are leaving.
    You were gone , before I realise.
    And only God knew why.

    Thousands of time I needed you .
    Thousands of time I cried.
    If love was enough to save you
    You would have never died .

    I love you ,love you still and love you forever.
    I miss you , miss you every day.
    Now that you are not with me
    You didn't went alone
    A part of me went with you,
    When God welcomed you in his pretty home.

    We will meet again, when the time is right.
    Meet me at the rainbow.
    Hold my hand and walk with me into the light.
    -anuragini dal

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    Grandma ❤️

  • anuragini___dal 77w

    Love that never fades.
    Heart that never forgets
    And the soul that's never apart.

  • anuragini___dal 80w


  • anuragini___dal 83w

    What is inner peace for you ?

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    - a treat to my soul.
    - a solace

  • anuragini___dal 87w

    Let's come close to nature .
    Let's start loving nature .
    Let's experience the real love.
    Let's start caring and
    Let nature take care of us.
    Let's learn the true meaning of life .
    Let's come close to nature.

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  • anuragini___dal 88w

    Iam at that stage of my life if someone wants to leave me I would rather give him a farewell hug rather to convince to stay.

    (No energy left )