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  • anusha_sharma21 74w

    Hello everyone ���� so here is the next part �� I hope you like it ������ I hope you are loving the story �� I am trying my best to make it look realistic ��

    "Look," he says after a couple of minutes of chitchat, I've got this party at my house on Friday night. It's my birthday!"
    "Your birthday!! Wow!!" As I shout in excitement.
    "Shut up. Can you...can you come?"
    "Obviously! I always come."
    "But this time Adam is not there that's why. I thought you will deny!!"
    "Shut up! Don't talk nonsense. I'm your friend, why will I deny."
    "That's like Kiara!!"
    "Can Simone and Eileen come too?"
    "Yeah, sure, of course. I was going to ask them anyway."
    "You, Simone, Eileen and Robin. Done!!"
    "What? Robin too!!"
    "Ahh!! Are you still angry? Don't be."
    "Nahh!! I'm thinking how can you both become good friends?" I said narrowing my eyes.
    "Don't see me like this."
    "Mm... Fine!! I'm still angry from him. Really?? Like he helped Clarie??"
    "That's fine!! He is new student. He don't know about Clarie!!"
    "Huh!! Fine. You won this conversation."
    "Finally!! I made one. After a long time!!"
    "Don't be happy!!"
    "As you wish!! My master."
    "Umm... Stop calling me that!! I hate it."

    I called Simone after reaching home.
    "Hey! What's up."
    "What is it? Busy bee!!"
    "Ahh!! Sorry! I'm busy because of debate competition!!"
    "Fine!! What is it about??"
    "Ohh yes!! Are you free this friday?"
    "Why! Anything special?"
    "Yupp!! It's Josh's birthday. You are invited too! You have to come. You can't deny."
    "Josh! Ummm... Ok!! I will come."
    Almost every weekend somebody throws a party. I'm usually invited and I've been to a couple but to be honest it's not much fun if you don't drink. Simone hates them because finding something something to wear is her nightmare and then spend the night thinking everybody making fun of her. I don't really think I'm going to fit in very well. Since, these days I've been eating a lot. But then again, it's Josh's party.
    "Have to ask mum about it!!"
    "Why? She will deny!!"
    "Nahh!! Nothing like that. About timings!!!"
    "Ohh!! Me too."
    "So, your mum's ok being taxi driver?"
    "Oh sure!! No big deal."

    On Friday Simone comes to pick me up. When we reached there everyone were already there. Eileen and Robin too!!
    "Heyy!! Tia's here." Simone says pointing at her.
    "Ahh!! She is a headache. Ignore her."
    Simone and I walk through the crowd. There are lots of other people we don't recognise hanging around, huddled together, dancing, laughing, gossiping and drinking. Everybody's divided up into their status group. The cool group, the good-looking group, the shy group etc.
    "Why is everybody staring?" Eileen asks us.
    "It's obvious, isn't it?" Simone and I say in unison. We all stare at each other in surprise and then burst out laughing.

    I saw Josh coming towards us. He's beside us in a moment and we all have s bit of laugh and small talk.
    "So are you having fun?"
    "We just got here." I said.
    "But the atmosphere is pretty cool." Eileen says.
    "How about you, Simone?"
    "Great!!" She says shyly. .
    Somebody calls out to him and he looks disappointed.
    "I'll come by soon. Don't go anywhere!"

    Eileen slings her arm around Simone's shoulder.
    "Huhh!! I believe somebody well and truly has a crush on you."
    "Most definitely! The way he looks a you." I said giggling her.
    "I feel hot. I need a coke." She said as a way of avoiding us.
    "Okk!! Fine. Let me grab one for you." Eileen says.
    "Josh's looking for you." Eileen tells when she returns.
    "Nahh!! For Simone." She says.
    "Where is he?" Simone asks.
    "He's been walking around asking people where you are. You're kind of hidden here, don't you think?"

    While we were talking Josh appears before us. Simone smiles sheepishly at him.
    "Simone, I wanna talk to you about something!!"
    "Yehh!! Sure."
    "Can I speak to you alone?" He asks Simone and Simone stare back at him in surprise.
    "Yeah! Ok"

    They both went quite far that we can't even see them.
    "I've been looking all over for you."
    "Have you?"
    "Yep. So! Are you having fun?"
    "Me? Yeah...Sure I am. Cool party."
    "So... I wanted to talk to you about something really important. Like it's about something I want to tell you. I mean...."
    "What? What is it? Please be comfortable with me!!"
    "Yeah!! So here the thing is actually I....."

    To be continued.....

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    My Bossy Girl

    Part 19

  • anusha_sharma21 75w

    Pamper your angelic soul,
    Buy yourself a boutique of rose,
    Tie a silky ribbon in your hair
    And spritz your favourite perfume.
    Live your fairytale
    Spread Wings and let your
    Light shine brightly.

  • anusha_sharma21 78w

    Gazing out the window
    Snow falls gently on ground,
    We look around in wonder
    There's not a single sound.
    The house is warm and cosy
    The holiday is near,
    The family is excited and
    Filled with Christmas cheer.
    We'd like to take a moment
    And send these thoughts to you...
    MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone
    And a HAPPY NEW YEAR too!!


    A recipe for a merry Christmas~

    A dash of JOY mixed with ��
    A touch of PEACE ��️

    A pinch of MAGIC ✨
    And stir with HOPE��

    Garnish with LOVE��
    Have a wonderful HOLIDAY��


    Merry Christmas to my mirakee family ��
    I hope this festive season brings a lot of happiness�� and fill your life with love and joy❤️��

    Wishing you and your family peace, health, happiness and prosperity in the coming year.
    ❤️❤️Merry Christmas ����

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    Twinkle Twinkle,
    Christmas lights,
    Lighting up December nights.
    Red and yellow
    Orange and Blue
    Making such a lovely view.
    Twinkle Twinkle
    Christmas lights
    Lighting up December nights.

  • anusha_sharma21 78w

    She smiled softly but this time it was different
    Her face smiled but her eyes didn't.
    The smile left her eyes.

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    She smiled softly but this time it was different.
    Her face smiled but her eyes didn't
    The smile left her eyes.

  • anusha_sharma21 79w

    So here is the next part �� I hope you like it �� it's kinda short���� because I didn't had any idea

    While we were talking someone opened the door. It was Lara, my senior.
    "Lara!! I was talking about you right now!!" I said happily, hugging her.
    "Lara!!" She said narrowing her eyes.
    "I mean Senior Lara."
    "No problem!! You can call me Lara. You are my favorite junior!"
    "Ahh!! I know. You don't need to tell me."
    "Umm... Why did you fight with Clarie??"
    "Mmm.. you got to know about it!! She is the one who mess with me."
    "Okk! Fine. Let's talk about debate competition!! Ms Walsh told me to take care of it."
    "Yupp!! Let's see!!"
    "What if we call every student who is in. And take individual practice that will be helpful for us."
    "Yehh!! Great idea Lara!!" Senior Sam says.

    It's been a week, me and Robin didn't talk. It's not that I'm angry, it's because I'm busy with the debate competition. In English Mr Pearse announces the teams for the last two debating rounds. So far our Year Eleven team have won two out of three debates. I'm teamed up with Tracy and Josh and our names are down for the last debate, which is at the beginning of November, about a month away. Clarie, Rita and Martin are competing in the fourth round. I peek a glance at Tia. She is pouting angrily at Clarie and Rita.
    Josh, Tracy and I meet up at lunch time to start preparing our debate because we want to get it all out of the way so we're left to kill ourselves over our end-of-year exams when they come up. After 15 minutes, we finally end up discussing the debate and start preparing our speeches. Tracy and I get into about fifty-five arguments about the team line-up and theme until Josh tells us to shut up.
    Each of us has a practice run and we boss each other around with hints and tips until we've all pretty much established that we think we're top and know what we're on about.

    "Let's go to homeroom. Senior might be their. We must ask their opinion on this." I said as three of us are done!!
    "Yuppss!! Let's go." Both of them agreed.
    When we went Lara was already there.
    "Hey Girl!! Prepared everything." She asks me.
    "Yupps! Almost. Take my practice one time and tell me where I need to correct!!"
    "Yehh!! Sure. Three of you come one by one."
    We play rock-paper-scissors. Josh goes first, Tracy second and me last.
    "Ahh!! Why me. I always go last."
    " No problem!! You will get more time to prepare." Josh said.

    After Tracy and Josh are finished with their practice, now it's my turn.
    "Let's go!! Prepared everything." Lara asks.
    "Yupp!! Gonna rock!!'
    After she takes my practice and corrects me, we sit on the bench tired.
    "Ahh!! What a busy day!! I'm tired."
    "Yehh!! Kiara. It's too much."
    "I have no energy to do anything." I said leaping my head on the desk.
    "Yehh!! What to do?"
    "Let's sleep!! It's the best option."
    "What if Ms Walsh comes."
    "Ahh!! Don't mention her. I want to sleep."

    Me and Lara slept almost for two periods around 1 hour. When we wake up we saw senior Sam in front of us.
    "Had a good sleep!!"
    "Mmm... Feeling really good." I said with half opened eyes.
    "Then what next!! Anything left? Practice done!!"
    "Done!! Everything ready."
    "It's our last year." Senior Lara said.
    "Mmm... I'm sad. I won't be able to see you anymore in the school."
    "Yehh!! Me too. That small girl who came to me asking for an extra pencil!!"
    "Ahh!! That happened when I was in UKG. After that we became good friends."
    "Mmm... What about me?" Senior Sam asks.
    "Ahh!! You? I don't really remember!!"
    "Umm.. You forgot the most important person in your life!!"
    "Ahh!! We first met when I was in 1st standard and spill the water colour on you while going to art class and...."
    "Fine!! Don't mention more. Now you remember!! We became friends after that."
    "Yehh!! I'm a social butterfly!! Make friends easily but selective at the same time."
    "That's what I like about you is." Senior Sam says.

    While we were talking Josh comes inside.
    "Don't wanna come??"
    "For what?? Where??"
    "Legal class!! Forget."
    "Yehh!! Coming. Thanks. Nonetheless, sir will kill me!!"

    Josh asks me out of last period as we walk to legal class.
    "Look," .....
    To be continued......

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    My Bossy Girl

    Part 18

  • anusha_sharma21 79w

    Hello everyone ���� so here is the next part ���� I hope you like it ���� lots of hugs and kisses ����

    "You better be good with me." I was going to slap her when someone grabbed my hand.
    "Leave my hand." When I turned back it was Robin.
    "What are you doing? Why are you slapping her?"
    "Robin stay out of it."
    "Why are you doing this? Bullying?"
    "Bullying? Are you crazy? From now, don't you dare talk to me." I shouted loudly.
    "Kiara!! Don't say something like this."
    "Tracy, let's go. Others might be waiting for us. Debate competition is near."

    Conversation between Robin and Eileen.
    "Why is she angry? What she was doing is wrong."
    "Huh! Robin she was not going to slap her anyway."
    "But.. why no one was saying anything. If I had not come, then the fight would have been large."
    "Umm.... Because everyone know what type of person Claire is. I guess, Kiara would be angry by what you did today."
    "Mmm... Before starting only everything ended."
    "Can't do anything!! I said you, not to interfere in her matters."
    "Ahhh!! Why? Why I did this?"
    "Can't do anything! She won't talk to you aleast for 1 week."
    "What? One week?? Why??"
    "Huh!! Why you are asking me. You are the one at fault. You made her angry!!"
    "By the way, can you tell me 8th standard incident."
    "Why? It's nothing interesting to discuss."
    "Why everyone is saying this only. I asked Kiara she said the same thing."
    "Actually, even if if tell you, nothing will change between you two. Aleast for now."
    "I know! But still, I want to know."
    "It happened during inter-school drawing compition. All of us were preparing for it. That day Kiara was the last person to leave the art room. Ms Walsh told Kiara to keep her favourite vase on the table..."
    "What happened next?"
    "Next day the vase was found broken. Since, Kiara was the last person to leave. Ms Walsh blamed her for this. She was told to run 5 rounds of ground."
    "What? 5 rounds? That too of McCleans!!"
    "Ahh! Don't interfere. Let me complete. She did it but because of that she got shoe bite, her feets were swollen up. She didn't come to school for almost 2 week."
    "She really did that?"
    "Nahh!! It was Clarie. She hates Kiara. No doubt! Ahh! Where I was?"
    "You said Clarie broke the vase."
    "Yes!! All the students of our class gave a combined letter to Ms Walsh requesting to check the cctv footage. Later, we got to know that it was Clarie not Kiara who broke the vase. After that neither Ms Walsh nor kaira talked with each other."
    "Ahhh!! This Clarie. Wasn't she punished?"
    "Huh! She was suspended for 2 months."
    "Nice!! She deserves it."
    "Then why you helped her today?"
    "I was not knowing about it!!"

    Josh doesn't stop nagging Simone about putting her name down for the debating team. Friday is the last day before the list will be taken down and teams formed.
    "Josh, get over it will you?" She said in a harassed tone, as she walks beside me and Eileen on our way to class.
    "Guys, please. Can't you shut your mouth. And what's your obsession with her being on the team?" I shouted badly on Josh.
    "Okk!! Fine, Kiara. Don't be like this."
    "Ahh!! I'm sorry. I'm in a bad mood from the morning." I apologized Josh.

    After recess, me and Josh went to Senior Sam.
    "What's with the debate? Are you guys ready for it!" He asks both of us.
    "Ahh!! No. The only people who have signed up who can actually put a decent performance on are Josh, Martin, Tracy and me. Otherwise, we're stuck with Tia and Clarie. Now I know Claire's just doing it because of Tia is, and I have it on good authority that Tia's only signed up because she's got hots for Josh and thinks this will bring them closer together. That all!" I said Senior.
    "Ummm... No problem! Talk to Lara, she might help you." Lara is my Senior, Year Twelve.
    "She is my last hope. Let's see! I will talk to her afterwards."
    While we were talking someone opened the door.....
    To be continued.......

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    My Bossy Girl

    Part 17

  • anusha_sharma21 80w

    Hello everyone ���� so here is the next part ���� I hope you like it ������ lots of hugs and kisses������❤️ It's kinda big �� I hope you like the fight scene �� I tried hard to make it look realistic.��

    "But I don't know. I joined school this year. Please tell me."
    "Umm... I don't think it's important for you to know!! It's nothing interesting to discuss." I shouted.

    While we were talking, door bell rings...
    "We're back dear!!" Mum and dad were home.
    "Welcome back Mum and dad!!"
    "Ohh!! Robin? You are here? Where is Olivia?"
    "Actually I came here for studying with Kiara. So, Mum dropped me here. she might be coming."
    "No problem!! It's all fine."

    After 25 minutes Aunt Olivia comes to pick Robin.
    "Good evening auntie!! Please come in."
    "Your mum and dad are home."
    "Yehh!! They are."
    "Ohh!! Olivia. Come, let's have some tea." My mum says.
    Me and Robin went to back yard.
    "Why can't you tell me?" He asks.
    "Robin, not everything needed to be discussed." I said angrily.
    "Okk!! Fine. I won't force you!!"

    When I entered the class, Eileen was not in the class.
    "Kristy!! Where is Eileen?"
    "She didn't come till now!"
    "Ok! Thanks. How it's going with you?"
    "I'm really good. By the way, Kiara! You said you are in debate competition."
    "Yeh! I'm. Ms Walsh asked me."
    "What? Is everything fine between both of you??"
    "Nahh!! Even I can't understand why she asked me personally. By the way, why don't you join us in the debate competition."
    "Ummm... No! I don't want to. I'm not good at this."
    "Please!!! I'm requesting you for the first time."
    "What? First time? You forgot everything!!"
    "Ummm.. it's nothing like this. I still remember everything moment we spent together."
    "Yeh! Me too. Just because of some misunderstanding!! My mum and dad told me not to talk to you."
    "That's fine. We are still good friends. I promised you that I will be always there for you! In your good days and bad days. Remember it!!"
    "Ummm... I know my Kiara very well. Once, we were best friends, but because of some misunderstanding between you and Mum made both of us separate."
    "Awww!! My sweet chocolate!! I was, I am and I will always be your friend."
    "You still remember my nickname!"
    "How can I forget my favourite chocolate."

    While we were talking, Eileen came.
    "What's up! You're late today!!"
    "Umm... I woke up late!" She said shyly.
    "No problem! My sleeping beauty^_^" while we were talking I saw Claire Foster coming towards me.
    "What's up! Kiara."
    "What's with you? Why you always interrupt others conversation? How can I forget...."
    "You! I'm telling you. Don't you dare mess with me."
    "What? What did you just say? Mess with you."
    "Didn't you forget 8th standard incident!! 5 rounds of ground??"
    "I'm telling you, beware of me. From now, your bad time starts again. I thought you learned after the...."
    "Shut up! Never mention it again!"
    "Why? It hurts. Aww!! Clarie is scared. Don't forget, I can still make you cry like before."
    "You.... You are same. Your attitude never changed."
    "And it will never. And from now be aware of me. I can be bad as hell. You remember it I guess!"
    "Don't you mention it again!" She said pushing me.
    "What happened? Are you sacred? You should be." I said grabbing her hair.
    "Leave my hair! It's hurting."
    "Ohh!! It's hurting. So sad, but I won't. You know me very well. Even though you still have guts to fight with me."
    "Kiara! I'm going to slap you." She shouted.
    "What will you do? You want to slap me? Slap me!! Just do it. But remember the consequences!!"
    "I won't leave you." She said trying to slap me.
    "What are you going to do? Wanna slap me." I said holding her hand backside.
    "Kiara! You are going too far."
    "You better be good with me." I was going to slap her when someone grabbed my hand.

    To be continued.......

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    My Bossy Girl

    Part 16

  • anusha_sharma21 80w

    Here is the awaiting next part �� I hope you like it ���� love you a lot ����

    While we were studying my phone rings. It was from Yasmeen.
    "What's up Girl!! Everything fine?" She asks me.
    "Umm.. Till now everything fine!!"
    "What do you mean by 'till now' anything happened?"
    "Nahh!! Nothing like this. Actually, Ms Walsh called me today. She asked me personally to participate in the debate competition. So, I'm quite confused as she never asked me for anything after the 8th standard incident."
    "That's obvious. She still thinks that you are wrong. Don't take tension. What are you doing right now."
    "Studying! What else can I do? That too with Robin!!" I make a bad face in front of Robin.
    "Okk!! Then study call you later. See you soon!!"

    When the phone hangs, Robin sees me narrowing his eyes.
    "What happened? Why are you seeing me like this??"
    "Why did you make a face while you were telling her about me."
    "Ahh!! That. That's my wish, whatever I want to do."
    "You are... Nothing."
    "What do you mean? By the way, you came here to study, then study." I said angrily.
    "May I ask you one question? Don't say no!"
    "Mmmm... Ask!"
    "Adam is your best friend and he is not with you. That's why you are sad everytime!!"
    "Ummm... Who said this."
    "Eileen told me about this. But can you promise me one thing."
    "What is it? Don't ask any nonsense."
    "Please make me your friend. I promise I won't make you angry."
    "Ummm... What happened to you? Why are you asking me this? You are already my friend."
    "You think me as your friend? I thought you didn't!!"
    "You are unpredictable. No one can understand you. Want to have chocolate?"
    "Yumm... Yeh!"
    "Aishhh!! Don't make a face like dog."
    When I came back from kitchen. I saw that there were no books on study table where we were studying.
    "Why did you pack up! Don't want to study more?"
    "Ahh!! It's too much for me. Done for the day. Let's eat chocolate."
    "Umm... Take it. It's dark chocolate but it is bitter." I said warning him.
    "Ohhh!! It taste so bad. It's bitter!!"
    "I said you. You didn't listen to me."
    "Bring me something sweet. Fast!!"
    "Aishh!! Wait a bit." I went to kitchen and brought an ice cream.
    "Have it. Idiot brat!!"
    "Now it feels so good. You really have a bad taste!!" He said shouting on me.
    "You idiot! Don't blame me. And why are you shouting on me. I warned you. And talking about my choice then I have a good taste of things." I said angrily.
    "Umm... Sorry. Calm down, I'm sorry."
    "Stupid brat!! Now have ice cream nonetheless it will melt down."
    "By the way, what happened between you and Ms Walsh? That 8th standard incident?? What is it?? Tell me I won't tell anyone!!"
    "What do you mean by not going to tell anyone. Everyone in the school know about it!!"
    "Oh!! But I don't know. I joined school this year only. Please tell me."
    To be continued.......

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    My Bossy Girl

    Part 15

  • anusha_sharma21 81w

    So here is the next part �� I hope you like it ���� it's kinda big �� please read it full ����

    The whole way I was tensed. When I eventually arrive at the office I saw her secretary, Mrs Duckely.
    "You are here. What took so long to come here? She is waiting inside."

    When I open the door I enter a large room filled with Beautiful mahogany furnishings and plush armchairs. The burgundy walls are decorated with massive portraits of earlier principals and framed photographs of past year Twelve classes. Trophies line the floor to the celing shelves.
    Ms Walsh is seated at her desk, her head down as she continues writing. She motions at me to take a seat on the plain chair beside desk. She does this without looking up. I tiptoe across to the chair, then sit down on the edge. After half a minute she Stops writing.
    "There is a inter-school debating competition. I guess Mr Pearse might have told you."
    "Ahemm!! I don't know about it. It's Mr Pearse class going on right now."
    She looks uncomfortable and leans back in her leather chair.
    "Are you going to participate? I would be happy if you participate."
    "Umm... I'm happy to hear it, that you want me to participate. If you want then I will."
    "Good! I knew you will. I guess you are not that naughty, mischievous and arrogant kiara I know."
    "Yehh!! I want to focus on my studies. And I was not mischievous before too!! I'm sorry to speak but why do you think of me in that way. I know you are angry from me but it's a misunderstanding...."
    "Ahemm!! You may go now!! Let's not talk about past things. Here you go. Now have a wonderful day and I will speak to you soon."

    I end up entering English with everybody comfortably seated. I close the door behind me, lines of faces staring up at me from their desks. Mr Pearse is standing at the front of the class. His eyebrows are raised and his hands folded across his chest, he taps his fingers against his arms impatiently.
    "Kiara! Do you want to take part in debating competition?"
    "Umm.. I already had a chat with Ms Walsh. I'm in." I said hesitating.

    I reached home around three o'clock. I went to kitchen to have some food as I was too tired.The door bell rings. I went to open the door. The person continuously rang the bell.
    "Ahh!! Don't you have patience!! Rude brat!!"
    When I opened the door I saw Aunt Olivia.
    "Umm... Good evening auntie!"
    "Good evening! To whom you were calling rude brat??"
    "Nothing auntie. I was on the call with Josh. I was saying it to him."
    "No problem! You both study now. I'll come to pick you around seven o'clock."
    "Yeh!! Mom. Not to hurry you can come as you are comfortable." Robin says.
    I saw Mrs Vaselli standing outside while we were talking.
    "Hi! Mrs Vaselli." I wavy at her. But this time she didn't ignore me but gave me a smile.
    "What happened to her? She is sick?" I was talking to myself.
    "Oyee!! Let's go inside." Robin says me.
    "Mmmm.. get in!"
    "So, what are we going to study today??" He asks joyfully.
    "What is going on in your mind? Why you want to study with me?"
    "Ahh!! Don't be like this. You only said that you are good at studies that's why!! I thought if I study with you I will score good."
    "Okk!! If you don't get good marks then don't blame me." I said angrily.
    We went to my room. While I was taking out my books I was Robin sitting quietly on the bed.
    "Something happened to you? Are you sad? Anything is bothering you?" I asked suspiciously.
    "Nothing like that! Why are you asking me this?"
    "You look so quiet today that's why? You always bark around but today you are sitting silently."
    "Ohh!! Nothing like this."
    While we were studying my phone rings.....
    To be continued............

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    My Bossy Girl

    Part 14

  • anusha_sharma21 81w

    Hello everyone ���� So here is the next part �� I hope you like it ����

    When we were coming out I saw Robin.
    "Why are you here?" Eileen asks.
    "Umm... Since Mr Pieper is absent. So our this period is free."
    "Ok! But why you are standing here in front of girl's washroom?" Eileen asks suspiciously.
    "Umm... I was waiting for you guys. I have no friend in the class that's why."
    "Fine! You can join us!"
    "Kiara, you are ok if I join you guys!"
    "Huh! Ok fine! It has nothing to do with me. You can join us." I said giving a boring look.
    "Why you always talk to me like this? I changed myself for you...?" While we were talking Kristy came running towards us.
    "Kiara! Come with me I have to talk to you about something it's really important! But I want to talk to you alone."
    "Umm... Coming! What happened? Both of you I'm going for sometime. See you after this period.'

    After I went Eileen and Robin were talking to each other. Conversation between Robin and Eileen.
    "What did you just say?" Eileen asks suspiciously.
    "Umm... About what?" Robin replied.
    "That you changed yourself for Kiara!"
    "It's nothing like this. In just flow I said it. I didn't really mean it."
    "You liar! You like kaira right!!"
    "Mmmm.. yehh!! Somehow!"
    "What do you mean by somehow?" Eileen replied angrily.
    "Ok! I like her. Fully from head to toe. That's what you wanted to hear."
    "Mmmm.. when are you going to tell this to her?"
    "Actually, I don't know. Her behaviour scares me! Like the way she talks to me it feel like she is going to kill me."
    "Ahh!! Stupid. Let me think!! I have an idea. I will help you."
    "Really! So sweet of you"
    "Umm... By the way, when you started liking her?"
    "Umm.. when I first saw her in our class when our sections were different. Back then I thought it was because of her looks. But when I went to her home then I got to know that I like her not for her looks but because of her behaviour. She is quite arrogant but is kind hearted.'
    "Ohh!! My. What is it? But how can I believe that you really like Kiara? First show me that you really like her than only I will help you."
    "Okk!! I will show you starting from today only."

    During recess, Eileen and me adding Simone were sitting under a tree since it was too sunny.
    "Ahh!! What a sunny day!" Eileen said wiping her sweat.
    "Umm... It is. Can't do anything!" Simone said.
    "So what's happening in the class? Everything fine, like Tia Thoms don't bother you."
    "Yehh!! She don't do anything as such. But she sticks to Josh a lot. I don't like it."
    "It means you are jealous. You like Josh? Don't you?"
    Eileen said tickling.
    "Ummm... It's nothing like this. I mean not exactly."
    "What do you mean by not exactly?"
    "Ok! I like Josh. But I don't know what he thinks of me." Simone started bragging about it.

    While we were talking I saw Josh and Robin coming towards us.
    "Hello everyone! How it's going in class?" Josh said pointing me and Elieen.
    "Huh!! Nothing! Will get to know it after our exam how it is going!!"
    "Why? After exams?" Robin asks suspiciously.
    "After exams I will know that I am good at studies or not! I mean that William is better than me or not!!" I said giving a sigh.
    "Robin what happened to you? You are talking to Kiara sweetly?" Simone asks.
    "Nothing like that!! What will happen to me. I asked her casually."
    "Huh!! Whatever. Doesn't really matter!! If he changes or not!!" I said giving a boring look.
    "Kiara! Please don't act like this. I'm not that type of person you think, like a rude boy or anything?"
    "Fine! Got you. Don't bother me now!!"

    After recess, it was Mr Pearse's period. In between his lecture one girl comes inside.
    "Good afternoon sir, sorry to disturb you. But, Ms Walsh is calling Kiara right now in her office." The girl says.
    "Kiara, you can go." Mr Pearse says.
    The whole way to her office I was tensed. When I opened the door I saw......
    To be continued.......

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