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  • aparajitayograj 34w

    The war may end, but it will always leave its casualties. The toxic relation might cease to exist, but it will always cause some deep scars within. The fight may be temporary, but in the process the energy of the soul will always get depleted.

    Peaceful moments may be a few, but they will leave their aroma behind. Beautiful relations might not last forever but they will always be memorable. Acceptance may not always be present, but it will surely feed the soul.

    It all depends on what you choose every single moment.

  • aparajitayograj 37w

    It is raining heavily. You just left work and are on your way back to home. Just then you pass by your favourite cafe, it is cold outside, you wish to have a cup of coffee. You stop your car and move into the cafe. The petrichor has left you nostalgic, you remember the happy times and move towards the same favorite table of yours. The waiter comes and passes you a smile, asks hesitantly, 'Your usual espresso, sir?'

    You smile back and nod your head to say yes. On the spur of the moment, you overhear an old couple, sitting on your left, 'Darling, don't you think how young and fresh the young couple looks there.' Just then you look at a young couple, on your right, sitting closely to each other, holding hands and laughing. The old lady staring at them, now grabs your attention, 'Yes. You old man. You don't even hold my hands, don't bring me flowers. Look how well they are dressed, color coordinated, having the same dish and are serving each other with their own hands and laughing heartily. They look so perfect!'

    The next moment, the waiter comes with your favourite coffee. The cup is steaming hot, you grab it with both your hands, savour the flavor, and look at the drizzling water on the windows. The fresh aroma of the coffee, the brew and the memories bring a smile on your face. You then hear the conversation of the old couple get heated up; see them getting up, irritated and tired. Soon they leave the cafe and as the door closes, you now hear the young girl saying,  'Did you just see that old couple which left?'

    The guy said, 'Of course. Do you think we will go for coffee dates, at their age also? Do not mind, but don't you think these flowers and color coordinated clothes are so artificial. Just look at them, they were sitting in silence for long, enjoying each other's company without talking. They even had their own different meals according to their own tastes. At such an age also they can stay together with differences, and we fight so much to come to similar terms. They seemed so perfect! And look at us!'

    By then you have finished your cup of coffee, you see their sad, thoughtful faces; you call the waiter, pay the bill and get up from your chair. You walk past this young couple, and thinking of both these couples, then murmur to yourself, 'Idiots!' Suddenly you realise your voice is magnified, you turn around to see a girl, who had been sitting opposite to you, that you didn't notice earlier, say aloud with you, 'Idiots!' The girl looks at you, astonished, with a face that said, how could I read her mind and say the exact word at the exact time. Our eyes meet which had the same shimmer, the smile had the same mischief, and then both of us realise we have met each other before!


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  • aparajitayograj 38w


    Saying No. Talking only when you feel like talking. Staying at home and working on self while the world parties.
    Cutting off ties with toxic people, and with those who come to you only in times of their need. Prioritizing mental health over listening to news channels. Drinking lots of water instead of alcohal and other substances of abuse. Being different and doing things differently. Not trying to convince people why you did something the way you did. Working on self esteem instead of making people realise your worth. Accepting your stupidities or mistakes and laughing over them instead of explaining to your ego that you are always right.


  • aparajitayograj 39w


    You're precisely
    on the brink of healing.
    The door is invariably there.
    Discerning it,
    will end all despair!


  • aparajitayograj 68w

    Their enunciation that
    you are a pawn.
    It is only when you
    delve into you,
    You will unearth a king,
    and the sun will rise
    from the dawn.


  • aparajitayograj 69w



    Please sign the petition for a law that is so strong that no one commits such a henious crime again.

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    End Rape

    Do you have a minute or so to spend on an issue which is the most important one for the safety of all women in Inida?
    If you have, please read this. The rape cases in India are rising daily.
    Enough of it. This needs to end now.
    Kindly sign the petition, the link of which is given in my profile. After signing it, share it to as many people as possible.


  • aparajitayograj 77w

    I Had A Dream!

    I had a dream, eating my favorite iceacream.
    Under the clouds and the shower, the winds and the power.
    Feeling the soft breeze and its expression, the change of the first season.
    Enjoying the rain and its droplets, the festival buzz and its trumpets.
    Seeing the light and its glow, whistling hard to blow.
    Admiring the rainbow and its color, studying hard to be a scholar.
    Sleeping to the dark night, waking up to the sun so bright.
    Driving to the countryside, listening music having friends by my side.
    The amazing road trips, with drinks and chips.
    Walking down the starry sky, talking with love till it gets dusky.
    Climbing up the mountains, with my family that entertains.
    Surviving the storms and the cyclone, with my people who be my backbone.
    Winning through my fears, getting strong and wiping my tears.
    Waging all wars to fight the world outside, taking all steps to be their side.
    My life's a perfect paradise, shining like an armour to love and rise.
    Painting it the way I want, staying away from the one's who bring you down and taunt.
    Wiping the dirt to clear my conscience, learning to let go of things when conscious.
    The dream had memories of the past,
    I woke up to realise that they don't last.
    But making beautiful moments is an art, so grab every second and throb your heart.
    The dream was a collection of the beautiful times, knowing it was my choice to make them forever and not sometimes!

  • aparajitayograj 79w

    The previous life death under the tomb.
    Welcomed a little embryo, inside its mother's womb.
    Still oblivious of what it was going to be in this world.
    Weeks passed in the memories of the past and it was lost in its dreamworld.
    They said, it should be a 'Y', but it was blessed by its father to be his baby girl.

    She was a crazy dramatic but not one of the lunatics.
    Entered into a world of religious fanatics.
    The world was a bad place, she had to fear, she was told.
    Warnings and orders, she had to make memories, had to mould.
    The school was fun, with swings and stairs, and play and prayers; she was loving to be a school girl.

    Growing she was accustomed to the norms.
    She had to be safe for she could kill with her charms.
    She was making memories, but not living freely to her best.
    Dawned to her the fact, that the world was beautiful, it was your eyes that had to test.
    So she let go of her fears, learnt it was not 'he' or 'she', 'good' or 'bad', living every moment for she was no more a show girl.

    Now it was a soul, breathing peacefully, singing in the air.
    It got its identity, which freed it of all the despair.
    Now it was again making memories, but moving and jumping its way.
    Not a gender or a religion, not a country or a race, it was not tomorrow not yesterday.
    Making memories in the present, it was rising and growing, dancing to the tunes it loved, for now it knew how to twirl!



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    Magnetic Memories

  • aparajitayograj 82w

    What if you come to know that you'll die the next day? You'll still hold grudges, carry hurt, feel sad by the behaviours of others? No. You will release, let go, forgive, erase, live fully in those few moments, love and cherish whatever you will be left with. You will do all this because everyone wants to die peacefully. What if we start living with the practice of leaving the body anytime? If we live like that, our every moment will be peaceful. We will not wait for the other person to apologise, to heal the bond. We will do it ourselves. We will trust. We will love. We will make others smile. We will understand. We will not wait for anyone to do anything. We will make sacrifices, bridge the gap, develop faith and leave with the thought of being someone's reason of happiness even in their tears. That's what we all need to realise, we do not have to wait for our death to heal anything. It has to be dealt with now. It is now or never!

  • aparajitayograj 83w

    Retiring to your own inner paradise

    makes you apprehend that the soul

    has immense power to shake the