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  • aphrodite53 16h

    Till moonlight is swapped by the sun beams,
    let's fall in love.

  • aphrodite53 1d


    When I look into the mirror, I see scars of exasperated dreams.
    Blemishes of remorse, welled up eyes of despair.
    Locks of pitch black hair, strangled myself to wishful thinking.
    Skid marks of freshly tinted cerise nails,
    On neck from hoping passionately for long odds.

    Why did I lead myself to this?
    Life would have much alive,
    If I had existed with no hope, no promises
    People say belief keeps you alive,
    Then how, oh did I die of ceaseless wishing?

    Pale skinned lass, looks bleakly at me,
    Disappointed in me.
    Stifling behind the cracked mirror,
    Weeps and weeps,
    Upon the disparaging life I’ve lead myself to.

    Failed have I, at one thing I was meant to do,
    To bloom propitiously before I wilted and decayed to,
    Cold lifeless cinders.

    -Elita Sheen

  • aphrodite53 2d

    I thought my heart would feel lighter upon letting you go, but the truth is that it has never felt heavier.

  • aphrodite53 5d

    Pages of vintage poems about you, worn out
    Unlike my love for you.

  • aphrodite53 1w

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    Trompe l’oeil- visual illusion in art, especially as used to trick the eye into perceiving a painted detail as a three-dimensional object.

    Thank you WN for the EC⚘

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    Trompe l'oeil

    Bleak strokes of despair,
    A little bit of white, a more of black.
    Bristles of dying paintbrushes, like
    His unrequited love,
    Drowned avidly in waters of blue devils.
    Yet a tad faith exists, as he dips his vintage brush
    Onto palette of olive green and sunshine yellow.
    He sets his heart on love again.
    This time
    Not in a quest for her.
    But on the bland canvas,
    He fabricated his “exultant” soul,
    A trompe l’oeil, in fact
    But vastly convinced that,
    A forlorn, he is till his death bed.

    -Elita Sheen

  • aphrodite53 1w

    @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay
    #love #heart #wod

    Thank you WN for the ❤ and repost!!

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    Art Gallery

    Red and amber acrylics smeared on canvas,
    Murmurs immersed, airborne.
    Two star-crossed lovers entwined paths once more.
    One with over-spilled heart of midnight tears,
    Black circles underneath, as her dreams were still
    Dominated by him.
    Never has let fate take her astray, she solely fixated on his bygone love.
    "Moved on, forgotten, oh, he must be euphoric upon his new miss" -thought her.
    While he, carried around his shattered pieces,
    With his bleeding fingers.
    His turquoise eyes wander about in hope,
    As he felt her radiant existence amongst hundreds.
    Bolting of hearts,
    Locking of eyes,
    Their souls made love, at the instant,
    Midst the air of dried paint and nascent tulip scent.
    As destiny tied the knot of the red string again,
    They found each other.
    Feeling complete and alive as ever.
    Burying the hatchet, two wrecked souls as they came.
    Left as an ample whole,
    Never to broken apart, ever again.

    -Elita Sheen

  • aphrodite53 1w

    If it weren't for you, poetry would be an unknown land to me.

  • aphrodite53 5w

    I'm broken by choice;
    not by fate.


  • aphrodite53 6w

    Somewhere between
    I love you and
    I love you too,
    We lied.


  • aphrodite53 6w


    A crystal of love,
    Melting hopelessly into
    Drops of heartaches.