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  • apotropaic 21w

    A Portrait Of Love With Shades Of Nature

    Love looks like lush vermilion
    clammy huckleberries of
    late summer's early morning,
    That crowns heart's orchard.

    Love grows like an oleander
    Draping the merry pink hues
    Of cherry fresh Autumn' sunrise;
    Aloof from toxins.

    Love flows like eternal brook
    Over the giant kelp rocks,
    Whose cerulean symphonies
    Washes blues of life.

    If heart stores layers of warmth
    And Compatibility,
    Then love endures seasons
    Till infinity.

  • apotropaic 22w

    An attempt at my college prompt on the topic "How one vote can make a difference"
    National voter's day is celebrated on 25th January every year.
    So I urge you to be responsible citizens and responsible voters.
    Also, Happy Republic Day to you all♡

    PS:- It was really difficult to write on a concrete topic, yet I tried my level best to give it a shape of poetry. Hope you all like it. :)

    @writersnetwork @miraquill
    #votersday #fundamentalrights #republicday

    Thank you very much @writersnetwork ����

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    If the voting machines could speak

    If the voting machines could speak,
    they would tell a tale of a mother named 'Democracy'
    Draping the tricolor saree
    with a navy blue Ashoka Chakra 's motif,
    who serves equality to her 138 crore children,
    By which they can acclaim their sovereignty
    through voting.

    If the voting machines could speak,
    they would genflect to the power of that one block
    that could make or break the tumbling tower,
    Or to that one last drip of sand,
    that could change the fortune of the second chamber of the hourglass,
    And all this potency being assimilated in those thousands of fine lines of that one finger,
    establishes the supremacy of voting.

    If the voting machines could speak,
    they would flip the pages of history
    to give you a tour of Victorian era,
    when Thomas Jefferson was crowned the presidency of US,
    with the difference of only vote,
    And that one vote which became unfortunate enough
    for Andrew Jackson to lose Presidency.

    If the voting machines could speak,
    they would ornament
    the 'casters of vote',
    with the ink of responsibility on their cuticles,
    Which would be a mark of awareness about fundamental rights,
    "An active brain can only
    hustle over the right grain!!"

  • apotropaic 22w

    This is certainly not the best piece I could write but I gave in all my efforts.
    Hope you all like it.♡
    #joy #wod

    Thank you very much @writersnetwork

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    Joy in trivial things of life

    Even after the tonitruant jerks in the nerves of my left leg
    Consequent of myriad ailments that roped me for seven dawns,
    I felt a
    Brew of ecstasy and contentment
    Gliding down the heart
    Like a cup of honey
    Over the orange poached plums,
    When the supreme power dressed
    in the tangerine robe blessed me
    in my dream,
    After one hundred and twenty months
    of disruptive dream sequence
    Which made me oblivious towards
    my troubles
    And I painted the novel break of the day
    With utmost tranquility.

    I felt exhilaration running down my spine
    When nightingale's mellifluous voice
    In my throat
    was reflected in my musical trials,
    After edgy failures
    had burned my magic
    In the two subsequent trials
    Before this one.

    The sepia hues of
    Friday's 5pm sky,
    when the scattering beams of the setting sun slurped all the melancholy,
    Made me feel the warm hugs of last winter
    For which I had eagerly waited
    since the last four seasons.

    I tucked the coral hibiscus of joy behind my ear,
    after I got appreciated for
    serving the hot brewed coffee
    which felt like an ambrosial offering to my family
    because each sip contained
    love, passion, warmth and care
    of my little hand
    and my tender heart.

    My cheeks had a natural pink blush,
    When an acquaintance of mine, in the most heartfelt way uttered 'apple pie's beauty'
    after seeing me in a traditional attire,
    Which for me
    was as fresh as the morning glory,
    As I was never glittered with such compliments ever before.

    Therefore, innumerable incidents in my life
    Made me realise
    That joy is rooted deep inside the trivialities of life.


  • apotropaic 25w

    If the farrago of rhetorical questions could be uncoiled by the concrete facets of life, then life would become a preposterous offering of monotony, where emotions would cease to exist.

  • apotropaic 26w

    This year has been a roller coaster ride for me. A lot of ups and downs came in my life which made me emerge as a strong and mature person. This year was all about learning and prioritizing the self with right things. So the piece written below is a reflection of my whole year and how I lived my life despite of getting disturbed so many times. I hope that you all will like it.
    PS :- I didn't proofread it even once and it has been directed straight from my heart so it is completely raw. Share your honest feedbacks :)

    Thank you so much for the kind repost @writersnetwork :)
    #live #wod @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Eyeing twelve traits through the lens of 2021
    12 in 21

    1. I started to breathe my latent metrical breaths,
    Sufficed with the melted sun's sprinklers,
    That split my thoughts into bouqueted teachings,
    Spreading the fragrance of spirituality in the heart
    That dived into those caramelized metaphors ,
    And gave them a new life,
    And my life a new name.

    2. I baked moon's tranquility,
    Over a tired oven,
    And ate the humble pie of unfathomable corners,
    That evaporated all the dreariness
    And crystallized the patience,
    In the 'old naive' me.

    3. I thwarted the veiled prickels
    of rosary peas,
    Whose camouflaged beauty
    intended to suffocate my virtues,
    To be left alone on the shore
    That hides the truth of
    phoney relations.

    4. I struck off the little arms of ailments,
    trying to sell my soul to the monsters of dark threat,
    And embraced the mellow rays of laughing sun,
    To wing(k) like Venus
    That rules over darkness.

    5. I draped a ruffled skirt ,
    Styled my breezy braided hair,
    Tinted my lips with bougainvillea 's vibrance,
    Which manifested a fairy outside,
    And a 'brand new confidence' inside me.

    6. I accepted the caressing touch of Zephyr,
    That carried a softness of rose petals,
    And pushed away the storminess of Gale,
    That carried the arrogance of sand particles,
    For not always
    the magnanimity comes in bigger packages.

    7. I tuned the cassettes of old lost melodies,
    Which carry the electrifying grace of its existence,
    And charge the hushed spirits with nostalgia
    While adding the importance of stoicism, acknowledgement and old era.

    8. I climbed the ladders of enlightenment,
    And stood on the pedestal
    To pour the qualitative emotions,
    In the tea cups that enlightened others.

    9. I felt the catastrophes roped around my neck,
    Trying to make me surrender myself
    To the gigantic figure,
    Yet I cut
    the shackles that diminish my originality,
    To emerge as a winner
    With fragments of my creativity.

    10. I bandaged my bruises,
    And drew sunflowers over its edges
    That instructed me to follow the sun,
    And take the babysteps of adaptation,
    For tomorrow's rise.

    11. I construed my terrrains,
    Through symphonies,
    proses and poems;
    And curtailed their complexities
    With paint of optimism
    To strengthen everyone
    By providing a tangible interaction
    With the depth of life.

    12. I unboxed a package
    Containing unknown facts about me,
    And grew pansies on bare hearts,
    Which bloomed hope
    Within me
    and ones seeking inspiration from me.
    Therefore, I shall not live in vain.