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  • aquib_khan1 3d

    Keep it simple.

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    When you know Peace
    You will find God.

    It is not in the flashy neon lights of the nights,
    Or the multitude of people following a trend, May be of money.

    The thing is we have lost ourself in the pseudo bivouac of life,
    And wore the cheapest goggles from the most expensive showroom.
    And we see from these sinister lenses.

    Indeed we have lost the path,
    We have left the straight path.
    And devoid of the eventual truth.
    Which we don't seek it.

    Like the dead meat you are,
    With stiffest backbone,
    Walking looking the sky above.
    And then struck by lightning,
    The lighting of truth.
    Death grabs you by the forelocks,
    Then not even a second
    Will be exchanged.

  • aquib_khan1 24w

    Don't be too judgemental.
    #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    Some people ask me," why are you joking or being humourous at almost all junctures?".
    The matter is I have too many reasons to sit and tear up.
    Laughing is the therapy.
    And yeah the one that smile perhaps hides most melancholies.

  • aquib_khan1 24w

    Don't forget to tag your friends.
    Website name or domain name -

    Insta handle - insight._official

    Peace and blessings upon you �� .

    #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    So, I dunno whether you know or not I have started this website for publishing write ups.
    I was really not expecting that it would work or would die in the long run but seeing my email being flooded with write ups and entries surprised me, but now it comes to the management ie the site, it's insta page and obviously my studies, to be honest it took a toll.

    To maintain a certain quality requires management and work force. And to be honest of all the odds Alhamdulliah it did well. Nonetheless, I stumbled upon two great souls , I will stress on their versatility, they being IAS aspirants with English as their optional subject.

    Now that I am back with insight. So I request you all to visit insight website and SUBMIT YOUR WRITE UPS. No money involve, it's an as easy as eating cheese cake.
    Check the website from the bio.

    Give me your feedbacks here. Keep writing and smiling.

  • aquib_khan1 24w

    True or false ?

    Three girls seated in a room completely silent.

  • aquib_khan1 24w

    What is this life if so full of care ?
    We don't have time to stand Nd stare.

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    Life me Kabhi pareshani ho jab koi na ho
    Jab koi tumahra koi sath na me
    Jab ghabrat dar ki Seema paar ho Jaye

    Ek Baar Yaad karlena mujhe.

  • aquib_khan1 25w

    Test post.
    Checking posting feature is working or not.

  • aquib_khan1 26w

    Knock knock

    Hello Mirakeans,

    Does anyone remember me ? *Lol*

  • aquib_khan1 38w

    #mirakee #pod #love #life #insight #aquib #share

    thank you everyone.

    Love you all. ��

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    Picture inspired poetry

    Hover on to our webpage to participate in the PIP (abbreviated ) May edition. All you to do so look at the picture SIMPLE, kick start your brain and flow out the words and then submit BOOM.

    Remember it is a competition if you don't win that is ok, you can submit your best article, poem to be published.

    What do you get in return ?
    Everything that you wished for !

    Obviously the usual stuff.

    Process !!

    Click the link in My Bio.
    There you scroll down a bit click on the tab PARTICIPATE to participate.
    Fill the form, copy paste or write your entry and tap or click submit. And Abra Kadabra that is it.

    Still have questions ask us on Instagram @insight._official

    And what are you waiting create a difference in writing, turn the table of the clock.

  • aquib_khan1 50w

    Make sure you follow us on insta @insight._official

    #pod #mirakee #publish
    @rumanrulesneverend @fromwitchpen

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    Publish your write ups.

    We have right now two prompts that are live.

    1. Brewing stories
    2. Picture inspired poetry. (Language- English, Hindi and Urdu )

    So, go ahead participate and submit your write ups for publishing on "Insight".

    (It is viewed by thousand and shared in the various writing communities,( it is Google searchable)).

    Go ahead click the link.


    You can submit your articles, stories, poems, letters too. Submissions are published twice a week, for now.

    Go ahead and participate and get published.

  • aquib_khan1 50w

    Welcome back, to mirakee ki Maya.
    Don't use mirakee .
    Padhai wadhai Karo IAS Waias bano.