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  • aradhana1308 66w

    Won or Lost?

    They see your happy face
    But don't see the sorrow,
    You went through
    They see you smiling
    But don't see the tears
    You shed alone
    They see you winning
    But don't see, what
    You have lost

    Why there were none
    When we were
    looking for someone
    Why there were none
    When we wanted a,
    shoulder to cry upon
    Why there were none
    When we were searching,
    someone to hang up on

    Now there are plenty of them
    But we have lost our
    Ability to trust
    Courage to love
    Chances to open up
    Vibe with them
    But we are winning
    Over us again and again

  • aradhana1308 66w

    My dear future love, I don’t know when we will meet. But I am pretty much sure that I will be more careful this time. You won’t be my first, but I will try to make you my last. But for that you have to be patient, good thing take time so do I. You may feel at our first meet that I am so much obsessed with myself, I am not good at communicating.Had you met me earlier you would have seen me caring for others more than me, making them feel comfortable, being happy. But that part of me is gone a long ago and you can trust me the current genre of mine is nicer than the older one to hold on to. The only thing what it demands is to wait till I start trusting you,get ready to share my deepest-darkest secrets and moments of glory too.
    I can assure you that I am good at love but I might be bad at this modern culture of relationship. I adore the person I love, you have to bear all the senseless comments I will make on you anytime, to make you feel loved and wanted. I am bad at fashion neither I have any idea what I will gift you on your birthday, but I can write for you something which will be just a little part of what I feel for you.I don’t want you to take me out to five-star restaurants or gift me as these things will not make me happy as much spending time with you under the stars, sharing a cup of tea will.I am not a girl with a perfect body, beauty and a very organized life. I am just an ordinary girl next door, who is messed up and tries to organize everything including her life too at her own. I can’t be the prettiest girl you desire but I will be the most loving girl you could never have dreamt off.
    You might be a guy with broken heart, or someone who has been cheated upon, or someone who had been in a one-sided love story for a long, or someone who haven’t yet experienced what love is.I don’t expect you to be perfect, neither. You can expect from me the love you have been waiting for, the love you deserved, the love you never experienced which will heal all your wounds, fill all the hollow spaces in you which will make you feel more alive and loved.

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    A Letter To My Future Love

    You can expect from me the love you have been waiting for, the love you deserved, the love you never experienced
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  • aradhana1308 67w

    Turn off the Lights

    As soon as I turn off the Lights
    Something flashes in my mind
    All those dusty memories
    Which I had buried somewhere
    Deep inside this mask of happiness
    All those never ending arguments
    Which I have made silent forever
    Under those giggles of mine
    All those tears when I cried
    Which I had wiped already
    On the pillow I slept on every night
    All those unheard truths
    Which I never cared to be recalled
    And brew them away with the cold breeze

  • aradhana1308 67w


    वो शाम अलग थी
    और मैं हमेशा की तरह
    खुद में मगन थी
    चाय की प्यास थी
    जो चाय की टपरी पर बुझानी थी
    मुझे क्या पता था
    यहां शुरू होने वाली
    एक नई कहानी थी
    भैया के साथ आई थी
    तभी तुमसे नजरे टकराई थी
    4 यार थे तुम्हारे साथ भी
    पर अलग थी तुम्हारी बात ही
    नहीं पता मुझे पसंद आई
    तुम्हारी सूरत या नही
    पर जब नज़रे झुका कर
    तुम मुस्कुराए थे
    हम अपना दिल वही
    छोर आए थे
    नहीं तुम पर नहीं
    तुम्हारी मुस्कान पर
    ये पहली बार था
    की किसी की मुस्कान
    मुझे इतनी ज्यादा भायी थी
    लगेगी ये बातें तुम्हे फिल्मी
    मुझे पता है
    पर तुम्हारी आंखों में एक
    शांति से छाई थी
    तुम्हारी मुस्कान ने मुझे
    बस शराफत दिखाई थी
    पहली नजर नहीं
    पहली मुस्कान में तुम मुझे
    भाए थे
    याद है मुझे आज भी
    नीली कमीज पहन कर आए थे
    तुमसे कुछ बातें ना हुई
    ना हमने करनी चाही
    खामोशी से तुम्हे बस देख आई
    उठ कर चल दिए तुम
    और हम भी वापस लौट आए थे
    ना जाने तुम्हारी झलक याद कर
    कितनी बार इतराए थे

  • aradhana1308 67w


    बस यूंही
    मुस्कुरा देती हु,
    गहने खरीदने की
    हैसियत नही है ।
    गम छुप जाते है
    इसी बहाने ,
    हाल-ए-दिल बताने की
    ख्वाहिश नही है।

  • aradhana1308 67w

    The Art, I don't know about

    I am bad at keeping people
    Who really care for me
    Because I don't know
    The art of appreciation
    I don't know
    The way to make
    someone feel wanted
    I dont know
    How to express
    gratitude towards them
    I don't know
    How to shower them with
    the love I have for them
    But I know
    How to apologize When
    I unwillinglyHurt someone
    I know how to
    Stand with them When
    they will be in Hour of need
    And I want them to know
    That I am always there
    Ready to hold their hand
    Picking them up
    Everytime they fall
    It's the only way
    I know to express at all.

  • aradhana1308 69w

    प्यार है

    हम सबका अपना अपना प्यार है
    कोई इज़हार कर चुका है
    तो कोई बातें करने को बेकरार है
    कोई बोलकर कर देता है बयां
    तो किसी की आंखे ही कहानीकार है
    कुछ मिल लेते है रोज
    तो कुछ का दिन बस इतवार हैं
    हम सबका अपना अपना प्यार है
    किसी के लिए है एकतरफा
    तो कही दोनो तरफ बेशुमार है
    कोई मांगता हैं दुआओं में
    तो कही सपनो में हो रहा इकरार है
    हम सबका अपना अपना प्यार हैं
    किसी के लिए है ये असलियत
    तो किसी के लिए चमत्कार है
    कोई समझता है खुद को बादशाह
    तो कई अपने चाहने वालों के गुनहगार है
    हम सबका अपना अपना प्यार है
    कुछ मनाने को देते है तोहफे
    तो कुछ के लिए काफी एक कप चाय
    और बाते चार है
    हम सबका अपना अपना प्यार है
    कई रहते है मेल मिलाप से
    हाथो में हाथ, हा में हा मिलाए हुए
    तो कही हल्की सी नोक झोंक
    और थोड़ी सी तकरार है
    हम सबका अपना अपना प्यार है

  • aradhana1308 70w


    Nourish your self with
    the care you do for others.
    Embrace your self with
    the love you give to others.
    Surprise yourself with
    the gifts you send to others.
    Priorities yourself in
    the place where you kept others.
    Protect yourself like the shield
    You have always been for others.
    For no one will be there for you
    Like you were for others.
    For no one will stretch their hand
    Like you did while they fall.
    At the end, it is only you
    Who matters at all..

  • aradhana1308 72w


    I will give you the love,
    You always craved for.
    The one you always showered,
    On those who weren't worthy of it.
    The one you were looking for,
    In the eyes of every girl you met.
    The one where you thought,
    You won't be played anymore.
    The one which will bring smile,
    On your face every moment you live.
    The one which will make you happy,
    Even when you think of it.
    The one which will never,
    Make you feel alone.
    The one which will never end,
    The one where I will adore you,
    The one where I will be devoted to you.
    The way that you really deserved to be loved,
    Is the love I am gonna give you .
    To which I only demand YOU.

  • aradhana1308 77w


    I wanna write
    Put everything into words
    The sorrows, the pain
    The joys, the gain
    Our union, our separation
    Time when we were side by side
    And time when we were against

    But i lack words
    Words lack beauty
    They ain't enough
    To describe those
    Magical memories
    Everything had it own charm
    Some were too harsh
    While some brought calm

    Now i dont wanna write
    As nothing can describe it
    I wanna revoke
    The journey again
    And this time without any halt
    Take this journey to
    Infinity and beyond