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  • arohin4ever 76w

    Friendship day

    Every person in my life has transformed me in some way or the other and I can’t imagine
    what life would have been without them. Everytime I find myself in the middle of
    nowhere, I find my true self.....

  • arohin4ever 118w

    We met in summers!

    We met in summers....
    Days were hot, giving us a romantic spot
    Nights were rare, we were ready to dare
    Leaving all the difficulties behind, our hearts were ready to bind
    By looking into ur eyes , my heart froze just as ice
    Loving is not the end but a step towards eternityy!!!!


  • arohin4ever 137w


    I can't lose you because if I did I'd have lost my best friend, my soulmate, my laugh , my everything