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  • arowyn 88w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word one-liner on Fulfilled

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    You complete that has left me. Fulfill me.

  • arowyn 88w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word short tale on Vibrant

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    Thousands of wildflowers.
    Extending beyond, toward the horizon.

  • arowyn 97w

    This is literally the best format I could write these all night
    #poetrywednesday #pod #ELFCHENS

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    Cozy dreams
    Warm and fuzzy
    Don't touch my blanket.

  • arowyn 97w

    Behind curtains
    Illusion of perfection
    Draping down around me


  • arowyn 97w

    Peaceful bliss
    Lost within memories
    Painting of the past.


  • arowyn 97w

    Beautifully spoken,
    Simplistic in nature.
    Few have an abundance.


  • arowyn 97w

    I met him in the park.
    It was a cold day, I remember.

    He was all blond and starry-eyed,
    Mostly because he had hit his head on the lamppost.

    I couldn't help but laugh
    When he dropped his book in surprise
    And tumbled to the ground

    That's how it began.
    We had talked only a few times before,
    I realized
    I had never asked his name

    Not a unique name
    But it stood out to me.

    We married three years later
    And it was a wonderful experience.

    He bought me flowers on the day of our wedding,
    A collection of daffodils and poppies.
    A letter in a yellow envelope
    With five simple words:

    My love for you grows.

    For 47 years
    Our anniversary was marked by this simple gift
    A collection of dainty daffodils and poppies
    And a letter with only those words inscribed within.

    He left this life
    Most unexpectedly
    Five months before
    The celebration of our marriage.

    When the day came
    I tried not to notice
    But the calendar was cruel.

    About mid-day
    I received a bouquet
    Delivered to our doorstep
    A pallet of yellow and pink
    An envelope was tied to its vase.

    Brokenhearted anger surged up in my throat
    I called the shop

    "There's been a mistake... I've received flowers at this address and I know there's no possible way--"

    "Ma'am...your husband prepaid, for many years. There hasn't been a misunderstanding. The flowers are for you."

    A silence reigned over my cracking soul.

    With shaking fingers, I carefully opened the envelope.

    My love for you is eternal.

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    A Bouquet of Memories


  • arowyn 97w

    Learning to Forget

    It is a peaceful agony
    To lose one's thoughts.

    To have something you've held
    So tightly

    Something you've cherished
    For a lifetime

    A feeling you've longed to live again
    So very long

    Only to be stolen
    Plucked from your mind
    As a dream

    And soon
    You begin to wander
    In your own forgetting

    More and more rips torn into the painting of your life
    Growing wider and cutting deeper until
    You can no longer see the picture

    You can no longer remember.

    And you have no reference

    No guide to the puzzle that is your mind

    Before, in the final moments
    You see
    You glimpse in the last hour
    You recognize your child's smiling face

    And you can't hold back so many tears
    Borne of so many years
    Of frustration
    And fear

    You embrace her
    And you think of nothing but this minute
    This second
    This moment
    For this is the moment
    That will carry you into eternity's beckoning arms.


  • arowyn 100w

    Prince of Silence

    Empty tears and
    Broken lace
    I sit right here
    My throne to case
    My worried, troubled sorrow.

    Cracking thoughts and
    Whispered prayers
    I dwell in silence
    All too frail,
    In the gloom of morn.

    Shattered wails uttered in the night
    Surely you have seen my plight

    Etched into
    The proven rue
    Of my grievous heart.

    Oh, that woe may light upon
    The one who chose to take my son,

    My boy,
    My only child.

    For vanished is he, Not a trace!
    The boy with which I used to pace
    About this tow'ring halls.

    But no, alas, not to be found,
    Is the boy to take my crown
    The Prince of Silence's walls.

    And so I sit in my throne
    Broken lace
    And crown now gone
    Sorrowing over my kin.

    The loss of the Prince of Silence's walls
    Is too much to bear
    Too much a toll
    To take on this troubled soul,
    Whose mind has gone
    And so has his role.


  • arowyn 102w

    In everything you do
    Do it remarkably,
    Not acceptably.