"Artemis" only exists within these poems. She was written by them. (Will reply to your lovely comments soon)

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  • artemiswrites 12h

    The sky is an old
    monument, and the stars are
    gems inset into its
    walls; it is Pietra Dura at its best.
    ~The Cosmos is an architectural marvel
    and I'm a tourist, gazing in wonder.

  • artemiswrites 1d

    Hello 1400th post!

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    The beauty of cold snow
    sends a rush of warm life
    through that pen of mine,
    that has been sitting, lifeless
    in a corner

  • artemiswrites 2d

    Three steps to get up from the bed in the morning:

    Pluck some hope from the flowerpot decorating your window ledge, add it to a glass of boiling hot dreams and take careful sips from it.

    Spoon some sun rays and apply it to your face to thaw away the nightmare that lingers under your eyelids.

    Watch the dawn sky recite a poem of new beginnings and allow it to seep into you.

  • artemiswrites 3d

    The sky drank a storm
    to wash down the flames that the
    Sun had left behind;
    from coal red to rain blue, the
    sky changed garments gracefully

  • artemiswrites 4d

    Mango leaves take flight
    from the old banyan tree- the
    loud parrots have gone

  • artemiswrites 1w

    In loving memory of @john_solomon and @kehta_hai_joker; two incredible individuals who made Mirakee a beautiful beautiful place.
    These Haikus are about Eve Teasing and Domestic Violence. The first one is from the pov of a victim who has learnt to fight back, and the second one is from the pov of a victim who is subjected to physical violence by a loved is common in most Domestic violence cases. The second Haiku is meant to be gender less, given the fact that Domestic violence is gender less too.
    #mirage_poetry_contest @lovenotes_from_carolyn @writersnetwork

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    Eve Teasing/ Catcalling:
    "Whips of lustful calls
    leave welts of hurt in our hearts,
    Not in our Spirit."

    Domestic Violence:
    "Starred sky." You called me.
    I fell. Now, Constellations
    of bruises dot me.

  • artemiswrites 1w

    I've made comparisons between two 'Goddesses', one, an immortal, omnipresent one and another, a mortal one. Both the Godesses are similar and equal.

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    She weaves a basket of stars
    to trap a half moon that floats
    on the currents of a still night lake,
    She smears saffron sunlight on
    the thatched blue walls of the sky,
    She paints the leaves with life giving
    chlorophyll green and
    strips them from their branches when
    the time comes,
    She cooks fruits to ripeness in her
    benevolent arms and
    She plays Mother to an Entire Cosmos
    that needs her warmth

    She weaves a basket of reeds
    to trap the jamun fruits that float on
    the currents of the river,
    She smears Earth brown mud
    on the thatched walls of her home
    She paints the seeds with life giving
    water and manure and
    strips them from their stalks when
    the time comes,
    She cooks delicacies to life with her
    benevolent arms and
    She plays Mother to an Entire Family
    that needs her warmth

  • artemiswrites 1w

    The wheat fields are too tired
    to wear gold anymore;
    they wear the brown of dry Earth instead,
    I notice that they mirror the wrinkles
    on the faces of the Ones who gave them
    to the mud to nourish.
    A brown sea stretching as far as the eye can see
    under a clear blue sky devoid of merciful clouds
    ,The Wheat Field and I wait for that
    single drop of Hope carried by clouds born
    of the Arabian sea.

  • artemiswrites 1w

    The rains have me locked
    in a poetic embrace;
    verses bloom from me.

  • artemiswrites 1w

    Our family lost our beloved Golden retriever today. She was a young girl and her death hit us like a storm. This Poem is dedicated to her.

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    I know that my fingers will
    not caress your fur
    I know that my hands
    will not hold your paws again,
    I'll miss that ever wagging tail
    and that special twinkle that
    you always carried in your eyes,
    I'll miss all the games we played,
    I'll miss how your paws held
    your unicorn toy
    You taught us what love meant,
    You showed us its true form
    and though you'll never
    go on walks with me again,
    nor will you lay your head on my lap,
    You will forever remain
    locked within the chambers of my