A Writer Lives Here. I love to write. If there is one thing that I'm absolutely sure of it is this. I was born to write. It's a passionate obsession.

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  • artheartpoetry 8w

    .Addict for Dramatics.

    Fall into me, my love, or crash if you wish.
    Become the sweetest of my addictions.
    Let me obsess and caress your entirety in
    with only a few important conditions.

    Let's make a pact, my love.
    Only two, just you and I.
    A suicide installment plan that
    allows me your soul once you die.

    All I need to make it happen is for you
    to sign right here and a drop of blood.
    That's all you need to have me forever,
    And you, I will forever love.

    I'll never leave, not ever.
    Not til you take your last breath.
    Or til you finally give into the venom of my
    kiss as it explodes inside your chest.

    Until you kiss me one last time
    and finally meet me on the precipice.
    Overdosing on my love completely
    A clean death that won't make a mess of this.

    I'll be with you until the end.
    Holding you til your time is gone.
    And on the way down I'll keep your soul
    and you will never again see the sun.

    Don't shed any tears for me, my dear.
    I won't be lonely for long. I'll find another.
    Then soon you'll have someone to play with,
    Perhaps a sister, or maybe a brother!

  • artheartpoetry 8w

    .Ever since then, I've known better.

    I should know better by now.
    I should have figured from the last time.
    Wisdom should have already resonated and
    become firmly engraved in the front of my mind.

    I know you can't make anyone love you,
    You and I can't make anyone show it more.
    Even though I've wished on every shooting star that it could be like the way it was before.

    You can't stop your heart from breaking.
    I should have trusted myself with this as fact.
    I look now once you love someone there is no way that you can ever go back.

    Whether they stay or they decide to leave.
    Your heart will either flourish or break.
    I know to always stay on my guard and
    firmly plant my feet in stability for my mind's sake.

    For something important I've learned along this path of loving hard and true to self.
    It's that my mind can either be my haven,
    or it can be my sudden hell.

    With all these facts I've learned along the way, you'd think by now that I've got it right.
    But the truth is, love is sometimes unpredictable and I've known an uncontrollable love for you ever since that night.

    So to say I should have known better.
    Well, yes I surely did just that.
    But loving you the way I do is
    just something I would never take back.

  • artheartpoetry 8w

    6 Word Story Using Human

    To be human, is to fall.

  • artheartpoetry 8w

    To My Younger Self

    I wish you could have known better.
    I wish I could have told you sooner than this.
    I wish I could have protected you back then.
    I wish I could have warned you that your future would end up like this.

    I know you were meant for the brighter side,
    I know you were meant for greater things.
    I know you didn't deserve the hand you've been dealt for you were meant to be held in a higher esteem.

    I wish I could have grown up to be the person
    who you were meant and deserved to be.
    If there's anything that I could have said to you
    It's that we truly control our own destiny.

    The fate was always in my hands and I have always been the one in control.
    A thousand sad apologies to you, my younger self, for letting the world break your innocent soul.


  • artheartpoetry 10w

    The Blue Demon

    My fingers and palms are blackened
    from cooking the delicious and deadly blue candies.
    Put 'em on a thin silver platter and watch as they melt leaving golden trails, to me it's just dandy!

    I don't care for the soot smudged across my face, or that it's got on my nose.
    All I want is a bag of candy that I can
    leave all my feelings in, if that's what I chose.

    Have you ever been addicted to something
    so harmless looking, yet so deadly?
    Have you ever just been the lucky one a thousand times so you can say "Death hasn't met me."

    But these candies are haunted and their venom is so potent, it won't leave you the same.
    Soon as they are gone, you'll have a powerful and insatiable craving for their sweetness that will make you go insane.

    Some say that inside each blue candy,
    is a devilishly, mischievous blue demon.
    Once it gets inside of you and takes control..
    These blue candies, you'll never leave 'em.

    No one can save you from this haunting.
    You won't even be able to save yourself.
    Once you've tasted the sweetness,
    You'll never get out of this hell.

  • artheartpoetry 10w

    My Poetry

    This poetry is so much more than
    these same words on the same paper.
    Always heard by the same set of ears,
    Or written down to share it later.

    This poetry is all that I have to give and
    this poetry is all I love to do.
    I would do nothing but write poems all day
    If I didn't have so much to do.

    These poems are a constant clicking of
    rusted, not busted, but possibly dusted gears.
    Always being thought of, made up possibly by falling from the sky or inspires by my tears.

    More than anything going on inside my mind,
    I am always turning everything to poetry.
    Doing this to clear my energy or the atmosphere before it gets the better of me.

    This poetry is me screaming to be heard.
    I'm telling everyone who will truly listen.
    I want my poetry to reach out and touch the lives of everyone who's locked in their own prison.

    This poetry is from the very essence and core of my very own beating heart.
    I bleed my life force into these words and sending with them my flame and spark.

    If I ain't writing this poetry you can assure yourself that I am actively dying.
    This poetry is me and it's my true passion.
    If I ever said otherwise, I'd be straight out lying

  • artheartpoetry 10w

    #haiku #poetry

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    One More Haiku

    I always knew that

    growing up was the most

    well played out trick ever.



  • artheartpoetry 10w

    Pinned To The Ground

    I've done it yet again.
    Let my emotions take the wheel.
    Sometimes I feel like I'm a human living
    in a Emotion's body, for real.

    They call me crazy and call me rude.
    Then they say that I'm mean.
    When I am being genuine, they pinch
    themselves thinking they are in a dream.

    Either way, I'm asking for some help.
    My emotions got me pinned to the ground.
    Nails in both shoulders and safety pins
    for good measure all through me and around.

    I need to get up before they come back and
    take me to the polar opposite extremes.
    Don't fall for their trick.
    My emotions collectively aren't as they seem.

    My emotional state of mind cannot be trusted.
    Do not give into them and expect gentleness.
    Because once you give into them they
    suddenly shove you off a cliff, into the abyss and nothing less.

    Like I said before, I'll say it once more.
    I'm not a real human, all facts considered.
    I am the emotional dump of an empath for
    I take in everyone's emotional litter.

    Emotions are not gasoline,
    But the price we pay to feel is very high.
    Honestly, if I truly gave into what my emotions wanted, long ago I would have died.

    Nevermind the help and if you can forget
    that I ever asked for emotional closure.
    With all this radiation the toxicity that my emotions give off, I'll soon die from the exposure.

  • artheartpoetry 10w

    .Go Ugly, Return a Masterpiece.


    My cross to bare is lack of confidence.
    The ability to must even a small amount
    of what I need to fool the world by telling
    them without words just what I'm about.

    I have fallen so short in my ability to bring
    the world around me to bow at my feet,
    Instead I have let everyone and everything
    Get under my skin and kill with me with defeat.

    If there is a god then I have chalked it to
    he never thought that I would need this armor.
    Instead I've a perfectly sculpted image of
    my horrors and all of my dishonor.

    But on this planet, on this earth that's not how it works.
    They didn't believe in change and never will.
    You are born with what your born with and
    from there, you must play the game.
    You must kill or be killed.

    So I've done all I can with all this ugly
    and I've aimed all my hopes high in the sky.
    I've vowed not to let the vultures make me their feast.
    I've kept my head down low enough that I will come out of this hell...a masterpiece.


  • artheartpoetry 12w

    11.3.21. @ 4:45pm #poetry

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    Hello, my name is...

    Hello, my name is..
    Oh, I seemed to have forgot.
    I knew who I was a moment ago.
    But now my brain's began to rot.

    What was I just going to say?
    It was at the tip of my tongue.
    Or at the very front of my brain.
    I should not know dementia so young!

    Let's try this again.
    Hello, my name is...
    Damn, it all it happened again.
    Give me a moment to remember this.

    My name seems like an important thing.
    So why can't I remember?
    I really need to sort out my priorities.
    I need to get it together.

    If I can't remember my name,
    That must mean I can't remember who I am.
    That's a whole other problem in itself.
    I used to know it like the back of my hand.

    If I can't get this right and remember my name
    I think that everyone can agree..
    That if I don't know my name or have forgotten
    Then I have truly lost my identity.

    Hello, do you know what my name is?