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  • artsoul 39w

    Need writers

    Hiii everyone, need writers for anthology. Interested one can dm. Or either you can drop your mail id in comment box, I will forward the rest of information there. It will be anthology of 20 writers and six pages will be given to you. It will be paid anthology. But with that writers will get certificate of participation, trophy and copy of book. So interested one can dm me.

  • artsoul 45w


    In the sands of time,
    We lost ourselves somewhere behind,
    Peek-a-boo to the lost self,
    Mind and hearts were placed on some shelf,
    Dead of vision living a dream,
    Whom to call when you are supreme,
    There will came point when you will feel,
    Reality is way better than our dreams,
    Breathing in reality from low to high,
    There's never been a smallest lie,
    There is no rule to play fair,
    You have to face bitter truth,
    You should admit the fact that life never been soo smooth.

  • artsoul 65w


    Its ok to feel sad , cry and shout. But it's not good to burden yourself by not sharing such emotions with your better half. Coz I know my partner will be there in my ol ups and downs and I want that he should expect same from me. Because love is not about caring only it's ol about sharing♥️

  • artsoul 94w

    Irrespective of the full presence of mind some people choose to be blind .

  • artsoul 94w

    Some words works to sweeten the lie while some words are enough to break the ties.

  • artsoul 113w

    I just learn one thing that one day you will gonna be over your sorrows and silence and that day you just wanna make others happy because you know how it feels to be sad and alone.

  • artsoul 135w

    May be shallow heart have nothing to broken but still feel didn't let me alive.

  • artsoul 136w

    May be these words seem boring if it seems boring then sorry you really didn't try to feel these words. Feel your parents smile, feel each and every word which made you belive yes, you are reason for someone to live. But atleast once in life, made yourself realise this.

    And tell me in comments did you ever realise?

  • artsoul 136w

    Did you ever realise how lucky you are?
    After my this line you may be not interested in reading this. But wait, look for your parents smile. Is that smile didn't soothen your soul. And accept the truth that at the end of life the thing not matter where you will be or what you are, the only person who always stand by your side is your family.
    Now ask yourself you are not lucky? Your siblings follow you as the ideal person I'm their life. May be you are nothing but for them you are everything. Now think of every person who is close to your heart and think of their smile. Is that smile is not proof that you are special part of their life.

  • artsoul 136w

    Now why we keep on befooling our minds and hearts. Why we living a fake life while living in real world. You need to talk yourself , made yourself understand how amazing I am.
    Always keep these few words in mind. Believe me you are everything and can do everything. You are the prettiest person ever alive. Never shed tears rather than this keep on spreading smiles. And why we always keep on blaming life. While all the decisions of making it worst or best always depend on our decisions. There is need to keep strengthening your mind that there is nothing wrong in my life.