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  • arun_jayaraman 1w

    The August Goddess

    August gave that aurous star,
    She glows like the fireflies put in a jar.
    Vibrant shades from a country bazaar,
    Make that calming girl's avatar.

    The milky moonlight loves her song,
    And melts itself as it as it travels along.
    She gives us the breeze that heals big wounds,
    And her hopeful thoughts just never have bounds.

    Boons are showered on the pondering poor,
    When the guardian angel wears grandeur.
    Eternal breathers and elegant cuddles,
    Render peace as the pain dwindles.

    Like a cooling rain in a scorching day,
    She cares for the world in a motherly way.
    Unfair times are the preys of her play,
    She sticks to her mission as you work and pray.


  • arun_jayaraman 3w


    The best reply to a fool.
    The essence of one's soul.
    The best way to vent out.
    The immortal meaning of peace.
    The epitome of serenity.
    A wise person's degree.
    The language of the lord.
    The cradle of concentration.
    The voice of hardship.
    The sound of the differently abled.


  • arun_jayaraman 4w

    If Days had Roles...

    Mondays are like moody Moons,
    While Tuesdays compose logy tunes.
    Wednesdays wiggle like Helium Balloons,
    And Thursdays bring us the best fortunes.
    Fridays come with weekend boons, giving
    Saturdays mimicking goofy buffoons.
    In a wink of an eye, they become afternoons,
    And make the Sundays, filling all the saloons.


  • arun_jayaraman 4w

    Love What You Have

    Parker's stroke or a Ballpoint's stroke,
    Both mean the same, and that ain't a joke.
    Love what you have. You ain't really broke.
    Come what may! Just blow and poke.
    One man's trash is other man's gold.
    Uncertainty never gets old.
    Trust your gut! Baby, rock 'n' roll,
    Be grateful and yes! Play bold.


  • arun_jayaraman 4w

    Give Me Some Love

    Give me some love, give me some love,
    My days are bluing, baby give me some love.
    Bend that bow love, shoot your vow now,
    Become my peace, oh lovely dove!

    Need a suture, my heart is broken.
    And its going insane, like a hungry kraken.
    I seem fallen, as my ground has shaken,
    Tell me darling, when will I be taken?

    I am the face of a lonesome voidness,
    Touch it up with some togetherness.
    Stay with me, my beautiousness.
    Princess treatment your highness!

    Give me some love, give me some love,
    Make me feel high, my pleasing summer.
    Come my angel, come tranquilize me,
    Cradle this bub, my fantasy!

    Dear composure, be my master,
    Heal my bruises, and give a closure.
    Give me some love, give me some love,
    Treat my life with some truthful love.


  • arun_jayaraman 4w


    Crazy times are super fun,
    Giving sparkly vibes as we win and stun.
    We shine like stars, and merrily run
    West of the Moon, East of the Sun.


  • arun_jayaraman 4w


    One ought, every day atleast,
    To create time and feel the world.

    One ought, every day atleast,
    To loosen his mind and unwind negativity.

    One ought, every day atleast,
    To remember the presense of the mysterious almighty.

    One ought, every day atleast,
    To forget his pain and never give up.

    One ought, every day atleast,
    To quench the thirsts of the chirpy little lives on trees.

    One ought, every day atleast,
    To shower love on his wife and kids.

    One ought, every day atleast,
    To ignore toxic shit around him.

    One ought, every day atleast,
    To strech a muscle to keep fit.


  • arun_jayaraman 5w

    When the nib kissed the sheet...

    His poetic rendition was triggered by a broken heart, an empty pocket, an unsettled mind, and a powerful pen packed with the essence of his intuitions.


  • arun_jayaraman 5w

    A Spiritual World

    Its a beautiful place where emotions are valued more than luxuries. Its the world etched with a healthy mindset filled with clarity and knowledge, which makes you weave your humane mental outfit with the lively shades of love and kindness.

    Holy particles of many blessed time spans dissolve into the nectarous waters of the heavenly ball of ever-nurturing hope, to only nourish you with vital thoughts that purify your immortal soul.

    You always tend to breathe the divine air of pristineness, to cleanse your being recursively. Enlightened by the essence of life, your individuality turns into salvation as you get garlanded by the fragrant flowers of peace and harmony.


  • arun_jayaraman 5w

    Its not always straight

    The fastest route is not always a straight line.