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  • aryan22 75w

    Is it just the feel, or the word we call "love". Although I have used this word for expression but I find it totally meaningless at times. Was it there when we laughed and did I kill it it when I slapped them. You don't need fire, steam burns you too. So why just sleep with wings when you can fly.


  • aryan22 76w

    "I won't retire this early, besides I have a book to write"- saying that, Richa started to skim towards our hotel. I could feel the cold breeze on my skin, it reminded me of our first kiss.

    It was during Christmas of 1989 on our way back from a party where we first met. We were intoxicated. I stumbled on a rock and was about to plunge. Richa yanked me back on the side and rescued me from a speeding car. Realising I was not in my senses and had lost control, Richa clutched on to my hand as we marched. We were to reach my house any minute so I stopped, standing there Richa turned around and found me staring into her eyes but to my surprise she giggled and pecked me.

    Now that I spotted her all merry, rushing back to the hotel, I decided what I forgot was not important.

    "The supper is served honey", I called her out. She tramped towards me and what I saw was someone I lost on Christmas of 1989. She painted her nail red, my favourite colour. Not that she knew it, but an accident. An accident that made me who I once was, now I remember why I stopped her that night, she wore a red lipstick and a red smock, Monochromatic Richa.

    I finished my feast and saved the fingers with red nails.


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  • aryan22 89w

    Ah that's how the uncertain "thing" begun. Well, I called it love then. Maybe I was right that day and wrong now, but the truth is for the one who will judge. Right or Wrong is what you feel and not what's 'Just'. Doubts and questions are contrary, if you know you know, if you don't then you won't.

    I ate an unicorn for my lunch. Quite disturbing right?
    Well if NOT, you're are totally a normal being. I don't know what is right/wrong, just/unjust. Something done can't be undone, it was a result of someones decision which was a choice from various options they had. Well, don't think much about the circumstances they had because you're really wanting justice which is(might be) so unjust to the doer. It ends if you leave it, but furthers because you won't.

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    It ends if you leave it but furthers because you won't.


  • aryan22 103w

    You know who you are

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    Happy Birthday someone

  • aryan22 107w

    It's incomplete, anyone who'd like can add further.

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    Cry but fly,
    You will be heavy but will dry.
    Walk around and not away,
    Within resides what makes you astray.


  • aryan22 143w

    You were the pall that stowed me in shadow.
    You were what made me presume I loved dark.
    But it was disparate,
    You were what congested me from light.
    You're no more as I stand where it dazzles from every side.


  • aryan22 148w

    Welcome, bye

    Two days back, when you toxicated this four chambered flesh.
    I remembered of the last disaster,
    That had slit me apart in love & loathe.
    Struggled to curb, but what happened was contrary.

    Expectations never did any profit to life,
    Sure they leave ground to wait for a while.

    Yesterday I felt, the air was sour & dry.
    Got ready to bid you weeping goodbye.

    The sun was abducted early,
    And moon,
    I couldn't spot him till today.

    My mind slapped me, saying-
    "the sun, the moon and now it's her."
    So, I saw you twice before sleeping in pain.

    Today I woke up lone in my bed,
    Ambled out, saw the sun coming,
    Asked him,
    "What happened yesterday, and did you see her leaving my house today?"


  • aryan22 159w

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    Humans go dirty to manage their fancy.
    We are reluctant so we perform the unexpected.
    The greedy gut that most got,
    Is what that's chewing us hollow.
    We keep supplementing our useless necessities.
    We work for rapacity.
    And the famished voices, hope.
    This sphere is no more humane towards man.
    Everyone's looking for blood and not for love.


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  • aryan22 177w

    They ignited me with the buried fact,
    That flames rise high!


  • aryan22 179w

    I trek down my mind, in gore dipped hands.
    I didn't slaughter anyone, but am frozen.

    The concern,
    Isn't about getting seized.

    But, will I ever be discharged again?

    From my brainstorm,
    Guilt of massacring their happiness.
    Sorrow, that I'd left to them.
    Heaven, that I'd abducted from their lives.
    Hell, where they are incarcerated.

    (It's never too late until it's left behind)